I pray....(he he he) that everyone gets a bit of these notes, specifically the whole huge concepts of what life is. -this is given to me since i awoke 10-15-08. and this is what life is. what the world is. what you are with this, its all one. its an awakening to see that there is life(the energy force) that is the air, everything you walk by, its all encompassed as life. its like you are a soul bouncing around love.

The laws of the universe...(laws of the universe not literally meant the laws of the universe i meant..-well i was experiencing this along with words-that the entire world is mine. Basically what life is is all the time, all the love, its everything.... are mine.

All the love (of the universe)(LIFE is...)is happening now, and nothing else.

So the entire universe is here! iss all right here! (at this point i had the most amusement ever, as in laughter and it was the most)

So i dont know about using term like "most amazing" because since 10-15-08 I see that it is all so normal in body. (there are exceptions :)

thats not you.

I feel i am beautiful already (when at one point i was looking outward for like something to buy to fulfill me. You and Love are one its all one so you can say Love gave you this or YOU ARE, woah um all One.

You have the universe. you can be any zodiac sign

After sleep i awoke and something assured me-I now see the way-during that nap-that everything is happening NOW-all love....... peace. no worries, fear(undone) and this is what that means.

True eyes are a given. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWOKE 10-15-08 mm jr.

Here it is-you align all the time. so you walk around and see everyone as soul and all everything as its magnificance-and thats LIVING/HEAVEN.

Heaven-complete unification. (this was written on its own, and i experience it for a moment) and see if we can take this one line and realize that we are heaven here on earth, then we can unify and be just so so so so so so so so so so so so at peace.

I want to emphasize here that that is what Love is. It is the best and greatest peace and energy and Life.! ! And Ive awoken 10-15-08 and see the world this way as much as i can and really, its all the time. EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it isnt somthing out of the body or soemthing way out in left park. ITS THE STREET, ITS THE DAY, ITS ALL LOVE. ITS AN AWAKENING TO SEE THIS.

The whole world-all the time is an environment for peace, growth-no disdain at all. open your eyes to see it. its really what life is and who you are, so welcome home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please please realize this once and always. ALL IS ONE, ALL IS HAPPENING NOW.

no fear.

Love/Life dissipates your thoughts almost immediately (to work with universe) so that you could have a soul communication with that person u met.

All past, future, present is happening now. so what will u are -mayb in future u are enacting now.

I feel now, so lite. Like I am a white lite or etheral lite white part. experiencing it(so there really arent words) see um so im ectasy. (realize now that this little happening :) wasnt something that I meditated on or even thought about in a crunch to get a messege or something-I NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER HAVE done that since awakening 10-15-08. Because your whole day you align further and mayb go bak(i dont say go bak but i am training myself!) and you align and I go through my day having these experiences (not just lite ones, but great information i get-re remember) and its just part of living. its part of getting to who you are. its part of THE LIFE I AM HERE TO TELL YOU ABOUT. THE LIFE THAT IS PEACE AND GREATNESS, AND YOU KNOW WHAT? ITS RIGHT AT YOUR BACK DOOR! ITS REALLY WHAT LIFE IS AND ITS SO EASE. ITS SO GREAT!

And i am RIght here. its like i am Love. ectasy.

soul and body are linked. there is only one. (in this line, go back to other writings, realize that since i awoke 10-15-08 I am seeing that I am so uber capable in this body.) the soul is me i know this. the soul is me. the soul is really me and its like the soul is the veins moving my arms to type.

One with time.

oh i see, body stuff is a tool(when i am describing it) a tool to always stay on this line of mind. as I am trying to describe it with words, it takes my minds Lovenes to be able to concentrate on bliss. BLISS IS LIFE.

Or when I was describing a heart graphic i had in mind how the ectasy came.

Now since awakening I am myself in my body.

All is brilliantly making sense (meaning)

You are given diffferent realizations to get different pieces.

I was just going to say im alive, awoken 10-15-08 and i realized that the universe is always alive. and i can see now.

But see since everything is happening at once i was awoken always. since birth-and whole life before birth . my soul is

Like for an analogy: I am Jesus(or any enlightened soul people!!) I am so alive RIGHT now. ********and that is true cuz you thought you were those characteristics, and true as it is they define ur "way" of being and this is magnificant! you are this body in 24-f form (ur body)AND you are more.(so you are uber capable. to go beyond any time to get Love) SOUL************ illustration of awakening

i want to add that there is an etheral allness. allness is one

Life is amazing!

