secret-from others

tell tale secret-that life as u know it is happening now and always will be 'soul'

there isnt any two horses! rest assured in ur awakened mind. talk to Love to set things straight in ur mind. Trust me on this one.

That i have the world(this is a repeat from several weeks ago just wanted to put it in there again. Love gives u the feeling that the whole world is yours.

the way you are seeing them-as only soul(so the 2nd, 3rd and this line.. are all about this THOUGHT that is on my bloody mind. ive completely resolved it, can you believe it? i use these tools i am given. and Love literally gave me PEACE. Love gave me Peace!! and i am completely evolved and not thinking about that crazy thought that was buggin me.) so you might see some notes that i wrote to verify my getting thru this crazy thought throughout this blog. i wont label it on lines comin up, but it might show up again, because it was an issue and i was addressing it and holy heavens, its resolved now!! im gonna add now, that some of those writings are then connected to higher ideas, so see its all meshed together with the Love of the universe. no matter what yo.

I also want to add at this point that this blog is pretty much all the writings you dreamt about-no lol. its really me awoke and able to write about it. its incredible really these writings are and im so happy to re read them when i type them. i really am in love.

ur independent and love. -thanks rja

so we are one!

differences are not divisions(read this before ina book, and i know i wrote about it b4.. i wrote it down in notebook i guess at this time cuz it was prevelant)

this could be meaning. existence (i keep on getting the phrase, this could be it... idk what that means, like this could be it, on the brink of complete knowing, ?? thats just a line i thru out there. so idk i finally typed it out. i literally dont think i even wrote it down on paper..)

the bliss is (you) no matter what situation . because everything happens all at once and NOW and all is!!

this is nothing out of the ordinary. but see its a different reality that u might b accustomed to, once you see it tho, you realize that it is huger and fuller and more more more then anything before.

its who you are. so treat it like your day!

when you can stop analyzing yourself(or situations) or WHATEVER. LOVE IS WHO YOU ARE darnit!

so dont push anything. be the soul u are and all it contains.

so yeah the calm peace.

you gotta be living inside of life and come up to take notes at the brink with in living. theres passion

you are

cant ride two horses.

the fact that i can hold this beautiful (its was a piece of fruit :--)- is such a gift.

so im taklin about wholeness, fullness, etc.

when you only ride one horse-you are that wholeness, fullness. its all urs.

the one Life is living in the moment with the eternal all of love.

the eternal NOW is only this bliss you've found(enact, r...see!!)--latch to!

see how at ease you are with (i was doing this one act)...BE THIS WITH EVERYTHING U DO. so you know urself, what is one thing that you are so at ease doing? well be this ease with everything you do. :-)

so surround yourself and be all the love all the time!

well hm, i found heaven.

it is possible to be in heaven at all times. and this is thru white lite room location. only love-love is you(what makes u feel good, is what you are)

and all this all the time.

*i want to add here, that i am breathing here in a multicolored setting, i mean i wrote the white lite because im describing it as i go. i am at peace now in multicolored and its really bendable and creatabl to wherever u are at in experiencing life.*

its the connection. when u stop.say.realize, oh! this is goin really great.

this is really great, this is heaven.


complete peace here on earth.

truly alive, not one second of fear

so ur not gonna live out a funk in front of anyone. thisis not who u are.

u are connected thru soul

so remember fabulous times u had, or were. since everything is happening at once, u are a culmination of all of ur heart times.

when u realize u dont need anything

you are in(the eternal peaceful now) PEACE BEYOND WORDS. the now. not ten minutes from now which will be peace when u let it.realize it is so inherently.

no u cant do it tomorrow-there is no tomorrow

there is only peace and you are fine with that
(just want to type in here that since i am writing truly awake statements i feel so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sogreat. and this is awake!)(who u realy are)

illusions-nothing else is real

i feel like i am a guru. one ouce of faith then the universe gives u all.

ONLY THE PRODUCTIVE MIND(PUT INTO WORK. BEING.). but see listen to me- Love and ur mind is one.

