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At 5:10pm on January 27, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
I miss you ..=[
At 8:55am on January 27, 2009, JhEi-ZeE said…
oh... nice one..
writng books is great.. you can express your inspiration as what the story goes..
I write stories too.. but it never ends.. dunno why??
maybe I'm lack of a settings, plot, and what so ever...
maybe i don't have a talent to write stories like you do...
you're so lucky..
when i was 7yrs old.. i wish to have my own book like J.K. rowling.
she's my inspiration that time.. but then.. just because of my story that never ends.. my inspirations are lost.. and i don't write stories anymore..
my hobby changed to music.. i learned how to play guitar in the first place then i get it.. my first inspiration is the band mcfly then it changed to MCR, next panic!at the disco and hanson.. so i learned how to play piano and harmonicas and also recorder, then i learned.. then next is the bless the fall, alesana , and eye set to kill.. so i learned how to scream and ghroul, i get it a little bit... then my next inspiration is the tokio hotel so we form a band.. my sister is the singer and i'm the guitarist and the pianist,.. and the other members have their own instrument positions.. our music inspiration is THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS.. we compose the song just like their genre..
well actually the girl who comments bellow mine, who wears shades and pink dress is mah sister..
she's the singer of the band..
write back..
take care alwayzz..
At 8:37am on January 27, 2009, Vince said…
what up yo....
i gots bored...just droppin by to say hi...bye lol :D
At 6:29am on January 27, 2009, Jamie said…
Hi there Nick. By the way thanks for the reply :) I really love RJA its not just Ronnie Winter is cute:P, but I really love the music they play. I also listen to other bands, I definitely describe my self as a music lover <3. mh, hat kind of music do you listen too? :)
Ahm, I also write. I wrote a lot since i was 8 years old. That's my passion.Novels, short stories and some are love stories and when I finish writing I will sell it to my classmates :) LOL.
By the way, the book you're holding, is that one of your books? I also write songs in our band, RJA is one of our inspirations :)). Do you go to school or re you in collage right now?

Okie i think thats it from now darl,
keep in touch XoXo
At 12:24am on January 27, 2009, EmMaN said…
that's great dude... hahaha
At 11:22pm on January 26, 2009, Stephanie said…
Well now, I was about to leave you a comment.. until I wasn't good enough to talk to..
Haha.. you so should have. but I think they were scared anyway.
At 10:27pm on January 26, 2009, kimmy said…
wooooohoooo. OF COURSE I'LL BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!and who better to get it from than the author himself?
At 4:37pm on January 26, 2009, Nino said…
lol. nah i was listening the whole time! lol! DUUUUUDE! GEARS OF WAR TWO ROCKS!!!!!!!!! i was terrified to try it for the first time, hahaha! but i have only played it once at a friend's house. but it was DEFINITELY awesome!
At 3:40pm on January 26, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
Nick Nick Nick..<3, Now i'm officially STUPID!!!! :(
I wrote a giant comment! and I pressed something and it was gone!!!!! damn it. so..again..from the beginning. =[
you work in a clothing store..very nice darling ;].
lol! I know why you were thinking about me! haha! :D. i'm sure you know it too :P. you may be silly, but you're my silly! <3.
that MUSIC is a BIG SHIT! ugh! it makes me wanna puke.
believe me, you don't want to know what the song is about!
all he does is crying and..umm..I can't explain it xD.
I'll speak in Hebrew and i'll teach you hehe. you can tell me bedtime stories lol. though I want you to sing for me :D.
your mom def should teach me Korean! :D.
i'd love to learn how to speak and write :)
hehe I made you laugh :P, maybe I have another talent? xD.
i'll squeeze you! with my BIG huuuug!
people are mean! I hate them xD. i'm not 12 years old, i'm just..short for my age :(. i'll probably look like your daughter! son =[. my poor little Ezra. I can't believe he's gone :O, he just left me. and I don't know who's the father xD.
that slang dosen't bother me [=. it's okay.
you are my WEIRDO! and I love you the way you are! <3.
actually no, you haven't, but I already knew it
cuz you wrote it above, in your About me section.
umm so why didn't you go do kindergarten and school? if I may know. i'm so happy for you! that all your good work had finally paid off! ;]. yeah, everything you do affect your future. specially when it comes to all the things that are telated to school.
I loveeee YOUR HAIR! he's AMAZING! Emo!
just my fav <3. actually, Squirtburt, Mudburt and Crashie are our babies XDD.I know how much you love me :P and you're my guardian angelll! " I will never let you fall i'll stand up with you forever..i'll be there for you through it all even if saving you sends me to heaven.." <333. I hate boys..xD they are mean hehe! well congratulation, you're the first person who did something special for me :D. poor me.dont be jealous at your turtles! cuz I love you more! hehe and stop saying that i'm in love with HIM, cuz I can't be in he's also from the Alliance, so don't mention his name, we'll just call him the guy xD.

"your voice was the soundtrack of my summer, do you know you're unlike any other? you'll always be my thunder.." You Nickster :).

I love Crash too! I want a picture of him! :) let's do a tattoo! :D.
you are also an amazing friend! you can be more then a friend lol..i'm naughty XD. I want the book..*__* i'm so curious..=].
well love, i'll finish now, I didn't write much, I guess you know why.
hehe your mom is funny! send her my greeting :).
WAITING for your comment :D
"i'm on fire when you're near me, i'm on fire when you speak.."

