Random question: How many bones have you broken and what was the worst?

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I have broken 5 bones ant the worst was the tip of my right ring finger. I smashed it by hiting a peice of wood against a tree and it broke and swung around the tree and smashed the tip of my finger. The x-rays came back that I had shatterd the entire tip of my finger. OUCH!!! And the one that hurt just as bad was when my friends and I were messing around in a shopping cart pushing each other up a small jump into the dirt. About the third time that I had gone my left pinky finger got cought in the buggy and broke... now I can bend my finger directly to the side.
wow creepie XD srry but pain is funny to me..i broke one bone, my right arm it hurt like hell but i was only like 4 xxxD it took so long long to get to the docs i stoped screeming,,,i can still feel the pain O.o
i've broken my thumb..!it's totally crushed..the fuckin gate crushed it.!now its so ugly i cant show it to anyone..!but i can still use it for writing tho..btw,,that happened when i was only 5yrs old..!>:D
That sounds painful, Jay. My daughter broke her pinkie catching a football and had a cast all the way up to her armpit. lol

Me? I've broke alot of bones. I'm like the poster child for getting hurt. I broke my leg when I was 3. I fell in a ditch playing cops and robbers and a fat kid fell on me. lol I broke both lower bones in my right arm in a car accident when I was 13. That accident also cause my worst break..I broke my neck in 5 places. True story. It cracked both front and back of both c-1 and c-2 and I broke the odontoid process on c-2. It snapped and went partially into my spinal cord leaving me paralyzed on my left side temporarily. Doctors always told me how lucky I was. Breaking your neck like that is what happens when you hang someone - except it goes all the way through the spinal cord and kills them. Then...to top it off, I broke my neck again just a couple weeks after getting out of my body cast. C-5 & C-6 that time. Doc said my neck muscles were just too weak to hold my neck at that point. Hmmm... Last bone I broke was my knee/leg. I took a football tackle to the side of my knee in a moshpit and it tore both lateral tendons, ripped my meniscus, and cracked the tibial plateau.
Hopefully I have ended the broken bone era of my life. hahaha Who knows? I am getting old. I guess I'm due for a broken hip soon. LOL
my ankle is MeSsED uPP from seeing the band "Live" recently. you knowo them right they had songs in the 90s, lolll. new ones too throughout the years. i went to a show of theirs recently and my ankle is uffed up stillllll l l l l o man its nuts man. its like uffed. ha ha ha
hmm most recently I broke my ring finger. But lets go down the list of my broken bones ok ready?
I broke my ankle and fractured my right ankle
I broke all my toes
I fractured my knee
and my left knee has athritis
I have officially now broken all of my fingers.
broke my wrist(left) and my elbow(right)
I broke my nose

Yes, dance is a lovely sport, along with karate, and cheerleading. That's how you get the best injuries.
Lemme see.
Broke my left hand biking
Broke my right hand and 3 fingers kick boxing
Fractured my knee doing wushu
Broke 2 of the fingers on my left hand during a kick boxing match
And twisted my ankle while running.

I'd say the worse was the right hand and 3 fingers part. I had a hard time doing stuff since I'm right handed.



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