ANNNNDDDDDDDDD peace so that u arent crazy. ur peace mind and hte productive. Love is ur peace mind. and whne u know that everyone is peace and peace is peace.

and since u hear right .now. life is always

so once u kow how great u are-u r reminded always. u here as urself are the LIVING LOVE SELF REMINDER!

i am enthused-but not with fakeness-rja too says. with universe.

to be YOU TELLING IT instead of going oh, im going to go say/tell that now

i wrote now at this time how perfect my walk was. if u remember a blog or two ago i was writing about hw i wasnt enjoying.
this walk is going perfect. peace! i amliving it in my body ahhhhhhhh!
and our souls met. walk tall with pride(ur awakend ness)
u dont have to seperate it and say hey im one with the tree-just walk as you KNOW YOU ARE. ah my arm movement, bliss!
LIFE IS BLISS 10-23-08 walk. 3:30ish pm
and then i saw a bee!oh! the universe is miraculous. it gives u nonstop
i b4 saw a squirrel and noticed it, didnt write it tho
so dont for one second think u know their future or make thier future)except as all love) dont define them with anything but love all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u as awoken, intense.... IT WHO YOU ARE. The All. universe tells you!!!

not connected to illusions
The Love gave me those people to see on the walk

and our souls meet because that is the only thing that can happen. *most incredible***************************

ppl have crazy things.fears they live out! cuz theyve been trained opposite way.

and u wonder why you cant feel fulfilled in ur body. because thats not what you are. its a learning device to be ur best. to see u gotta be YOU!
i was walking and felt not in body kind of..

i am like lite ITSELF-gray fluf , lite, not even there lite color lite but substance lite walking!

u are connectd to all things. its easy to say whne u look at a beautiful tree that yes i am conncected. but what about all else. heres a bit of a bio lessen. the tree depends on air, on soil too, groud, microbes below and all. so we are one with all this.

so i am tellingyou right now that this walk i took was the walk that was me truly truly at peace and truly YOU HAVE TO HEAR ME, truly the walking way of life. this is huge to me, because i am living in the environment.

this walk was the best walk of all times.
and yet al the great walks that ever occured, trust ME ON THIS, are happening now too, because all the love happens at once. soyay, how couldi be any happier?

so the bulk of this writing i wrote when enlightened/at peace. so other writings(from mayb b4 some of those blogs i was writing frm outsider view or not able to completely connect it with peace as i am here.

so the rest of this writing, yes it is the same way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is a differnt walk that happened today. when i was walking and yes i knew i was soul walking and was great. untouchable, just at peace there inside. then i walked and enacted a bitmore then the soul branched out of me was around me and connected(well i could feel it then, its ALWAYS IS) to all things! and i got ,ur awakeness. 10-15-08 awake.

1.*nothing is bigger then anything else.* so the everything consists of everything love. so one of the pieces of love is not bigger then any other piece of the love!!!!!!!!!

2.*this is Really full* this is really full, meaning the TRUE fullness the TRUE ONE AND ONLY FULL THAT YOU CAN KNOW IS FULL AND FEEL FULL WITH, is the full you get when alive.

3.*there is no dismissal of everything.* all is. This line, can you believe it, is a gift from Love. It was requested from Love to show me the way. And I got this line. It is meaning that is all. and so there is no dismisall of it, or setting aside, or ignored, or not being, or however u want to say it.
And i am here telling you that since i am at peace.woke.alive i realize that. it is all and there is no dismissal of it.
and this is life. oh what love. (cant even put into words right now)

all the soul qualities,air ness. al the wholeness qualities of soul ingited. in air all that is, is always happening now. ( i am trying to write here. lol!!!!!!!!! that the 'soul' the amazing Life is sometimes greatly explained as some sort of etheralness. its right here etheralness though. and its experienced as being present here like alive or active, and its al aroudn you. and it is always happening now. this ignites ur life. ur life is not just something u see out of eyes right now and say, oh i am here. NO. ur life is this ignition of crazy crazy particles(but they arent really particles i dont think) around. and that is also who you are.

so dont u want to be who you really are?

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