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At 1:32pm on January 12, 2011, Lironster [RJA♥] said…

Hey..!!! how is school going? yeah..u too! :)

thank you, my friend! love you.. -_-

lol, maybe..someday we'll meet :P


At 8:57am on January 6, 2011, Lironster [RJA♥] said…

LANII :) well, i'm glad you like facebook, it's not my thing, i dunno, i like twitter better :P

how're u?


love u too, friend! :D


At 12:58pm on December 16, 2010, Lironster [RJA♥] said…

hii Lani! i'm good what about you?

yeah, it's xmas..enjoy your vacation & the gifts :P

well, tbh i don't have facebook, lol. i don't like it..i'm just on twitter :)

take care,


At 4:36am on December 16, 2010, Lani Felimer said…

hey!!! i love ronnie's hair!!!

At 2:37pm on March 18, 2010, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
Hey Lani!!! how're you girl??? ahhhh...i'm done with school and now i'm in the army, since july 2009 ya know, yeah two years in that shit, aw i'm in the navy. though it sucks. today I was judged cuz we had some cleaning to do in our room 2 weeks ago and when they came to check it none of us was there :\ hmm...and I didn't get any serious punishment. he just warned me. cuz he knows i'm a good soldier and never cause problems. but stilll. god I cried in the entire judgment. anyways... I'm just so sick of it.'s school? life.. everything.

take care! xoxo <3
At 1:05pm on October 12, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
i'm glad. same here. miss u too!!!!! take care too :):) awwww my friend...:)
yeah..i'm trying to smile a lot..though most of the time I find myself in the need to cry a lot. my life's a mess atm. that army is ruining my life.

thank you for being so nice too:):) love youuuuu <333 :-*
At 4:01pm on October 5, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
Hey Lani! how're you my friend? :)
At 7:41am on June 16, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
hey dear!!!! well, not much, just final exams. now I only have one exam left. what about you? i don't sepnd that much time here too=\

how's school things going? hope that good.

i'm okay...nervous with the exam. schoool's over. :)
and you?

take care and good luck!!! :) xoxo <3
At 8:09am on April 28, 2009, Leanne said…
hi...just got online...
ive been there...
it was so fun...
there will be another one...
hope you'll be there..
see you then..
At 6:18pm on April 27, 2009, Ysabel Francesca said…
Hi again Ate Lani! It's ok, matagal din akong nawala eh. ;)

Tama pala ako? Hahaha! Akala ko batchmates tayo. Transferee ka pala, akala ko freshman din tulad ko. :)) malayo ka ba sa Mapua? Or sa school ka mismo napapagod? As of now, Pastry and Bakery Arts sana ang course ko, baka sa ISCAHM. Kaso next year pa ako mag-aaral. :(

Your twin sis told me na pupunta daw kayo sa province. Nakakainggit naman. Haha! Take care and enjoy your trip. :)

TC rin, my fellow RJA-loving friend! <3
At 12:24pm on April 26, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
hey, no problem. :D
take care xoxo

much love to you, my friend :]
At 12:23pm on April 21, 2009, Leanne said…
i'm about you?
At 12:18pm on April 21, 2009, Ysabel Francesca said…
Wow, congratulations! :D That's a nice course! I considered that course before... :)

I didn't know we were batchmates pala! I thought you were one year ahead of me kasi. I don't know why. Hehe. When did you graduate? :)

Yes, I met them once coz I was able to buy their CD. Though I wasn't able to have a photo op with them. :( Aww, sayang! Why not? Well, sana bumalik sila dito! :)

You take care as well and may God bless you too! :)
At 5:14am on April 21, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
anytime. and thank you my friend <3 you too! xoxo
yes, just stay the way you are. i'll always be your friend too. :]
Love ya Lani, my friend :D
At 10:12am on April 20, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
btw, thanks for what you commented on my blog. love you too!<333
At 1:21pm on April 18, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
i'm good :] yeeeey! i'm so happy for you! yesssssss! I knew you can do it :D
what about yous sis?

awwwe, thanks you! I promise i'll stay the Liorni you know :)
Godbless! don't ever change my friend.

hey, that's sound awesome! so..have lots of fun! :), Home Sweet Home :]
At 9:25am on April 14, 2009, Ysabel Francesca said…
Hello. :D
At 6:22am on April 14, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
Hey! yeah, you did :). yessssss! you're very sweet! hehe thanks:]

awwww..good luck, iv'e heard about it from your sister. :D
i'm okay, thanks.

take careeeee...stay sweet :)
At 5:46am on April 13, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
anytime :] problem with what? yeah I know. it's just a way to make me a stronger person. thank you girl, that's so sweet of you! i'm always here for you too! and that damn distance doesn't matter at all. my friend :)

take care..godbless you too. thanks for everything you said. it really made me feel much better :]

Love you, my friend <333
At 3:21am on April 7, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
Hey Lani, oh yes dear, it's been a while.
i'm glad you had fun in your visit ^^

be safe too and god bless you <3, it's kinda hard to smile sometimes, and i'm not sure about the "god loves you" thing :\ you too should always smile <3

love ya...








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