see when you are "refined"-ronnie winter when the whole refining gets movin its like a massive heart attack ona positive level. like the absolute massive delight of something so breaking and brewing that you can BE it (thats exact)

i sang some rja beats and was like woah! i am using the same enthusiasm. they put a lot of enthusiasm energy in it!!!!

**when everything in ur life is golden love universe you

whats gonna do it? the -YOU - -US- golden love universe you being YOU -SOUL-
for love universe you. so for you. for us as a soul part BEING. so not apart
from love universe you. inspired working your love universe you inspired being.
Find yourself** these lines are from a while ago but i just put them up. hopefully they flow

we are computers. ce rebooted. no robot .robot with a soul.

soul(and this is when u can call it soul. but friend, "soul" is not the adequate word) communication.connection with love.universe. When you find the soul connection with others then u know they are okay.

I feel that the books I read(choose by topic) and incidents I live ARE ALL AT THE RIGHT TIME AND RIGHT LEVEL. This happens where I can feel it once I am in line with me(once I am acting as me). All the information I learn from these OCCUR RIGHT WHEN THE TIMING IS PERFECTION AND IT LEADS ME TO THE PERFECTION I HOLD AS GOLD.

I am determind to say that this is the only reality. The ony real life. Because of the information I now know and internalized and now know as reality(truth)(now know it now as me) I am now awake but see this information was given .found. brought to me right at the right time!! SO LIFE OCCURS. Because I am starting here for this new writing I want to address that all the semi negative things I said about others I take back. As they I guess were a part of the learning process (from source that internalized and now I know as you should now know cuz its you) it is completely irrelevant with my now statements.

TEXT---- A significant “thrust” of lessons to be had on the physical plane comes through the validation of the senses. Of course, the senses are experienced only on the physical plane, and in that senses exist as discrete “knowable” characteristics when fragments are in the body. Thereofre we would think it obvious that understanding the senses as discrete qualities of “human” life is, in fact, part of recognizing and validating the experience of and lessons from the physical plane. Since “feedback” as such is more important to those on Expression Polarity (sages and artisans), dedication to sensual recognition is often crucial to validating the totality of the life task, and it would not be inappropriate for those on the expression polarity to knowledgeably dedicate themselves to sensual assessment on a “regular” basis. That is not to say that all fragments cannot benefit from such a project and such a review. We did not say that we did not imply it. All those on the physical plane seek validation of their experiences through the senses, as being a manifestation of independently mobile creatures of reason.
We have said before but we will reiterate: the natural “primate” tendency to trust pain (me labeling others in a negative way-mm jr 11-4-08) more than joy is part and parcel of the non-validation of the senses and limits the experience available to essence, often in such a way that the true personality is only willing to experience negative sensual impact as valid. Positive sensual impact is relegated to areas of spirituality disassociated from the body and all its less-than-pristine functions. …..
….. Totality of the senses can, of course, contribute significantly to true intimacy, just as denial of sensual experience can lead to chief feature enhancement. Chief feature, being the source of fear, finds pain a useful tool in its manipulation of fragments. ….

In other words, if the senses are not trustworthy, the world around you is not wholly valid, and may be regarded with the “cavalier” attitude of an illusion . (its wholly beautiful life learning mm jr 11-4-08)

Incidentally, there is no “error” in the senses. Each fragment perceives senses in the manner that is appropriate to the fragment. This is part of experiential differentiation, not a matter of “skill” or “virtue”. If there were such a “right” way to sense, everyone would like the same perfume or the same sauce for fish. Each fragment chooses what certain sensory stimuli mean to the fragment, and that is the whole of the recognition. Validation is achieved when the fragment accepts the recognition as the fragment’s own. We as humans resonate to sight(and I believe this illustrates the J eyes I first saw with and SWORE TO live by and find each second and finally it came to me, I have the sight always and see it always.)---END OF TEXT