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo ;] Lironster
At 3:25pm on January 26, 2009, kanela said…
i like that you have a black president, but most people seem to forget that he's also half white. and i hate gangsters too, especially the way they dress, if you want to wear your pants half off your ass, why the hell did you put on pants? might as well walk around in your underwear! (i'm sorry for the language, but, i HATE when people dress like that!!!!!!)
we're still recovering from the 90's, but some of us will be forever scarred lol :D
really??????????!!!!!! that's how i want to get mine too!!!!!!!!! (but i'm afraid of needles lol XD)
cool, you have me wishing to see autumn!! my country probably sounds cool, but there's not much to do, carnival is coming up, but i hate it!!! and if you hate rap, you'd hate the music that's played, soca, which is degrading to all women. but trinidad is really a party place, lots of clubs and liming(umm, what you would call hanging out)
oh, you're going to the party on jax beach?? you are so freaking lucky!!!! think of us, we're there in spirit :) i would love to meet them, even if it's just to say hi, they aren't really popular here, and those who do know of them don't like them, so i'm here against the odds defending them, i love them to death...especially for facedown. my fave song in the ENTIRE world(you can probably guess why from my profile pic) you know i'd always write back to you, <3 u nick :D
At 1:04pm on January 26, 2009, Stephanie said…
Haha, are you sure you want me to write back?
I won't leave a novel of one. ;)
Dude, I will pick it up when it's out, promise.
Well we're so glad you can find the time to chat with us mr. popular, lmao.
Oh yeah, Vince and I think you were hiding from me last night.. after you blamed me you disappeared. haha.
At 9:11pm on January 25, 2009, kimmy said…
i'd love a copy!!!:)
At 9:06pm on January 25, 2009, JhEi-ZeE said…
nice.. you write stories.. amazing! how many books have you written??
At 3:44pm on January 25, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
yeah I did! do you like it? :D
Good luck at work..

i'm still waiting..hehe have a good day..and good night :)

Love always! Lironsterrrrrr <33
At 3:23pm on January 25, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
love your comments! :)
Just for ME!..<333

TE AMO (?) MI CHICO! hehe xD
At 3:22pm on January 25, 2009, Nikkay :] said…
When you get a chance, take a look a my new blog and tell me what you think, Mr. Author.


At 2:11pm on January 25, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
hahah I knew you'd love me anyway :D.
I want to visit you! lol I don't want to spend the rest of my life in JAIL :O, and not to able to meet RJA ever? omg no, i'll die XD.
even worse! not meeting you? :].
you need to protect me during concerts hehe.
so guess i'll be a good girl..just for you :P.
those guys of Escape the fate are so naugty!
you wanna be scared? hehe here is the HORRIBLE music XD

ohh baby just choose the place, i'll go with you anywhere! lol :).
that weather men is hilarious! ;].
oh no don't sue anyone! XD. i'f you'll teach me korean i'll def be a good student ^^ I promise. you'll be the awesome teacher and i'll be the naughty girl :P lol I think I got a little carried away :). just sing me lullabies haha. it's okay if you don't like french hun. your mom tried to teach you French? cool! she should teach me :D.
Bayside! <3333 this is so sad =[. R.I.P Beatz. I want to be in a concert damn it! XD just take me away..=[.
yey you'll squeeze me! i'll try to squeeze you too :D. Gosh people think i'm 12 years old! :(. that's suck's! at least i'm not the only one..hehe i'm weirdo! lol, my pictures..umm..I can see my face XD i'll try my best to get better pictures..FOR YOU!
ohh Ezra my love..he was such an awesome son lol. yeah as you can see I was crazy about him!
omg you spent two hours writing all this for your Lironster :O
that's probably the most ROMANTIC thing someone has ever done for me XD. Good boy! you're going to church :D.
ohh Squirtburt! <3333, I think I already love HIM! :].
send him more kisses n' Hugs! every night! to both of them :).
i'm so glad he's feeling better now! maybe..I have some spell :O
Crash!! I love CATS! I want one! :D, too bad my mom won't let me have one :\. I also like monkeys XD. haha cat nip.
So what you're basically saying is that your in love? haha :).
ohh Nickster..<3.
I knew you were a naughty boy , but I didn't thought that much! poor woman! haha but I like that! because that's what I DO with my friend when she comes to my place XD. we get all crazy! then the real me comes out! I become a monkey lol! omg I can't believe I just said it *__*.

ohh HUN don't cry! hehe well it's the truth! [I never lie XD].
i'll never thought i'd write that much. cuz I haven't done this before :D, and I LOVE IT!! [or maybe cuz it's you..?].

sorry it took me so long to write. I have this EXAM in History on tuesday. ugh. Good luck to me :D. but....I was also waiting for your comment hehe i'm always waiting :O.

I'm sending YOU a even more bigger HUG [also Kisses :P]
hahah that's funny! ;].

sure i'll give you the i'm like dying to read your book and I want an autograph! i'm A FAN!! :D :D.

oh I can't wait .. just write XD

XOXOXOXOXOXO..and it goes on and on :).
At 12:29am on January 25, 2009, kimmy said…
WOW, seventeen and you've written a book!!!!!!!!!!my hero. he he he, i am such a book worm.
At 12:37pm on January 24, 2009, Jess said…
It was! My best friend was on that bus and I was crying when I saw that bus in flames and I just added pics onto my page if you want to see them
At 10:15am on January 24, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
i'm sure that I love you more XD.
yeah! write back..can't wait! :D

enormous huuuuug! ;]
Lironster X]








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