So its like I wouldnt be surprised if everyone(once awakened) jumped around and skipped with in joy all the time. you align.

Love is giving me(in not any harsh way or like pul) that ectasy.
Im full. Spirit is so fullfilling.

Holy crap, no sucking ever.

I mean the other thoughts dissipate

The universe gives you what you put in.

Its like INSIDE of you. and you gotta be this.


So you cant doodle then scratch it out

No pout! you cant ride two horses!
If you arent in line it shows(in walk, in being). no self conscious.

You cant ride two horses.
oh so enlighten each place u r at-show it/them and be this

see them as soul and rejoice in life!

no struggle 10-15-08 to live with no struggle.

you cant be miserable when all ur is LITE. SO ALL IS LITE

dont even have to be uber. you do. (this is what i got)


I want to add right now that I have like real amusement now, like ill really laugh at something. for real laugh.

So i wasnt in their car, or in their sidewalk world.
you can falter from it, WHO YOU ARE.
So you aughtta be in ur body loving it!
(im going to interpet this as you are as you are. and i thought i wasnt in their car or in their like situation when i pass a walker. but thats so false!) You are them, you are all one. the 'soul' connection, you are all the same 'soul'

So its like i am in a movie, a starwars movie. on this road here and all of life is this. (im going to interpret this and feeling the Life) the Life is like a star wars movie or a movie where you are like in a new world/spaceish because the ONENESS is the one air and molecules or whatever that makes up this ness.

fully in all life! i wrote my eyes are back( i dont know if you remember me writing about how the first time(and it was momentarily) that i saw with the J eyes. well now i am J.

YOu ask it to be that way and its granted.

ITS ALL OK-instead of all this other crap.
(and this can be used in any situation..)

hahahaha "insert a dread statement"--can never happen!!!

I see now I am a stickler for Life. ignition (bit of a catch phrase ..nd o so nice

So focus on it. no dismissal.
true way= there!

Deep breathing

whole lotta more -when put into action you get results.

and this is who you are.
all else is a fable -or fakeness quoting r.j.a

so yeah when i was walking to meet souls i knew, i felt just soul communication and it was like a (tunnel, the sidewalk i was walking on).
no funk communication
and thats all there really is.

i was Life. i was like ignited.

imagine a white forest land-or all sparkle sparks or electrical but all the colors of regular land here on earth----see its all readliy.
so no funk.

that whole entire life? not the way not what ppl "say" or go about living.
(literally saying tha life is realy what 10-15-08 awoke me to see, that it is just what the line above says. its all like amazing. its all amazing. its recognizing that once u awake, you have like this HEAVEN< ALL IS HEAVEN< ALL IS GREAT AND PEACE AND WONDERFUL LOVE> ITS SO AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
10-15-08 AWAKEN TO LIFE and oh so fabulous!

see only one way

realize that (you)they are great. ah oh so does awakening show you life and how great


all together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

totally independent and capable but part of the LIFE

they are compassion with you

inner. we are all connected. underneath. theres not gonna be someone carrying worry.
the joy.

I mean i just dont know how one can sit on the train(i was on) and not see the magnificance that i saw in (this one sign i saw, but see its more then light, i was in line with the universe and i was awoken -as i am-) see ignited life. joy in being(awoken) that that is all.
everything:so rejoice-all is this way.

Life...rejoice is like a whole nother LIKE ENERGY way. delight, lite

imagine. veins connecting it to blood source. and that is all you know and can see in body.(didnt really write all this interpretation but i remember when i realized this EXAMPLE OF THE VEIN, not really vein, it was illustrating a larger point, it literally hit the point right on the head. so when i magnificantly remember it again, ill type it. i remember it being just so so so so so so so the example of all times.

Like um , woken up to see realization of all. and so being in it

see its all ONE (very indeedly upon us. set.) all happening at once

ur not one with the street(well in its own way) ur r one with ur LiFE , 'soul'-word soul not too usable anymore, its different then the word soul. its LIFE.

thats just it, words are usable in so many contexts. or like r intermangeable.

I feel huge

I love it wherever i am at.

Love yourself

i know inherently we all can transcend the usual way of talking to others and seriously like be their heaven with information we give them.

Nothing is just as nothing should be.
and all else is magnified(i got that first line on its own. then thought i should add the all else part.

