People that totally ruin the meaning of RJA Your Guardian Angel

I have an ex friend, who has this song with her boy. She is just using him, and she is a worthlesss person. She backstabs me, and I know the secrets she could never tell, and I've never told anyone, if I tell her anything it's all over the school by the next day.

That's what I hate.

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I hate that too. When people who turned out to be your friend stab you right in the back. At least you know the true meaning and importance of this song:)
well sarah that really is somethin to be pissed about. people like that really should keep their mouth shut. I think you should out her for all her secrets. why not she does it to you

thumbs up.

yeah i know what you mean, but if i ever get told that some1 is using it with there gf/ bf i abuse the shit out of them.

but i cant really talk my best friend and i were almost dating and we both love the song (im gay)
i cried when i was told it was played at his funeral
i understand that you may not have wanted to be at his funeral, but why wheren't you there?
i fully know what you mean. it happened to me. you know what i did?
I made the girl so afrade of me that she will never tell a soul.

I feel you sis'. I had a friend EXACTLY like that.









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