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At 11:27pm on January 23, 2009, Stephanie said…
Wow, people leave you the longest comments. lol
So tell me about your book..
At 6:17pm on January 23, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
So I was a little confused and I wrote Good night and sweet dreams! XD, though it was not night over there :D.
haha so i'm silly..but i'm sure you'd love me anyway :).
believe me RAP is way better then the horrible music that we have here =\. if i'll kill someone I won't be able to visit you!
cuz i'll end up in JAIL! XD. just like Ronnie from Escape the fate! omg I can't believe he shot someone :O. I have a talent? yeyy!! I really think this could be a good be a translator :), ohhh i'm coming baby! ^^ hope you'll wait for me *__*
lol I don't speak Korean. I tried to learn, but for some reason it didn't went well, the same thing with French. but I like French, why do you hate it? it's a really awesome language :).
OF COURSE I love Bayside! <3333 and they're always in my heart :D can't stop watching their shows on Youtube! blame it on bad luck! damn, love that song haha.
yeah Beatz..=[, when I found out I cried like crazy! I mean, I can't even describe how much it influenced me..I felt so bad.
I don't think I would've handle to see them in a show after his death. that probably would've been to hard for me. i'm too sensitive, even when it comes to people that I don't really know, like in this case if Beatz, or even Bayside.
tell me about it. I know that you can't compare a live show to a video on Youtube :\ but there's nothing I can do for now.
i'm short, and I kinda don't look like an 18 years old, that's very frustrating. you would take me to a show and take care of me? :D
cuz i'll def get squeezed. umm..I haven't heard about Summer Fall Winter Spring or Limbs and Branches. but that combination sounds nice! =]. I would love to read your book! :D *waiting for a copy* lol. it would be my pleasure mi chico :P.
I do know you can send a message from your cellphone cuz my sis does it all the time. she connect to the MSN messengerc from her cellphone and chat with her friends. I just didn't realized that you were connected from your phone XD.
umm..I don't live close to where i've lived before, and that's a good thing.'re so caring <333. yeah I had a hamster :D, His name was Ezra :), my sister chose that name haha.
Ezra was def one of the best things I had in life. and I constantly think about him, i'll never forget him (L), lol Esau.
I love Turtles! they're so cute ;]. ohh you won't lose him! don't say that..I really hope he'd be okay! XOXO [just for him :D].
omg Nick Te amo? hehe love you hun. Te quiero would be fine. it also mean I want you! XD. I don't have any mexican friends too. or someone to speak with in Spanish lol. what did you kids have done that made her mad? :P you naughty boy! :).
actually i'm also busy, specially with school, now that it's my last year, and I totally understand that.
like I already said, and i'll repeat it again, you are an awesome person and that's so nice of you to write me back as soon as you come here. aww i'm your fav.. :O you're gonna make me blush xD.
I love talking to you too! and I can honestly say that i'm glad that I met you! ;).

Well..hope you enjoyed your lunch hehe.
ohh i'm waiting for your comment :P

love always..YOUR LIRONSTER XOXO *sending a huge hug* ;]
At 11:31pm on January 22, 2009, Nino said…
yo nick! lol droppin by to say hi. and im still laughing about the 'breathe in , breathe out' joke. hahahaha!
At 2:50pm on January 22, 2009, kanela said…
you have good taste in music, i must admit ;)
i hate country too, rap should be banned, i HATE it with a passion!!! it's too degrading, especially to women.
i love my 80's, love alternative, even some hardcore. but the thing is i listen to songs, and not have any idea of who sang it or even the name of the band, but i'll know all of their songs.... it's safe to say music is my life(even though i'm hopeless in music theory)and obviously RJA is my favourite band, i'm planning to get a tattoo of the alliance symbol for my birthday :)
well, you may think it's the coolest place, after hawaii that is, but once you've lived here all 15 years of yoyr life, you get tired of the sand, the sea and the sun, i would love to live abroad, and see snow, and autumn, cuz all the seasons we have here are the rainy season(you can tell what it's like from the name, also our hurricane season)and the dry season(endless blazing hot sun). it's even worse that i'll never be able to go to an RJA concert....
yeah, liron's really sweet, my adopted sister :) and true, it's so fun, meeting people from around the world
At 12:14am on January 22, 2009, Jamie said…
Hi there Nick. By the way thanks for the reply :) I really love RJA its not just Ronnie Winter is cute:P, but I really love the music they play. I also listen to other bands, I definitely describe my self as a music lover <3. mh, hat kind of music do you listen too? :)
Ahm, I also write. I wrote a lot since i was 8 years old. That's my passion.Novels, short stories and some are love stories and when I finish writing I will sell it to my classmates :) LOL.
By the way, the book you're holding, is that one of your books? I also write songs in our band, RJA is one of our inspirations :)). Do you go to school or re you in collage right now?

Okie i think thats it from now darl,
keep in touch XoXo
At 8:56pm on January 21, 2009, branden said…

believe is on there ;)
At 1:18pm on January 21, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
I almost forgot hehe. I do have a phone, you wanna send me a message? :O, wouldn't that be expensive?