Everything happens for a reason and is in perfect order to be goin..AH! in moment. all is already set! ah!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i was writing out everything happens for a reason, then kept on going with it and got the beautiful wonderful love realization ..) idk what that everything means to you but yeah.


This is all Love.

Chakra(life energy) infused through me.
show that i am only soul -rock solid- instead of soft (well yay soft)
kind cherish speed ?

Heaven(Life) on earth. IS LIFE ON EARTH

that is what time is for-use it in ur hands for love
and whenever you are love=you

and this is for anyone. anyone can be this you see. this is really who you are. so im telling you this now

walking to howard red line:
live in the moment, dont take u walking down street or in any situation for granted because all is happening now, this is the only life. the eternal now

From the second i walked out of my apt. i walked as the blob(blob taken from the movie, "what the bleep do we know") AND YOU CANT RIDE TWO HORSES.

See how all these words are combined to form one word -LOVE.

so you cannot ride two horses. so Love is a firece energy vibration that wholly exceeds anything ur heart has experienced.(adding in , but is the truth, the only truth) but see the secret is, you CAN experience (and BE)(and you are!!) this easily. every second, because this is what life is.

So no need to feel left out or alone. because all is ONE word. Love.
and i feel this. ALL IS ONE. like literally(the connectedness). ALL IS ONE In the sense of one ONE.

nothing else even exists. so theres no rationality in being frayed. cuz you are not that.

Love gives you energy beyond food.

no doubt in any expression . isnt real.

so stop living like you do (like any funk qualities) . a course in miracles trains you. Phew awakening and Love trains you like easy.

i doodled and it was the most beautiful drawing because there isnt any other realization enacted by drawing.

i dont let anything else walk me except (you)(love).
unless you want to be ego-NO YOU CAN'T, SERIOUSLY.

I am JOYYY. the eyes are like body too. only one!

so you gotta be willing. then occurs. ask, sure, but be it practiced. literally(consiously, so the awoken)

all ofur life has led up to this so-all for a reason! (then i wrote lots of ha ha ha has in a row because like i said i get like really amused, but even so this is a remarkable line.

Love is set in stone. and always working ur life. never leaves.

Awoken gives you so much capability to be enlightened(oh man i just realized here that we are all this awokeness and all is one, oh h h mannz). enacted up elightened life. like open -enlightened-possibilities, new stuff.

This is how great it is. You are yourself but see you have this blue/like full like 300 yr old brillianct(BUT IT IS YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, DONT SEPERATE< IT IS YOU IN THIS BODY AWOKENNNN BUT YOU ARE STILL BRILLIANTLY ALL THAT YOU AREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). bold but not even that word, RED taken as i word(for some reason i wrote colors) you are(THIS IS WHO YOU ARE)! and am explaining to you this is you really.

for an illustration: Like an enthusiasm you saw in an energetic brother you knew.

for some reason i want to lay on concrete and be one with it! create!!!

love for all

on bus:felt we were all soul.
you dont want to pout, sick , whatever the funk is
its not who you really are

nd u cant ride two horses.

it is for learning. to find cause, reasoning.

ego isnt doing you any good
and then i am just heart. that lightened ness.

so dwell on all the great things you are!

no fakeness EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR -r.j.a. and i vouge for it
so be yourself and its totally capable

i have to be consciously willing to latch-be a part . and like think about awoken eyes. and being

and you are alive
not one second of else or all drags.

i get mass amounts of info when i close my eyes. 'sleep' loads from heaven.
that is a window. and the time always flows.
what am i talkin about, all happens at once

vision about how we are all one-its all one..all happening as is.
great great
I realize this now . . thanks vision

Love life is all there is. like u are alive in the Love universe that is only love and supports only

yes so you have to focus on the one way-yes so you have to weed out other. and healthily use ur emotions. you are only soul . Love way. and you are A TOTAL EXTENSION OF THIS NESS. ALL THE TIME. THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE . AN EXTENSION EXPRESSION OF IT . IT IS YOU ENTIREly

work ur ways
you are all flow

So i walked out of apartment to go to train. and first was only blob ness(watch the movie, "what the bleep do we know" to understand my blobness) so blobness. thought i was bombarded with feeling everyone is all over and the cars too.. i couldnt latch to highness. then i ended up passing by a group of people laughing by apartment bay and they told me its easy to latch on most high. (YOU ARE THEM. ALL. THE LOVE) (remember now that i am awoken and see see see truth truth OH SO HUGE AND OHH!!YAY)/ I thought people were driving to their "ness". oh no no. must think true, calm, soul inside all. IGNITE AWOKENESS!. all all ignite to the easy easy High. I then walked scattered trying to remember. you can only ride one horse. and ther is only ONE LIFE> LOVE IS LIFE. MOST POSITIVE POSITIVE , MOST HIGH REALIZATION. Every heart, every "ness" all is all. What can i say? life is all of this. and you cant ride two horses. its like all there is. Imagine OUR. all

