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At 2:39am on March 5, 2009, kimmy said…
oh my gosh
i'm soooooooooooo slow...
hahahaha i just remembered that i can draw!!!!! aahahahahahaha
and it just clicked that we have something in common... you write fantasy and i draw fantasy!!!!
wow, that took me ages to connect.haha
At 1:47am on March 5, 2009, kimmy said…
ooopppss that was HUGE!!!!
sorry borry :P
At 1:47am on March 5, 2009, kimmy said…
thanks hun:)
i'm goin to a friends dress up party!!!!!! CAN"T WAIT
i just got my dress that i'm gonna wear from the op shop. it's soooo wierd it fits me PERFECTLY!!!!!! and i'm getting the wings 2moz.
i do need a gardian angel but i don't know where to find one???
oh and by the way... is Nick your first name???
oh aaaaannnndddd... i've told two of my friends to join the twins alliance so you might get some more members pretty soon;)
haha aaaannnnnndddd i've told my english teacher from last year to read your book and all my friends ;P
c'mon, whooooooo's the best???
oohhh and i'll see if i can get some photos on here after saturday night...i'm no good with technology:(
haha i'm just ramblin.
love you vice gardian angel and no.1 fan
At 4:10pm on March 4, 2009, Punkin' said…
Nick! lol
yaaa photoshooot with the band. HAHAHA and staci and crew. LOL. DUDE I friggin can't waittttt and don't forget meghan. We're gonna have a good time dude. Can't wait to see you.
At 1:49pm on March 4, 2009, Stephanie said…
Haha. aw.
You are too cute. lol.
And I think you just don't sign on as much as you used to.
Ok so anyways, you replied to that comment but I don't know if you saw my message yet, it was about the book, I'll just ask you again lol, Can you get it in stores? Because on Border's website it said not sold in stores..?
At 12:05pm on March 4, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
Haha! you absolutely don't need to thank me my friend.
you know I'd do it anyway :). hehe you are the one who said that Jewish people knows how to be a good friends. so here I am! proving that :D.

P.S. Because you're gorgeous I'd do anything for you! haha. i'll write something else :D
At 5:53am on March 4, 2009, kimmy said…
and all the crowds flock to you flows better...
ah well, i was never much of a poet. i've only written one rather good poem, if i do say so myself;)
i'm soooooooooooooooooo excited about saturday!!!!! i'm gonna dress up as an angel!!!!!! i've always wanted to dress up as an angel:)
all my love,
your gardian angel<3
this is starting to sound like a love letter...
oh well
love ya babe;)
At 11:48am on March 3, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
Nickster you are so sweet! thank you for saying that :D.
YOU know I love you the way you are! <3
At 3:44pm on March 2, 2009, Punkin' said…
you sooo better get ur bahookie to the PA show.
we'll do a photoshoot of me and you.

hahahah I miss you.

anyways I hope your birthday was good.


At 7:18am on March 1, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY NICKSTER!! <3 hope that you'll celebrate it right..! I wanna propose a toast for you my friend, you're finally an 18 years old! =D

[i'm a creative monkey. ha!] I forgot my kisses and hugs! xoxo! :)
At 5:40am on March 1, 2009, kimmy said…
okay, you never answered my question but here it is anyway.
Happy Birthday to you,
you live in a zoo.
you stand by the windows,
and all the people flock to you;)
oh, and...
moo goes the cow???
<3 Kimmy
At 9:19am on February 28, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
Tomorrow tomorrow I love you, tomorrow, you're always a day away..! lmao! that was so random. okay just the tomorrow, not all the song XD.'ll be 18 years old! i'm so happy for you! :D oh well, it is only tomorrow..but I just couldn't help it..*blushing* that's just a advanced birthday greetings! haha! it is..

like you always say, we are..

hehe! I feel like a silly monkey! XDD Love ya! <333
At 1:06am on February 28, 2009, Stephanie said…
It was funny. One of the greatest posts ever. lol.
I think it was something like "If they can pull off another song as good as Grim Goodbye, I'm selling all of my stuff to become a traveling nun preaching their lyrics."
And I think I said I'd go with you.
lmao. too funny.
So I guess we just missed each other, but did you get to listen to the pod cast?
At 6:59pm on February 27, 2009, kimmy said…
it's okay Nick, i love your cake;)
and i really wanted the unicorn's head:(
oh well, hope your goin good.
you'll always be my windowman;)
At 6:31pm on February 27, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
Ha! i'm a monkey and there's absolutely nothing you can do to change it! lmao.
don't even mention the word school. it's frustrating. I feel helpless.

who's turning 18 this sunday?! MY Nickster!!!! WOHO! :D
18 years old! me :P. omg of course i'm coming dearie! hope i'm your guest of honor. haha. the unicorn slice..for me? yey! too bad I couldn't get it.

i'm not a creeper..! i'm a monkey! you are mean Nickster.
I was just..being a good monkey! :(.

oh well, you already know why I wasn't connected, i'll tell you what happend.

Love ya! xoxo
At 3:36am on February 27, 2009, kimmy said…
oh yes. i just joined the twins alliance!!!
At 3:26am on February 27, 2009, kimmy said…
haha. i saw lironster's comment and had to check out the cake!!!
Damn i wish i was there. i would have had the unicorn's head and changed it to look like a unikangaxD
Love ya heaps,
At 9:47pm on February 26, 2009, Vince said…
haha maybe i will lol...but the credit isnt all friend red is the genius behind the colors and the one who did the sketchin
At 2:38pm on February 26, 2009, Stephanie said…
Oh, I didn't tell you, we were in the car the other day listening to Don't You Fake It, and Grim Goodbye came on and my sister was like, "Why do you all like worship this song so much?" I about died laughing. She had seen what you said about becoming a traveling monk.. along with some comments from some of the other boys.. Lmnao.
I was like, oh man, I have to tell Nick you said that. lol.
At 11:26pm on February 25, 2009, Ronnie Winter-Defoe said…
Yo brotha I need to know some information to tell people where to buy your book, do have a link for an online store or anything like that?








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