The terms used such as life task, chief feature enhancement are all terms used by a messenger named Michael whose words of wisdom(which are really exactly what you are)(see words in a book and body are tools, but see we are really the knowledge itself. And I can explain this also by highlighting how we are the essence) are found in books. These books are fabulous and like I said the information I now internalize and inherently always knew brought me reasoning. Mm jr 11-4-08 awoke 10-15-08 and wholly awakening sure fiercly as we learn

Im going to insert here truly that real living is so awesome. Its just who you really are. But plain and lovely and so just, it is extremely sufficient in creating a you that means to the world love itself. I am seriously here vouging for life and truly telling you it is magnificent and I am there, come dance.

u r destined to be.

to teach them about their true self. And teaching could be talking to them and not even talking, just listening. or even a nod or even a clear love to them via ur body to them, or a thought to them.

imagining something is there when its not. (this is a massive non productive way the mind works, but hm seems to erk at me sometimes, its not real)

and we live in the moment
to have a pure soul. connection. gray matter at each moment and that is with each person. (its beautiful friend and its in every situation)

I was walking and i felt the world.universe protecting me all around me. and with the al around me, it was huger then that "all around me phrase" but still concrete where i put those words to it.

is all.

and right now alive. all there is is the right now and it is fuller then full. satisfying beyond words, ITS REALLY YOU THOUGH and ur whole life is this? WOW its heaven.

so its like see a globe and this is all and you are inside the globe making up that consistency(u are the globe tho cuz u and the globe are the same material) and you are in body form inside of the globe acting out life. the relationship (CONTACT) body is life.universe. enacted. but its all the same energy(globe).(good description of this in the movie, "what the bleep do we know") So life is not form my friends. life is the molecules. Love.universe molecules.

so when you are in unity with love.universe (which is what you are) it a part of you.

When you align you see all align and nothing else. !! ! ! !**!*! *! *! *! *! *!*! *! *!* *! *!* !* !* *!*! * !* *! *! *! * ! ill write u do also feel it. (this is a refernce to seeing others. *!**!*!*!**!* this is huge and lovely and i could talk the rest of my years about it.
come sit with me ill talk. lets dance

you create whatever you are experiencing. do you grasp the hugenss of this line? YOU CREATE WHATEVER YOU ARE EXPERIENCING.

dont ever( and you wont) loose grip-on life(life being really the exact opposite of what youve grown to know for so long) Ignite this positivity beyond any words. its like its sparked up. its like its the instant of pure happin ness(happiness not adequte word) all the time. ignition of happiness(LIFE IN COLOR IS A GOOD WAY to put it) life with energy all around it.
i then drew a pciture to describe it a person in the middle with sparks or dots kind of around them in air... . but the balls are connected by the life force(veins of ) universe. And its like lite switched(sort of) but see its so thicker then a light switch analogy. but see its ignition. its hte only reality reality plain and simple. and ignited. Like sparks all around you. seriously alive, awoken and this is all there is. really now this is all there is. im awaken to awaken life 10-30-08

i want to add here that in another page of notebook a few pages down i wrote it isnt like lighting a match or flip light switch because you dont awaken brilliantly and realize how great we are by that! but i will not disregard the complete resonance and delight and joy from a light switch or candle and plenty of my 'ness had come thru breakthroughts similiar to POW candle lit i gots it!

always see the real way. and its huge, fulfilling.
u will get all you need.
so no illusions, but if one is so thinking illusions are real, they cant be concerned by it. they must awaken. itd be the best to be by the awokenness only! and not be by them all the time. and see the awakeness in ur brother. learn if they are not awaken to where u feel comfortable learn learn learn and learn.
they are Jesus Christ, as you are Jesus Christ.
just soul and i know ur okay.(this one line is the same as the lines above that i wrote about meaning once i knew.know u r soul, i know ur okay.) and i will add in here that i know i can meet any person on this planet and feel at ease because i know they are really whole.