Yes, so not really necessary to say i spoke to a higher realm one(even tho yes yes yes i mean im nt saying do or dont im just sayin i dont need to run aroudn saying oh so so. and it is necessary my friend) becauuuuuse since awakening 10-15-08 i know they are a part of me.
we are all here on this Life. and this plane is beckoning us. and the planet is existence kind of. we are body-we are and align with the universal energy.---ALL THERE IS! The LOve LIFE energy.

and so Love is the source of this. US AND SOURCE. all is one.
these words seem to jumble, so straighten them
Im telling you that you and Love are one. im telling you that the awakend life you see is really the life. this life is the word vibrant. this life is whole. it is the only life. it is the air and everything you see. then it comes to life as the just plain word love.
im so excited writing right now because i have basically brought this to the level where im not exalting a source. because we as living creatures are destined well ARE life. this awakend life i am in. and this is all the great feelings , thoughts, all the greatness like put into life.
omg i just realized i cant really explain it to you.
hm, think of the words love and peace and any word that you like. well this is life. when you wake you see these and you see the physical world literally like lite up, or like get full. its nothing crazy
its nothing extraordinary.
its just life exalted.
o man i just realized i cant explain it

and the universe is this-once you wake the universe all feels like this (WELL IS and feels). Its like everything was once in box form then it got three d'd. and made into bubble boxes(imagine bubble letters)

and the entire AIR ALLLLL is AWOKEN!
welp to add, its just so peaceful

oh and to add the box bubble analogy is great, thats why i carry a notebook

whats important is that you can enact life amongst all. i mean we are here together for a reason.
share heart share existence
opportunities galore for 'soul' -Living.

so you arenot for one second at a 'guh' for noninvolvement. inclusion into.


focus on meaning

outside the box, step outsdie the box

so on a bus. focus. and its a constant thought to think greatness about everyone. dont get sidetracked. see they are only soul, we are covered by light(the whole bus, ..) Living in the moment. each moment. all happening now. (i just kind of thought just now as typing there arent really moments. hmm) THIS IS LIVING. All happening at once so no fear ever cuz we are free!!
no reason to be hi flying. GROUNDED BECAUSE THIS IS REALLY WHO WE ARE.

ADDING ONTO THE THIS IS LIVING line right up there. HUGE ALL IN AIR. wholeness of all.
no embarrassment cuz you know they are only soul and soul is hugely connected. (cant even write how much this is so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

One life-all energy
(you can use the word energy, it kind of works)

When you communicate with your true self you are then able to feel your soul connectedness. you are able to feel that yes-you are walking with all of the air molecules. this is when you are really alive.

This is great.
dont like disagree with ppl just so out in the open with vocals!(KNOW YOU ARE ONLY CONNECTED) and by the choices you make with your connectedness mind(conversation tactics, models or words or flow then you start to really connect. say you disagree. well dont just rip out a phrase or line that like stops the flow of communication. relate to them on this plane with ur 'soul' using lines that wil benefit the soul growth -the conversation or communication!

soak it in mmm
then lives itttt

what i can definitely give you is a white clear energy . u can call it 'soul' mayb

dont hold grudges. cuz grudges arent who u are!

Nothing is how its supposed to be unless you BE it. YOU and rest assured in being who you are .

What are you living somebody elses life? No so start living this how you want to !!!!!

It is possible to be in constant thought-prayer-(constantly thinking great things about those around you).

I get words, but they are coming to me sometimes as a swell of information and kind feeling.

Running with joy to the souls i love.

No distraction, la la land. Not so. See the zone way is life. Is you.

You feel ugh for not being in the zone. I am lite!! You think life is a crazy mesh of crazy thinking the uhs and the Ughs and all that. NEVER!!( :-) i like that i got to say NEVER!! like that ha ha)

understand that you are giving us meaning.

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