So I'm sure a bunch of you have seen the Livehouse Everything Skit. (if not, here's a link: )
Well, a couple of the people in my youth group are going to be putting on this skit for a confirmation retreat. I'm gonna be the main girl who goes through all the struggles, and I'm kinda scared. I guess all I'm really saying with all this is that if you can pray for me, that would be great. I have a feeling I'm gonna start bawling when I have to hold the gun to my head. That's been very real to me in the past (so real that I ended up in the hospital because of it), so I'm a lil scared reliving that in a way. Prayers, please please please. God bless.
-peace <3

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Comment by AbbieNormal on September 27, 2009 at 11:25pm
Yeah, living under the radar is good. I enjoy it. ^.^
I'll make sure it's video taped next time. When we do the skit, it is mad sick. We made my friend Jenn cry....twice. >.br /> Oh, I know that all the good things that I manage in my life, it's due to a higher power. I can't manage that type of thing on my own, so...
but yes, I got hurt. Me and pretty much everyone who has met me in person foresaw that one happening. I'm a major klutz. Like, I fall over when I'm just standing still. It's not so great. I actually thought it would be worse though. It was just the regular bumps and bruises I knew would happen rather than a concussion (which I only sorta expected) =p Either way, it was good.

Thanks Lulu. <3
Comment by Lulu(is lost in her head) on September 22, 2009 at 7:55pm
seems like im to late but i shall pray,,and keep this in mind the past is the past.
Comment by naomi. on September 22, 2009 at 7:19pm
i think part of the reason i want that talent to stay hidden is coz i like living under the radar .. and if it comes out, i won't be under that radar anymore.. i'll be exposed, & i won't enjoy .
& i am utterly disappointed that nobody video-taped it! ._. somebody better video-tape it next time, or i'm gonna be whopping some butt.
i'm a surprisingly closed off person, so when i come up with enlightened shit like i did up there, there's gotta be a higher power involved. xD
and i'm sorry you got hurt.. >.> i really didn't see that coming. :P
Comment by AbbieNormal on September 21, 2009 at 12:02am
I think you're definitely a good writer, and that talent shouldn't stay hidden! =p
Yeah, I didn't cry, but I was completely dumbstrucked. Just staring, watching it. No one video taped it! But we might be performing it again for another confirmation retreat at some point.
Everything definitely does happen for a reason. No matter what I've been through, I would go through all of it again, just to get to the point in my life where I am now. I would go through the anxiety attacks, hospital, family problems, everything, just cause it's made me who I am. And I definitely feel like God's blessed me through all the turmoil.
It's really awesome when God can speak through you though. I'm not the most open of people, so that doesn't happen to often for me, but I hope that every so often it does and God really uses me to help someone. =]
btw, you lied! I was physically harmed! There's a floor burn on my arm from when I fell and slid a bit at one point. And I almost fell of the stage (it was more slippery than expected) But it went really well. I could definitely feel God present through all of it, guiding us. The confirmation students just sat there staring. It was insane.
Comment by naomi. on September 17, 2009 at 1:59am
aweh thanks abbie... i'm glad i could help a little. xD
i've been told i'm a good writer by a load of people, but frankly it's gonna be one of those talents that stays hidden. :P
when i watched the vid the first time it made me cry. i wasn't expecting it to, so that says a lot.
you should definitely get somebody to made a video of it, though.. coz i'd definitely like to see it. xD
i'm definitely one that believes everything happens for a reason.. and i believe there was a reason i decided to read your blog, and decided to watch the video.. and writing the comment; as weird as it sounds.. every time i write something that people consider good, it doesn't feel like me writing. writing half decent stuff is imo a gift from God, and i'm not about to take credit for it..
what i see it as he spoke to you through me.. it isn't the first time it's happened, and i'm sure it won't be the last.
just remember, it's gonna be ok. even if you cry, it'll be ok. coz 1) there's no possibility of physical harm, & 2) you have the Almighty protecting you from everything as well. :)
Comment by AbbieNormal on September 15, 2009 at 10:22pm
Wow. That was just phenomenal. You're a really good writer. And you're absolutely right! Everything you said. I'm just gonna have to trust in God, with regards to the skit as well as my day to day life. You really are amazing, just so you know. Thanks so so much love. <3
Comment by naomi. on September 12, 2009 at 1:10pm
see the difference between us is i _know_ it's gonna be ok. even if you break down in tears, even if you kinda break from the skit, it's ok. if anything, it'll improve the skit. now i'm not saying go intentionally cry .. natural tears = pwn. if you need any, i'm sure i can lend you some .. i've been crying enough for two people :D
you gotta remember the skit, though .. even though the girl is gonna go through all of that shit with the temptations and what not .. even though she will end up holding a gun to her head .. what happened after that? did she pull the trigger? no. she fought to get away from the darkness and temptations, and even though she couldn't do it on her own, God saved her. he kept her safe, and he kept them from hurting her any longer.
it will be the same thing the night that girl is you .. your gonna have a whole slew of people, guardian angels, and what not up there who are trying to protect you .. but most of all you will have God. he will protect you, and keep you safe.. & he will give you the strength to make it a phenomenal performance.
i know it's a lot harder then it sounds, but just try to let go of all of that fear and anguish that's gonna be building up inside of you the days up to the performance . better yet, give them to God. he'll know what to do with them. :)
you are a wonderful, sweet, amazing person abbie, & i KNOW you are going to be ok. not only in this skit, but in life.
the most important thing at this point is where your faith is ... and if that's in God, i do not see how you could be going wrong.
good luck, abbie. =] <3
Comment by AbbieNormal on September 11, 2009 at 9:04pm
thanks so much Nay. =] That really means the world to me. I hope it'll be ok. I guess all I can really do is trust in God though and pray he'll help me through it. Again, thanks a ton hun. <3
Comment by naomi. on September 11, 2009 at 4:49pm
of course i will pray for you abbie doodle face.. i may not be with you physically, but i will be with you in spirit. <3
i know you're gonna do a wonderful job, even if you do end up breaking down in tears.. and it's ok to break down in tears.. it shows that you are human, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. =]
and i may not be with you always .. but i will always do my best to protect you in any way i can.
stay strong, abbie.. God has brought you here for a reason. he wouldn't give you any challenges that he doesn't already know you can't overcome.
so keep your head up... it'll be ok. :] <3








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