there is only one truth. in moment, joy(awoken, realize) thinking. supported by the universe.

u arent connected to anyone by fakeness-by soul

That love.univsere is always. there is no other distraction pulling you.
cuz i feel ugh from the pulling. pulling othr direction! you must pull with as the universe!
Trust in love.universe so the spark is pulling you. TRUST IS SET.

it is the real you that everyone falls in love with, so be proud of it. from neale donald walsh's email

what if u had a whole life of that? (so at this point i am writing a knowledgable piece of information that i got when i closed my eyes at the nighttime. see love.universe and ive said this before can be a teacher for any issue you are dealing with in life and this is important to write it here for you so you know)

Life is life. 0the only meaningful statement :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

craziness. you arent alive when you are crazy.

love.universe doesnt fade in and out.

i only stand for Life

its ur heart, dont you want it to be full

My horse love.universe i sthe strongest horse ever.( and got feeling love.universe was strong, built, building)
:) i used the reality u cannot ride two horse then the same night i closed my eyes to rest i woke up and got this miraculous knowledge feeling note.

YOU co create this anxious mind.
so this is just adding onto the line i think i mentioned before if not then ill mention it later in the writing, that YOU CREATE WHATEVER YOU ARE EXPERIECING. so you create that.

you will create peace. IT IS ALL THERE IS
no insecurity or inconsistency

blue unison.

love.universe gives MEANING to the world,(and is the only world existence ever) and theres no other world

all leads there. SO BE THERE NOW. well you are, just be your true way

doesnt exist. so u are in the moment and it doesnt matter what time u get it (no jealousy) but dont u want to be full now (this is me adding in a bit and i know it sounds bossy and all, and i aknowledge that mm jr 11-4-08)and able to build ur soul abnd let go of strings that tie u. carry you around? to place u dont want to go.

once u r in IT, u r IN and u move eons( the thing is u really already are ) but i want to elaborate on the fully giving love.universe that gives fulfillment and simple pure every second every ..all great time

I want to add here that the book , "Home with God" by neale donald walsch is wonderful.

i cant even believe it.(a magnificance iexperienced). then i got from love.universe, "you better believe it, its all there is" :) kindness

only soul( YOU are beautiful and worth it, perfect). whole day will go that way

you will love any interaction and i know it (this goes back to highlighting the love.universe breatkthrough of forever that when i felt i knew i would love any interation i was in...........) meaning any interaction with others, any events anything really.
and i will add at this time to stress that if you dont like interactions you better work on that because life seems to be a lot of repetition so enjoy that bus ride with ur whole heart becaue its what u will be doing a lot.

dont try or do, u are BEING. all the time and its all you are. THIS I WANT TO HIGHLIGHT FOR MY OWN SAKE TO STRESS IT TO ME. of how its all you are being and you are being always. so you dont try or do anything, its WHO YOU ARE ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

I have something to tell the world. Ur craziness in relationships(and others i guess) isnt working. the way you are faking like talking to and being with ppl is not real nor aare we in a competition. No r will it get u thru anything.

I create this uneasiness or illness. see. so i wont be it anymore
I create awesome tranquility(WELL THE ONLY REALITY THERE EVEN BLOODY IS, and CREATING REALITY MEANS YOU HAVE A SMORGASBORD OF CREATION FOR ANY CREATION OUTLET POSSIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I was so strewn about. didnt like it. the horse 'whinney' i ride :) is the strongest. ((WILL POWER) and love.universe.whinny. will power is the same will power.

you be in
everything you thought ud be


i want to write here that i have two similar sign notes and i might have written them in different places and not connected them.well i know that at one writing i didnt connect the two. the other writing i did. but i will reiterate now. i saw how a sign was just a sign. and i also knew that the souls the -restaurant sign-were what makes it alive. And when i was on the train one day i saw a sing literally explode with energy! and was like WOAH..i wrote how can ppl not see that? it was exploding with love.universe.

