Just a little story from the past few weeks. About my brothers relationship and how it ended. [UPDATE: 3/16/08]

Okay. So my brother and his girlfriend [Who's name is also Niki only spelled diffrent] were together for about 3-4 years. His name is Chris and hers is Niki. He's a senior and she's a Junior. They started going out when he was a Sophmore and she was a freshman. They practically jumped into the relationship. They spent about 3 months going out without her parents knowing they were going out. Finally, when they found that Chris and Niki were going out. So they approved of my brother and they were in love and you could tell.

Nikki was pretty cool, I have to admit. She wasn't shy but she wasn't one of those girls who always said what they thought and didn't care how affected people. She was really nice.

They were going out and they were in love. They would always laugh and have a good time.

It was one day when Me, Chris, and Niki went down to Sarasota to go swimming in a Spring. There were tow girls that were on a bridge, going to jump off into the river. Of course they were doing it for thrill. Chris wanted to watch. No, not becuase he was checking them out, but if something funny happened, he wanted to laugh. Well Chris missed them jumping and Niki got mad because he wanted to watch them jump. Chris had to pull her aside in private and reassure her that he only loved her romantically. Niki let go and finally got over it. That's when every thing went down hill.

In the past few months, Niki has been hard on Chris. She would call him and yell at him for no reason. She would get mad when he forgot to call her. When he would talk to her normally, she would start yelling at him becuase she thought he was yelling at her. Then Chris got mad. Chris would stay mad for a couple of days. It started to get to the point to where my mom and grandmother didn't like her anymore and didn't want him to be with her. "You don't need her," they would say, "you deserve better than that." Of coarse I thought they were right, but I kept my mouth shut.

Finally, one day when Chris had to head up to Gainsville for AG, Niki got mad because she wanted him to stay. Chris had no choice but to go. It was not only for a grade but for the County Fair. Niki got mad and pitched a fit. When Chris got back, she demanded him to come see her at work and Chris did. Finally, things just kept going down hill after that. Chris was more and more unhappy. Niki was more and more unhappy. She would always demand him to do things when he couldn't. And when he couldn't she would get mad at him,

Finally, this affected me in a way to where I, had to make things better. Niki said that I should talk to Chris on why he was "mad." So I got stuck in the middle of it.

Finally, Chris broke up with her. He honeslty wasn't upset. But Niki was. She kept calling him. At home, at work, and when he was visitng family. She wouldn't leave him alone. My mom told her that he was happy without her. But Chris gave her another chance. Niki promised she would change. And she didn't. People never change.

So they got back together for about a month. Then yesterday [1-14-08] Niki tried to get Chris to promise that they would be together forever. And he didn't. He couldn't. So Niki pitched a fit. She was [God forbid me for saying this but..] being a bitch. She wouldn't leave him alone about it and she insisted he promised her that. Then today [1-15-08] Chris broke up with her again and for good. Niki asked me again today if I could help get them back together. I said okay, but I wasn't. Becuase honeslty, I didn't want them too.So, I asked Chris today. I said "Are you happy that you broke up with her?" My brother looked at me and said "I haven't felt this good in 2 years."


Reason why I posted this:

The reason why I posted this was to tell everyone about my brothers relationship and what I have learned from it. I have learned that if you are not happy with the relationship that you are in, don't waste your time being in it. Find someone else. It doesn't matter how much you love them. If you don't think it will work out, then end it. After that, just be yourself. And when you say the relatinship is over for good. Then don't turn back on it. Becuase then you never wanted it to end in the first place. A healthy relationship is never good for anyone. You can still love the person after the relationship is over. Just make sure you make the right desicion.

UPDATE: Here is an update about this WHOLE situation. *Ahem* Okay. So you already know that they have been broke up ever scince January. And Thankfully, they haven't gone back out. My brother, Chris, has told me that whatever she has told him that could possibly change his mind, hasn't. And that's a good thing. Niki keeps writing him notes and calling and such. Finally one day, I saw one of the notes she had wrote him. She tried to tell him that she would hcange and that she KNEW they were suppose to be together "forever". She still "loves" him and crap. Then there was a certain line in that same note that caught my eye. It said: "There is nobody after you." You read that? NOBODY. She went that far. I know, it's crazy, but she did. After a few weeks after reading that note, I saw Niki, with another guy. A guy named Charlie. Now let me tell you about Chawie. That's how he says his name. He has a speech problem and he sounds like a turtle if turtles could talk. Charlie has made a pass at me one or two times. That's been a problem. But now, Chris has a new girlfriend. Her name is Angel and she is way better than Niki. Now here's the biggy. Angel and Niki were bestfriends. Angel started hanging out with Chris before Niki and Chris got together. But now that Angel and Niki aren't friends anymore, everything has been okay. Niki is "losing weight dramitically". She works at a gym. And that's were she works out. Chris isn't making her lose weight, she is. Niki is still insecure about Chris "talking about Niki behind her back". She still wont leave him alone. Angel and Niki fight, alot lot lot lot lot. And Niki says that if she wanted Chris back she could have him back becuase Chris was "begging her back". BULL SHITAKE MUSHROOMS. Chris hates her. And yes I do use the word hate.But overall, Chris is happy, Niki's not, and everything is good. For me on the other hand, Niki hasn't tried pulling me into any situations. She gives me dirty looks. :]

P.S. Happy St. Patricks Day.

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Comment by Nikkay :] on March 16, 2008 at 4:28pm
Thank you! :D I have thought about an advice columnist.


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