they have officially crossed the line...and by they i mean the myspace douchebags

heres a comment from one guy called Woods

-HATERS EXIST because there are actually people out there who can distinguish REAL music, from COMPLETE, UTTER, BULLSHIT.

And to THOSE who DO have that sense, I tip my hat, and raise my drink to YOU.

Now WHAT you trend-following, nancy-boy jackoffs DONT realize; is this is just another facile attempt for corporate whores to dump their Cum-Load of shitty talent on you to get more money.

This isn't real music, this is a fucking business, and you people suck it down like you do your $5.00 frappe-latte's and cappucino's.

Say, that $89.99 MAJOR PACKAGE they're offering (Scroll up) sure sounds like a Mighty good deal for such an awesome rockin' band! Included is a "Canvas Military hat" to show off how much of a trend-following douche-bag you really are!

While you're at it you can get your cock-sucked by your boyfriend while thinking of another insignificant stupid fucking band name like "Red Jumpsuit Apparatus"

Was the name "Tattoo'd Nutsack Dingleberries" TAKEN?

am i the only that thinks that it was too much?

Alliance members, discuss further actions.

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Typical douchebag acting all tough and smart on the internet. As far as I'm concerned, every type of music is a business, like the ones he listens to, how else are they gonna support themselves? Are they just going to tour around the goddamn planet and not get paid? Heck, every penny RJA makes goes to their charity anyway. Fuckin' close-minded prick. If he knows real music, why doesn't he make hit makin' albums himself?

He must be one of those alpha-dog wannabes that think they're so high and mighty. Someone should really kick him off his high horse, literally.
I don't know the RJA' businnes because in Italy, where I live, they aren't famous: I can't find the CDs , so I also can't find the other thingh abour RJA
The whole music industry is a business thats why they get to tour and all that... but what this guy woods said is just too like to see him say that in front of my face prolly shoot him
your a real gangstah..hehehe
well that would make us both..
id do the same, or much worst..
you know. if we find comments that are this extreme we could all block the person and he'd be kicked off myspace. what its just an idea
indeed, thanks :D
That truthfully made me laugh a little bit. Some people try so hard to be creative. I really wish I could have a conversation with him. However, I've been doing well in not messaging each and every insignificant, internet pansy I see hating on the guys. But the second I see personal attacks on any member of the band, I will not be able to remain so calm.

Anyways, like Ronnie said, those are the haters who have always hated their band, hate their band now and will continue to hate them. But he doesn't give a fuck, as long as he's making the music he and the band are happy with.
I agree with Woods completely!
NOT. I honestly think guys like this simply post to get attention from people like us (in this case it's working). But honestly. Who would take the time out of their day to post on a "horrible" band's website about how "horrible" they are UNLESS they want to invoke rage from us and inevitably get some attention for their comment? It's happened since preschool... remember that little dumbass kid that used to call people "stupid" and "idiot" when you were a kid? They don't know what the hell they're talking about, but they know it causes you to get upset, the teachers to get flustered, and all in all they get more attention than any of the other kids. Sound familiar? :)
You can tell Woods to go suck on some Woods, just for me ;].
OH my God, do you realize how much effort went in to him writing that?
If he hates them Oh So Much, what the hell is he doing wasting so much of his time?
He obviously has NO idea WHO he is talking about.
Notice how everything he said is a complete opposite of the truth.
I really would like to hear some of this "real" music.
Like King said, how else are they supposed to do it if they don't make money?
Don't you find the part about it being to get OUR MONEY funny Vince? you know I do.
I think Nick is right, but Every line of this pisses me off so much it's not even funny.
It upsets me that there's people that can put such an effort into being a hater.
i would really love to meet this guy in a dark alley and a good piece of old rusty iron. he wants attention? i'll give him some..... anybody else would like to join me?
there are always going to be haters in the world.....they are jelous!! anyone who could actually take the time and the effort to write something like that, obviously is jelous and way invious. people who hate like that on someones band or a person for that matter only makes the band and people stronger.

the person who wrote that has some serious issues with themselves (they should take a course on psychology....the me, the id and the I). they/he/she is lacking somethng in their own pathetic existence that need to attack someone makes them feel powerful, like they have some kind of upper hand. I would be willing to bet 5.00 bucks that this person who wrote that wishes he/she/they were in a band themselves and had half the fan base that rja has. someone with NO LIFE!! someone who even if they tried, could never be as big, great and awesome as rja.

vince, i love the part you wrote about was "Tattoo'd Nutsack Dingleberries" taken.....that was halarious man!!
u da man vince. :D
yea that dudes just jealous......i have a video of ronnie at a q and a and some fag was like "ronnie is a fag" and cursing ... so i blocked him deleted the comment and sent him a nice little message =) i hate people









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