I want to also write here to wholly tell you from all the love.universe ness that the NON THOUGHTS just DISSIPATE. thats how brilliant our minds are! that they dissipate and i mean DISSIPATE in ur head! oh its so brilliant. so you cant dwell on it, thats a purpose of it. and it happens all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dissipates so that you can focus on reality.

what you do-is on love.

theres no elation outside of speaking(*a bit over i think..? thers "no elation outside of"?)( i love this line becuase it gives pure strength to speaking and we should speak the love.universe. Imagine what pure elation and satisfaction we would get if all of our speaking were love.universe.
OH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talking is love.universe too! for brilliance and sentences and able to say beautiful beautiful love. (beautiful beautiful love is really love.universe)ah! see how it is connected :) :)

how can you be any way except love? you cant

dont practice any other

practice love-so you practice then FFLLLLYYYY by all the time BEING SOOOOO. meaning you practice. then when you are being it all the time*WELL BEING IS AL YOU ARE ALL THE TIME, no practice, thought, ....) (im glad to type this out finally i was excited to think i would type it out)

Seriously all you are gonna be(AND ARE) this way(WELL AT SOME TIME THEY WILL REALIZE IT SOME DAY). IT YOU ARE IT MARIE. Promote healthiness to reach at their own time. So be steadfast becauseyou know you are awaoken and know all about life (bt u r not better then them, because they knw this inherently it is inherently what we all are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
you can boost
so i am boosting them by showing them reality of love.universe

floating. out of body walking. love this line and this is happening more and more. i am walking and feel that my soul is around me and encompassing the air around me, so i am not really body. but my body feels this and then is lightened to walk with soul.
I was walking and felt that what was really moving thru that time and space was a heart of energy within me. and then my body felt it too and lightened ups its walk. and i was having a great ol time walking!!

I feel now that i have all the information already

ok so i am love.universe (this keeps on happening also. yay!)

what happens is everything ends up being a lite situation. turns to light kind of thats some words. -sparkles but encompasssing lite features or boosts, be surrounds-focus- surrounded by it. (when a situation turns to this)
lite has sensations.clouds or particles of lite(kind of the explanation). dots around it. but like not even---- just particle masses
AND THIS DESCRIPTION IS WHEN A SITUATION LIGHTS or something, this sensation occurs.

its the whole SITUATION that lightens not even "lightens" but yes those spark bunchches, but see the -entire situation- feels like love.universe created it. meaning that every situation u create! I HAVE TO ADD HERE THAT THIS ENERGY CONSISTENCY IS THE SAME AS THE ENERGY CONSISTENCY LINES THAT I AM WRITING WRITE BELOW THIS. i wrote this after i wrote the following paragraph below this. And i found reality life just now and peace oh so peace that came from knowing...that all of this is the same energy. it is a calm yet fully intenseknowing energy. phew, its love.universe.

NEVER FELT BETTER.11-1-08 i wrote this down the other day. and at that time was like woah(i was living in the moment). and so you see friend that you can have this sensation friend at each moment. I do want to stress that this could be a awakening of sorts in a awakening of realization type of way.
when i was awoken i had a huge sensation(OH I AM WRITING NOW THAT YES THEY ARE THE SAME SENSATION!)
Oh and i have to write now that yes i read recenty that we as humans always compartamalize everything... . . . . you know and i realize that these times are all made up of the same energy!!!!
I do stress that 10-15-8 i did see new. and this time too, same consistency of energy.

