boy, i want to be alive always
well rest assured, you are.
all day 24/7 rja
its linked see, all love all the time. when you are this, you are living at all times.


ur true self doesnt hav any negative thoughts.

Love is making me feel so capable, like all my capabilities are like right in the open!!!!!!!!!!

why is everyone so scared of 'whatever'? its only soul people out there.

so i am sitting here going to explain life
peace.nothing in the world defines you. say i am a solid 24-f. i have the ways that make me, quirkiness, i have my enthusiasm for life. you know this when u talk or meet me. and thi si sreal . you areone energy-that energy of anything coming at you-is blocked. because is a blocker and exists only on its own. you are a white vessel. nothing can touch you(anything around you). you see that? i am standing here with the universe and the universe energy is WHole. It is FUll. This is making the whole world.(well is it). I am stading here with Love. I am standing in the universe. i wouldnt mind nothing aroudn me because everything is here. you are only Love. Love you are only this enacted. you are only Love, you are only love, you are only Love and you each and every thing you do is Love see! each and everybody. everything. you R is set. everything. you are is Love. EVERything!!

The whole world is urs.

nothing else even exists! so you are a bouncing soul! bouncing in bliss all the time!!!

in universes hands

Love's universe. then i was writing I would like to....and Love wouldnt let me write it ........i wrote U R !!! So finally written its, Love's universe-I would like to U R!!!
This is a given and it is effortless.
You already are this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be Love and the Love is urs.


share a heart. build.

Cant even explain the universe because its so immense.
Love gives us the world.
I want to add here that this is what you are and awakening I see this. when you wake it is ur entire world, every step u take and inch u see, experience, know. but see, its so immense. but see its so simple and normal. but KNOW its immense and THERE ARE NO LIMITS TO IT AND THIS HERE< THIS LINE IS WHAT YOU MUST KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am telling you what life is.(fiercenss in life). and this is what it is. universe is a fierce stickler for justice
and gentle

white room. only soul.

thats it. and the soul is it. white room and soul in it.

rest assured. be calm and know.

no judge. nothing else is real!(remember when i was on the train platform and knew at that point that everything was an illusion except for the heart enacted and heart that is and never changes) ah! its bliss because we can REST IN IT.

Whole life be!!!!! not one ounce of any else WHITENESs

you and them are intellect

involved in all life(remember when i said id love to be in any situaion in this life, any step or situation..: ) :)

U R. we been okay since welcoming

there isnt anything but white woul. clearness! :)

if anything meant anything to you then u r it.

all else dissipates U R

and i said, "Its getting -ugh- pretty serious." then Love responded with this knowledge, "well what do wanna see it as? Love gave me the thought of love or illusion (it was a great feeling.. then a bollllllldddddd AN ILLLUSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

when you feel good about something(as an act, a thought, a way)=Love (you got it right on the head)

When you know that its going to make them feel good. you know and feel it. the white, gray . that they'll benefit and you enact it because of so=Love.

1. and 2. are alignment.

the white ness.('soul')(lite-area whole. no seperate(cant ride two horses!) this is what you are.

oh ok so when u r older-when you've had a lot of years to yeah BE-then u show wisdom. your whole self. (some ppl are blessed with the opportunity to be this way early on. some mayb are stuck. but some are blessed to be it earlier then old age) see we can build (ah i just got like the most loving feeling coming over me as i was typing this)

is an expression of the Divine Love. Say you are uber kind...etc. so I would like a fast forward training and would like to be this now. (there you go, b it NOW and ALWAYS) laugh at blunders. notice them

So all the ways i am=heavenly

everything i enact=heavenly

I just woke up and can feel this! no attachment to anything! So this is what you should know you are-strive to be maybs- comfortable and ease with life knowing its only and all that contains and you are being your awoke (lively)(true) self in al that you are(because once you awake)it is all that you are!

you are neutral on it. can see it, but you neutralize your stance. so like a person- u warmly can see but you know the way it inherently is. (SOUL and all soul contains) this is a KEY to life.
with a situation you are in/look at/percieve

Love then says , "THAT IS EXACTLY HOW IT SOUNDS" this came as Love's voice to me. Love verified the way -the neutral paragraph-
ah! it was a clear statement. Love just told me!! to verify its concreteness, consistency.

ah body

discernment-able to not judge(the great way of knowing so) and discern(still see neutrally! great way) and just being the discern-its a part of you.

OH MAN! THE PURE NOW-LIFE WAS A PURE OPEN SPACE! LIKE ONLY OPEN SPACE. BUT CLEAR-ONLY OPEN! OMG! OCT. 22, 2008 4:20 AM. i saw it kind of like if you have a black ball point pen and you draw a box. its those insides

I felt it!!! nothing else in the space!!!

need anything? (say if someone asks you) i then wrote the word nope with a line thru the word nope. but/and Know How great you are!(the one who asks you!) and that is life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and all the air you know that I (well allll is!) am part of
well air forms when you put it into use.

theres one statement u forever must realize-know in full to be happy: that everything is ok.
u r only soul-"work in body". Love.universe is in constant control

your never gonna make it on ur own. u r Love.universe. you both are one. realize this

enacted(and u are) in this everyday action. (say you are walking ) treat them with vibrance! The universe i feel is working with me. The whole walk i thought about the universe love and i got close to the location i was going to that i visit frequently and those i know are there, and the universe gave it. i felt the love

so the whole walk then think and be love. love for all
and dont be a part of illusions. you have to stay centered in ur 'soul' and happiness and only soul whne u ARE walk.

So here it is: once i was awakened 10-15-08(and all is happening at once) (this is the way to be and this is who I am. the only AM. (Am/Love) so you are Love) and due to my knowledge(that we all inherently are) of Love and the universe, I am only going to be my awakened self from now on. any other way i was living is just not reality. so i must be the universe. a stickler

so awoken! for some reason you still go into blips where you think u are still living funk! you are bright and active! full of life inside of u. (the way that I AM since birth-like my energetic rock self . funky, fun awesomeness, and WHOLE HEARTEDNESS.thank you all for providing myself to BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and fully blessed by Love/Universe to enact. all this way.

Knowing that I have a constant Love with me, with a Bank of neverending love.knowledge.know too..all. so i am the knowledge. knowing of Love's knowledge. so you are one with Love. you are the same mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is everything but illusion. cant go around thinking illusions! that people are this and this or feeling u are angst! or whatever. because we/you and them are THE SAME SOUL.

same "soul" as EVERYONE(human being)(and things and world
so you are connected and similar AT THE SOUL!!!!!!
and the "soul" is so huge and beautiful so yes! yes and yes!! and you can feel it!!

and the soul is who you are so you are really them! not their fear because that doesnt exist. you are their soul. so you can be in soul communication(soul mate) with everyone!

and you are, thats the gift of it all! you are! so you act be that way when you walk and the way you look/talk to all. :)
love for yourself then ...
well its the same
you love life, you love you and all of it

love.universe power exceeds ANYTHING you know. you know it tho, its who you are. so you are this immense universe of complete exceeding whatever u think is possible! yay! life is great then, hello!

you are only Love. Love.Universe only walks you! so you want to walk peace with legs. you and Love are one. you are the same will.

So basically all the world is, is white. a white love.

i think its funny last nite and and i think once today i sat and was like, ok im going to write out what the awakening has showed me. -its som of the large rants- i do it and its turns out pretty hip. take it in, move with it and have it speak to you as it does...
oh okay so after i typed that last few lines right before this, Love gave me the feelings that it is remarkable, so i am assured now. Have fun reading! ;)

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