XOXO..your Lironi ;]
At 1:17pm on January 21, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
Nick!!!!<3333. omg that is even more long :O.
well again yeah I agree even more with what you say. Music should be always talked, not just one time.
believe me, you don't wanna know what kinda music we have that most of the people here like, and makes me wanna
kill them for that! it's disgusting =\.
actually i've never consider that a talent :D, so maybe after all I do have some talent and I didn't even noticed :).
lol i'm always ready to learn a new language, I just love it, but for some reason it didn't went well with French and korean. though iv'e studied French in junior high school. but after all the most important is whatever lol. haha you wanna hear me speak? so connect to the MSN Messenger and you'll hear me hun :P. I absolutely love Korean! :]. my fav language after English and Spanish. <333333-Baysideee! damn it, no. I never saw any band live!:(. I love RJA!!! I want to meet them! I hate Israel XD
of course i've heard about Switchfoot, they are amazing!!
"I dare you to move.." love this song ^^
umm..I like books, but it really depends on what the book is about.
I mean it has to be an awesome story that will
make me wanna read it all and never stop.
ohhh hard music :P, I love Escape the Fate. yeah they are great.
too bad the lead vocals Ronnie, left the band. lol we do have Youtube here. you make it sound like I live in some weird place XD.
you had a farm? that is aweome, and all the trees!
you'r life is very interesthing, love :P def not like mine :D i'll tell you about myself :D
So..I was born in Israel on July 12th 1990, i've lived in the same place until the age of 6, and then we moved to other place hehe.
should I mention names of places? hehe never mind, it's in Israel anyway. well I really loved my house cuz I had my own room! XD, now i'm sleeping with my older sister. I have two, both of them are older then me :). so now we live in apartment, and that place it better, the other one was too dangerous, so that's the reason why we moved in. umm..what else I can tell..=] , I had hamsters for like 3 years I think, then they died =[. I miss my Ezra XD [the brown one]. most of my life story is BORING haha. so I don't think there's any think left to say. if there's something you wanna know, that I didn't mentioned just ask me..again..I know XD
but i'll def answer it :)

Chica? chico :P lol I know that Te amo is in spanish. but you mean Te quiero hehe , cuz Te amo it's more like..I'm in love with you :O.

well, i've gotta confession to make before i'll finish with all this Huge writing. here it goes..I missed ya hun. umm and I was kinda worried cuz it took you so long to write back.

till next time..xoxo =]
At 2:27pm on January 20, 2009, kanela said…
hahaha no, she's not my biological sister, it's what i consider her, despite the fact that she lives on the other side of the world and i live in the caribbean:) yeah i'm doing ok, i saw the length of the comments you leave her, wo, you like to write a lot don't you? :)
At 11:31am on January 20, 2009, Johanna said…
Heya, what's up? I find it intesting that you writing a book. It's really cool. I'm writing a manuscript, but I don't know what to do with it when it's done^^
I'm looking forward to read your book in the future:)
At 9:10am on January 20, 2009, Vince said…
what up nick...hows it goin with the book?
At 3:13pm on January 19, 2009, kanela said…
oh, i love hope, by jack johnson too :) so what other music do you like?
At 7:21am on January 18, 2009, Jamie said…
you are a writter.. interesting. i love writing novels.
At 11:27pm on January 17, 2009, Punkin' said…
btw, I love hope by jack johnson
I love jack johnson I have a few of his songs on my list too.
At 11:26pm on January 17, 2009, Punkin' said…
Your really cool I saw your page too and i think that you writing a book is really awesome. I know we are bound to meet at some point. I was supposed to go to the show in VA but ended up going to the one in MAINE. That one was freezing cold but it was fun. Hopefully I see you at the PA one but if not Im sure I'll see you. Just keep in touch and let me know either way. Your awesome and I hope we can talk through this site. Well I suppose I should go to sleep now...

talk to you soon?

<3 Punkin or Chrissy whichever you prefer.
At 8:03am on January 17, 2009, Jamie said…
hey darling, are you with the RJA when they go here for a concert in AYALA ALABANG at philippines? I'll wait for your reply..

At 7:59am on January 17, 2009, Jamie said…
hi darling wats up to you now?
hope you reply,
hugs nd kzes :))

At 12:35pm on January 16, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
Why don't you use the MSN Messenger?
will you do it for me plz? ;]
I don't have it lol.
At 12:14pm on January 16, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
Wow you wrote a lot :O. i'm sure you're a great friend my nick! :P
at least you don't know ppl who hate us. that would be sad.
yeah I hate that kind of people too. they freak me out. I feel like I always need to meet new people, I can't stay in touch with the same people all the time. I mean I do talk with my friends and stuff, but that's one of the things that I like in the Alliance, The fact that I can talk with other people about music, something that I can't do with my best friends. they don't like punk-rock music like me. lol, actually that question about how i've learned to speak English is kinda hard to explain. I just learned from tv, I also speak English pretty well with accent and all. and I can speak Spanish and also write. haha you are not nosy. well here in Israel we do know most of the good bands. like RJA, i've gotten to their Myspace by accident lol, and I liked Your guardian angel. and I saw their video on MTV2. ohhh Baysideeeeee! I love them too i'm always nosing around in Anthony's Blog! XD. ohh yeah three days Grace has an amzing songs! I don't like Nickelback also, but i've heard that song =]. the songs you like and the bands are awesome! like Lifehouse, Swichfoot, I still haven't heard some of them damn. ohh and I don't really have a problem with harder music :P I can listen to anything. well I would love to read your book, it would be nice. actually I don't read a lot but I kinda like books haha.
i'll def tell you more about me and my family, just ask anything hun :), I think we can be very good friend, though it would be weird to call us friends haha, cuz of the distance.
and I'll love to hear more about you cuz you're truly an awesome person :]

take care..<3333333
At 9:28pm on January 15, 2009, JhEi-ZeE said…
hi,,, ZUp??








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