Now(and now is always happening! oh how divine! is a perfect time (maybe ill put the perfect place!! OH HOW IT ALL WORKS OU!!!to write about the love.universe. This friends is the explanation of life. I have found words for the energy where as i was looking for them before

i was in a van with folks from my job and i was on the train near some folks that were jubilant(ill get into that more) and i knew i had hit.experienced found reality.(this whole energy im talking about). its LIFE REALLY, ITS meaning its the only reality really!!! so its awakeness..(words somewhat flow). so its like a whole different world. -but i mean in terms its some sort of ether air ness. like everything is in air. like u are all greatness there, just soul. nothing else.(omg theres just nowords BUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
so friend, all love.universe is is all this energy. its an energy surrounding it. OMG. this is feel is the breakthrough of describing love.universe.

stay stationed in love.universe mind(ITS YOUR MIND< ITS ALL YOU ARE!!!!!) dont jump around. you are bliss. you are love.

when all you are is love.universe with out trying or doing( HOLY SHIT, THIS IS THE HUGEST BREAKTHROUGH. REALIZING THAT I HAVE STRESSED THAT YOU ARE TRULY ARE WHEN YOU DONT TRY OR DO YOU ALL THE TIME ARE THE BEING. SEE THOUGH THAT THIS IS ALSO THE SAME ENERGY THAT IVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT. SO I CAN TRULY TELL YOU THAT THIS IS AN AWAKENING. TRULY ABLE TO FINGER POINT AND WRITE ABOUT LOVE.EXISTENCE. ABLE TO seeeeeeeeeeee WHAT LOVE.UNIVERSE REALLY IS, KIND OF AN ENERGY. AND THEN TO BE IT BY WRITING. BUT I SEE KNOW nowwwwwwwwww WHAT LOVE.UNIVERSE IS, ITS THE ENERGY OR WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL IT!!! I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND I want to add here, that i am constantly living in peace. this is huge huge huge huge huge huge huge hugehuge. there is living and the living is what i am here. its kind of "constant knowing" then you live it. it is effortless and constant and i am living this. mm jr 11-04-08

i want to add that love.universe is your key to unfoldment of any questions you have/are

brought here by abundance. shaping

how awesome are you? words dont even express it. i am love.universe. dont even feel in body. its nuts (: i was writing at a moment) yay this is life

so i was reading a book by charles huber and barbara backlund and i recommend it !!!!! or any psych book that uses ur mind mind mind! it notes that we gotta think rationally.....

i feel i am wisdom. my eyes burn with wisdom. this is life baby. im elated for finding life. 11-04-08

due to michael book -internalizing the universal truth- i see i am multidimensional/DEEP


All eternal now moment
and you are this
and all else illusions u made to cover up or cope or "live" as you would say.
when reality is love
and you are the love and eternal moment ALL ONE

if you even knew(well know it then!! :)...) what inch of good that (for ONE example the action) created-if you feel otherwise then its prolly so so clear it-. I want to add here again that when you dont have to think , or do you are clearly being this all the time, all you are , is this then you are awake.

One with all. (the it. purpose. ball of energy(well globe..?. vessel.vehicle of what you are

dont disintegrate love

realized that when you are out dont "think illusions". so you can think any illusions. then you all meet at soul level. basically yeah u cant foster illusions. not for one second(at times this is all u do it as..) but um cant htink the thought, "oh this/that person is seemingly lost/off incompetent" or "oh this situation/happening is whacked" and usually id walk (BUT STAY IN TUNED, all dissipates, is not real and brings you nothing of any worth.consistency or nothin gnothin nothing) and id think these illusions are real! like whole thought system.

so enrich your true self
being it out into the open
you know how-its all inside of you
all ur passions 10-15-08 awoke

so be .come. that ball

so you cant even think that lady is in the back with mischeif(do discern and do give benefit of doubt for seeing clear). Teach all by the way you be with them.

i feel put together.

say the idea that "the world is turning in the opposite direction" say some people thought this is the past you know this is an example. So saying that is just like you thinking tension is in the air(block all else but love. so block all everything else that is not love. it really isnt even seriously there) when you walk. (or add any confusion or odd sensation in for the tension example)
like i walkd and was then frustrated. i was really just being in body and using not so great tools.

align environment and body too.

