Do You Agree On How Some People Totally Dissed RJA Because...

of there new change in music?

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No, definitely not. A true RJA fan like myself will respect them even if their music changes. And let's be honest, it wasn't that big of a change. It wasn't like they went techno or anything. It's still rock, just a little more mainstream and different. They're still one of my favorite bands and I can't wait for what their next album brings us!

P.S. Their concert I went to was amazing :)
I totally think that it's messed up of people to insult RJA. They are still an incredible band. Every band changes a little bit and if someone is a true fan they'll stay loyal to the band no matter how much they change. RJA didnt even change dramatically, it was a small one, no big deal. People need to get over it. So of course I think its wrong. Whoever insults RJA is lame.
no are you serious just because there sound is a little different it still rocked i loved the new album and if they did then there not true fans cause the real fas would of liked them either way and besides ronnie says when they release a new album it one of the ways the spot the real fans and the fake fans
Of course not~..RJA is RJA nothing will change,..they're still the best!!
no, i love rja so much. its really not much of a change at all, theres just not as much as screaming and some of the songs are mellower, so what. and as mari said, even ronnie had said that the new album helped them see who the true fans were, the ones that didnt like it and stopped liking rja because of it arent the true fans out there. they are the people that only like face down and what not.
exactly, im going to face the facts yes i LOVED there old stuff it was amazing. I was a tad dissapointed when i heard their new stuff, but its not about the way they sound its about what they stand for and what the songs mean. Its the message and it has truly helped me to cope with so much. people need to be more grateful.
Quote : Its the message and it has truly helped me to cope with so much. people need to be more grateful.
/thread. :D
haha thanks=]
that doesn't mean they went slow this time they don't rock...
People shouldn't say stuff like that.If they don't like it then they can listen to their old music, it's not such a big deal.They're just making it more difficult than it really is.I agree, I like their first album better.But as an RJA fan, I still listen and enjoy Lonely Road.That's just my opinion.And the song meanings are fantastic.They help me through so much.It really bothers me when people say "omg i love that band!" and they only know Face Down and Your Guardian Angel.If they have a problem with it, then they can get over it.I honestly don't think the band cares, because they've still got so many TRUE fans out there,including me.Like Ronnie said, they're realizing who's there and who really isn't.
At 1st when I heard the new cd I have to admit that I didn't like the sound, but eventually I realized that's what made them so amazing. Their music was incredible because they had different sounds, not just one song with a million alterations. It's nice. I regret ever thinking it wasn't as great as it is. It's truly a work of art.
I like all of there songs, manely for there meaning, not the sound, the only disk i own is that of ''Lonely Roands'' and i treat that disk better then then i do alot of my outher stuff, i'm a fan of them not the sound of them (them=RJA) and truely if some one dose not like there new things then they have no brain, the mane resson my mo let me have there cd is cuz it is alot melower then ''Face down'' mind you, i LOVE ''Face Down'' and ALL OF THERE OUTHER THINGS!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE RJA FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!









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