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My Poems--- What Do You Think?--- Which is/are your favorites?
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About Me:
I love music it calms me down, I love running, rockclimbing, skateboarding, etc. I love doing things that get the blood pumping.
RJA is my favorite band, I can compare most of there songs to my own life.
Running is a very VERY big part of my life... I have been running since the 7th grade my best time for 3.1 miles is 18minuts flat. I was 7th in the state of South Caralina for cross country, and 3rd for track in the 4/800 meter relay, 1mile, and the 2mile.

I also love to write poems... but I can only write LOVE poems I dont know why. But when I write the words are my true fellings.

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At 4:06pm on January 8, 2011, alicia[<3]tm said…
Omgosh I miss u!:D u should txt me!
At 7:25pm on November 5, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
thanks for making one, wow it's been a long time.... well to sum things up I'm a cutter again, mom thinks carlos has been lying to me... cuz he said he got a cut leg... but really we did something... but yeah, please go on fb more!!!!
lugz ya big brother </3
At 3:13pm on August 22, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
Jay, I'm going through a really hard time in my life right now... I'm on FB if you can please drop me a line... Just look for Lauren Pundt. Love ya.
At 3:39pm on July 15, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
lol :)
well I hope things go well for her!
My dad is meeting Carlos.... I think I should be worried but I'm not... Carlos has wanted to meet my dad for some time, but he's been away. And now that he's back Carlos can't wait to see him lol ^_^
Are they getting married? -.O and how old is her bf?
At 1:49pm on July 2, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
:) yes I know only time will tell but Carlos dosen't like time very much ^_^
And hey, you may have found the one also!
I can already tell that dad isn't really going to like Carlos... He really likes to hold me and I love for him to hold me, thing is, mom dosen't even like us holding hands... It really sucks... Carlos is the type of guy that really needs all the touch... But mom hates that... I'm not sure what to do...
At 11:27am on July 2, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
:) thats so sweet.
The man I left my ex for is really thinking about marrage ^_^
We've only known each other for about six months.... We also see eye to eye, Carlos and me. Carlos's family isn't very well set off so mom dosen't really like the thought me of me and Carlos going out... But he's saying that if we're still together in a few months then he's going to ask, lol, I only have to wait a few months :)

we're already making plains xp
At 3:21pm on June 24, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Safety-Word-Orange/27375470504 Hay that just a REALLY KICK ASS band I met and I'd really like it if you would "Like" them on facebook!!!
At 11:56am on June 24, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
It's ok now... Cuz if I hadn't left this one guy then I would have never seen my love for Carlos, he want's to marry me... And he's going to be a grate dad one day :) we see eye to eye in pretty much everything ^^
is everything going good for you?
At 1:07pm on June 16, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
I am so... cuz I always fall for guys that I can't have...
and theres alot about carlos thats like me, wich worrys me :/
At 1:40pm on June 10, 2010, alicia[<3]tm said…
aww.. thats nice. im like having a bad life right now...i hate it...it just sucks right now im always crying each day now. :/

My Peoms

Journey To Your Heart

Your eyes I see
So deep they are
Deep into you soul
Youl soul tells alot
Alot about who you are
Who you are I want to know
To know if I can get the key
The key to your heart
To your heart I long to be
To be with you
With you I'm whole

The Real Key

I lay out on my back watching the stars.
The stars you watch now.
Now I can feel your presents.
Your presents laying next to me.
Next to me in the comfort.
The comfort of my caring arms.
Caring arms that let you know.
Know that im there.
There with you.
With you where ever you are.
You are in care.
In care of my gental heart.
My gental heart I want you to know.
To know you can trust me.
Trust me with the beauty.
The beauty of your heart and soul.
Your heart and soul no longer need a wall.
Awall of pain of being hurt.
Hurt by the one's not true.
Not true to you.
You I pray are the one.
The one with the real key.
The real key to my heart.

My All

My kisses I lay upon your lips.
My hugs I wrap upon your body.
My words I put upon your heart.
All are true from the heart.
All are to the one I love most.
All are to you my love.

When I Think of You

I cant think straight
Because I want to kiss you
I can not sleep
Because I want to hold you

When I should be thinking of work
I think of you
When I try to read
All I can think about is you

I find myself wanting to kiss you
Wanting to hold you
Wanting to comfort you
And wanting to see you smile

I want to see you happy
I want to see you sad
I want to see you over-joyed
I want to see you mad

I think about you night and day
I want to see you smile when I say
I'm here to stay.

Your True Beauty

Your lips, your eyes, your soul are like a work of art. The most creative thing of all is your beautiful heart. If you were a painting, no colors could express the beauty deep inside you, a rainbow, nothing less. If you were a Sculpture, the clay could hardly make your figure of an angel without one mistake. If you were a euphony no chior could sing all the beautiful music your eyes could possible bring. So here I am, an artist with inspiration beyond belief, but to capture such beauty, I'd have to be a theif.

Past, Present, Future

Yesterday I was alone.
Alone and hurt.
Hurt by a thief.
A thief that broke my heart.
My heart filled of love.
Love rarely found.
Found looking for another.
Another with the same love.
Love that I found today.
Today my heart felt a spark.
A spark of happyness.
Happyness that started to heal.
Heal the hole in my heart.
the hole I know will fully recover.
Recover by tommorow because of you.
You are the one, my love.

We'll Be Together

When you feel empty.
Keep me in your mind.
And leave out all the rest.
For our wait is not that far.
Your tears will be washed away by my heart.
For there is no reason to cry.
Because I am here.
Here for you, my Angel.
The Angel that has touched me.
My heart no longer hurts.

For You

Lives are for living,
I live for you.
Dreams are for dreaming,
I dream for you.
Hearts are for beating,
mine beats for you.
Angels are for keeping,
can I keep you.

I Will

I will hold you when you cry.
Make you smile with just my eyes.
I will share my hopes, dreams, and fears.
Wipe away all your tears and love you without regret.

I Love

I love to dream
I love to think
Because it lets me see you
Makes me feel like your next to me
I love to see
See your beauty, it makes me smile
I love to feel
Feel you next to me, it makes me feel loved
I love to love
Love to love you, for now and forever.

You Are The One

You are the one
The one from my dreams
My dreams of real love
Real love I have been waiting for
Waiting for you
You have my heart
My heart feels your heart loving me
Loving me I'm glad you do
You do love me I know
I know we'll be together
Together for now and ever
For now and ever I am there
I am there if you need me.


My heart wants to explode
Explode with the love
The love I have for you
My love I can't explain
Explain with any words
Words aren't enough
Enough is being with you
With you forever
Forever I will make you happy.

Deep Inside

I may not get to see you as often as I like.
I may not get to hold you in my arms all through the night.
But deep inside my heart I truly know, you're the one for me, and I cant let you go.


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PR : Mike@EarShotMedia.com

Booking : Jordan@ArteryGlobal.com


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