dont like even think she is looking at you wierd-illusion

u make crazy illusion life real to you. so you are living this "pseudo reality"-like you never really awake really.
I want to write here that i wish i could write in smaller text.well i can do that. i wish i could write drawings and such, using different emphasis with my pen at times.

ppl living out crazy ideas about who they think they are or crazy cover ups to mask something. think they will be

well ill tellyou what to be. you. reality all of this.

or illusion they think they are better then you. this like "fake" world. cuz when u awaken u are total free. everything. you are the eternal now all lvoe happening now one with eteranl all.
and ive seen today in writing this up the energy its just magnificant and lovely and whatever you could write as complete bliss and security knowing it now as that energy. its really great guys, seeing life.the "energy." and im here to tell you that this is the only reality.

any illusion that life isnt good.

cant even say today is great. even tho say i document somthing on a certain date. but all is happening at once so ITS HUGE. not just one moment but in terms of description i guess(BUT YES THIS NOT JUST ONE MOMENT IS VERY USEFUL BECAUSE MOMENT DOES RELAY A MINUTIAL TIME). huge encompassing life (goin crazy with words). youve got. that real. existence.standpoint.reality all the time. love. so rejoice! all the time! but ur not gonna be dormant. its gonna be you being this (inspired by 10-15-08 awakening) constantly and literally HUGE. be happy! you found life! being love.universe. love universe is you!

so basically. dissipate. the illusion is you. in all ur crazy panix attacks and set ups(well set backs, neutralize learning)

you create------------------be exalted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!because the real you is love.universe at all time. just really you. exalted.
J eyes for the hugest extension of time(i know that the J eyes are mine today too for almost the whole entire day)
you think illusions are it(i want to write at this point that these words i write are written in the most fluid and luxurious ways and i am love writing).

Life is ONn

so we are all in this together. the lite all around body are we arent even body or this building.
if they knew the complexities of this building to the ground when the comes into it.

they run on complications. no

you cant show. you cant just run off pain.

the only is
is. in lite! when u r in it- u r exalted. is it. gives you it. (wholly entirety of life. but see its YOU-so its feels like you! you feels like you. and love.universe is you. description of it.

no writing of other and all the universe then gives SO GREAT, SO CLEAR so HUGE. u reality along with this. the whole world love universe of knowing

get over it and relax. and move onto something that is gonna bring joy(at this point, when this occurs you are really being. and the brilliance is that you dont think, try do you are this all the time) so these are all lines/descriptions of the energy i so lovely found today while typing this up.

you write it and are in it. at teh adequate timie

only give them soul. you thought you didnt have to. always have to. (when you are always being then yes you then...are it)

and nothing else added

well love of around you at all times. goes beyond words and words or feelings. (but when u internalize it, phew you become this, how fantastic!!! :)

so you thought life wasnt the bomb. (at some point in ur life) well you were right!

not whats comfortable because youve been doing it for a long time, but what is so working for your soul(OR WHO YOU REALLLLLLY AREE.this is "soul") for life.for existence

one plane, one mind.

my intuition says BE FULL.

oh u gotta deal with it. talk abt it or just be the issue commander

no total devastating 'ness

love is skill, time, pride

rest on love

what proof do u need? u see.have all the love.universe. and u are it!

feel that we are only soul. (go back to the only soul notes. lol its really the only reality). but in terms of time and space) dont be jittered or afraid because ppl are just soul. (i want to add here then when you really realize this and i realized it in more terms at a different day i think one or two ago it goes beyond these words here, its a total realization)

love yourself!

in the psych book i was reading i wasnt those words the guy wrote(well you are. !!) you are you internalizing it and putting it into you-then maybs outward.

trust that you know that ppl are only soul.

so only reality is
you and all are one.

