so if gods lawis love, compassion, generosity, kindess, etc etc then all u see is beauty.

only god-u-exists and you can then be only god energy pulsating.

you can feel the energy around you. sure in god. that thisis real. no seperation, truly is all u are, all the time.

that is becuase you think you need somthing. (go back tot he illusions..need is one of them) illusions uprooted like dirt

i was doing somethin rad and i got like an ego pulse comin in tellin me no you know or like not making me want to do it.. then i was like this is annoying you know? what i cant do it cuz its actually making me happy?

yea so in the book the new revelations god talks about 3 like things..yea so i got..generally ppl think sustainability, functionality and adaptability are great ideas. (those were the three things)

if you never lose ur cool u will see that yea nothing but realness meaning exists, love and understaning etc.

when everything we have is inside.

i wanna stay in tune all the time.

i am that peace-non judge, caring, loving, whole

would you be a peace holder? then keep trying.

it should be happy for you to dance with.

i was sayin somethin about oh ill just say whats on my mind, i know.and someone replied,"no u dont know. ur mind has been told so many things by so many ppl and for so long. you know whats tragic-feeling someone elses feelings. you know whats great? writing about being for all this time and it finally HITS and i am being. this was on may 15th or 16th 2008.

that doesnt underestimate jesus.

i am cancelling out being to take the undertow.

i am simple.

i am never disconnected (rja) to god.

just think and say that thought and be it.

god-holy spirit only wants to bring to you lightness, oh and life, joy, happniess...and so on.

this is paraphrased froma course in miracle,"the ego only wants one way yadda saying this here thats why it is so persistant. where you as a person is confused about god or ego. so just stick to god is all its saying,..."

how great is it to know that the love/heart will always be there-c even if you dont thik so.

to only think about what matters.

everybodies got the same soul. no labels.

showed me how great it is to live in the moment.

show you where that true smile comes from-restfullness. so stay rested by meditation or a peaceful life.

to show that we dont have to live in the so called way everyone talks about.(i hoep you already know that and have been conditioned to think that :)

ah so this is from like aaages ago, but i pulled it out of my notes and better document it, and i just wrote, "aw i had a total sense of peace come over me. joy-greatness.

thisis recent, "that breeze felt great. that stand and sit felt awesome. u are being. free.

anothr one, "that moment. .......floating in my mind. from sensations.

its indescribalbe, its just so much love. enought to build a house for all.

you found chemistry(with soul) and this shows how great ppl can be life can and how relationshps can be.

keep walking tho theres no place to get to. dont try to see through (thick) distances. thats not for human beings. move within, but dont move the way fear makes you move.

when you dont feel comfortable, supportive of a quality-non love-there you go.

all people are aware.

there is love in every being.

god teaches and god gives advice.

there are lots of heavens/layers upon layers up there. cant even be out into words. we can travel up there and we do.

as and is how(who you are as an extension of god

you have a constant body of knowledge to contact and constant ppl around you.

lets awaken everyone, to life as they are.

all my heart not goes to all my other sutff but to lord.

its not complicated-my soul-thats not how i made you. i mean its easy cuz thats how i want it to be.

in my last blog i mentioned that like no worry of any piece can creep into ur life. well im also saying that it could just as well be like a positive thought but it disrupts still-any variation of disrupt god dissolves. disrupts ur peace. even about somthing light. but it distracts ur peace in a way. any energy thats frazzles the edge can be any distracting thought.any amount of disdain in u is to god and ur self and others cuz yeah. and um god doesnt even notice that but i mean you want gods love instea.

he/she is not human. but workds wiht u by h.s , gudes, ppl all aroudn you. i mean god is you and all of others so i can argue that point saying that yea god is human like . but see god is working other realms ..wayss..

you should be in love with life already/entirely so it shouldbe easy to change ur heart.

life, love.......silence, essence.

i am now fully alive/awake thatnks to god.

i love all of life

i didnt get too much sleep last night ut im gonna use twhat i got as energy . just as u use ur whole body-tool as a focus point to re realization.

its all very simple. say u eat wrong food u see affects, see its like that with anything. thats why ur body is here to give utter and entire welcomed knowledge.

and the bible says be certain aboutthe good books and also theres a part on how u have faith and trust in god always, forever more.

it comes down to what are you gonna think about all the time? peaceful love about allll.."____" ---this way when you fill ur mind it extends more peace and u can do/be great urself-things to promote being or growth. urself. i trust in god always. or judge-other messeges.

they are communicating with me on a deeper level now cuz they know that i see now for real for real.

be still.

dont worry about speed. time

remember no fear in antying cuz u bring outthe love (god self) in everyone.

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Comment by K-Singh on May 20, 2008 at 8:07pm
Ok so im trying to leave a comment..
aint going too well..
jus went to see the mighty RJA in glasgow..
great show..
nice guys..
you prob dont remember me..
ronnie liking your taste in music..
check out that website, see what people said about your lyrics..
came home and already signed up on the alliance. thats dedication..
take care









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