it is possible to be in heaven. this is heaven

so idk if ive mentioned this before but ive been writing these words that pop in my head, "this could be it... variations of this."
well i got "this is reality this is it" last nite!!!!! yay.
I wrote the THIS IS IT. THIS IS REALITY up farther up in this writing.
what is seeing. its really about
so i think i had gotten thoses phrases and then last night and today due to the energy realization i now know that THIS IS IT.

all of these are from awakening and waking... the energy is different angles!!!!

re evaluate and re know then the way you seethe world.ppl as soul

dont see body as their description anymore

J eyes=the utmost love ever. and see i see with J eyes now, imagine love, i have to have to see that love now. see that... J eyes=the utmost love ...description

i experienced as i know it enought to really say so two times. Im beginning to realize typing this all out and living the last few days that i so could have just flown thru and experienced the energy all so much all the time(really i think this is the goal) but um the whole idea of what i read it would be like, like ease as walking down a path on a summer day. and i know that i very much so must have experienced this multi times but didnt even know it.
that ease is really beyond words really
its kind of like the ether
its LIFE thats it tho its LIFE and so LIFE IS THIS

so you can create love in all you are...

explains life! all our emotions
and non reality based -these two lines i bet r influenced by the michael book

so you want to be that you will be it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

theres only one reality.

u cant be all with everyone, so be you tell all and etc.
cant be an example any time, it is all all the time. IS.


the all hear, no fear

you create everything. this is very important . the most important i think really really really. its included in the book, "Home with God" by neale donald walsch

i know u build to be

see a tunnel(portion) then sider and then u see the whole.

sun i saw at that time was brilliance

thisis influenced from one of the books im on. but i wrote "GOT IT" first becausei did get it and internalized it and wrote in my notebook:
so "young" soul. so we are only soul growing, so move up up up! Create this. see you cant have negative attitude because you then dread life. so..that is life. so be positive and resourceful and laive and ur soul will transcend and u are truly happy.being.alive. If not u are thwarting reality? and a young stage

so i kinda realize that the now moment gives u everything.(IS THE ENERGY!!!) in a beautiful exhilarating ah! 'ness . and each moment is like u will be GOD HEAD(or say for real when u are in now. becuase i keep on getting these-the last paragraph written right before this you become God self(or say present that in body.

all is happening now

so u have one second of opportunity.

basically use ur sensesa dn and really use them see so then u enjoy life! this is going back to the book passages from the beginning of this writing.

are u gonna be here for yourself? thats all

its so simple friend
and so on fire feeling the simple ignition of it yay!
its so simple friend. every ounce, milli second of discomfort is because you are not in line.

theres no other way to live. u cant do anything else. well you can u have free will but once u see that the other scattered does nothing for you! but to show you reality! so dont put anyeffort into it.

"doing nothing is as much a choice as doing something" from the michael book

SO rise up! and be it and all will know. push those sterotypes!

these words can be diffuted(the words in the michael book) or interpreted differently cuz words are just a tool like the body. life is more it is the etherness. BE LIKE THE BOOK. SO THEN you are the universal love.universe knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am body

be! and dont worry about nonsense!

no superior. woah

life and love universe you are the same. so enact love universe you in life is utmost ways. feel good love universe you. feel you!

think of it all as a part of love

i see my mind is here as it is

i do want to write that some of the notes i wrote way back when i started(the first notes ever written) were oh so fabulous and how could i even have known those? they just came to me and i wrote. (these are the ones i got from a higher power when i first started writing)

some of the writings now-that i really experience and write-some truly truly just still come to my mind, but the ones i experience then write about....THE newest stuff written are REALLY FABULOUSSSSS and some times i think that the stuff ive experienced before then(the stuff iveexperienced and written about but might be from say an earlier page in the notebook) might not be right on the top of the knowledge spectrum. I will also say that some of the stuff even newly written might not still be on the highest spectrum. But im highlighting that a bunch of the notes are from the highest ive been able to see.
All is happening now and the eternal now moment will keep bringing these fabulous notes to you and us and they will go beyond.

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