so i wanna use this group for what it was created for and just rant. :D

i am so fucking sick of life to date!

my friend from school is 2 months pregnant, and shes a dramatic, whiny little bitch, who is using her hormones as an excuse go off on everybody, so i told her to "grow the fuck up" the other night... lol, btw, just so yall know it takes a lot to get me to a point where im angry enough to tell someone to grow the fuck up... anyways, she said its not her fault that shes so hormonal and it took all of my will power to stop myself from going nuts on her... last time i checked... she didnt get raped, so it was her choice.. nobody made her keep the pregnancy... so yea... it is her fault, imho. also, when you know im in a bad mood and stressed out, you would think it'd be wise to leave me alone til i feel better... and don't get me wrong, if im in a bad enough mood that i want to be left alone, i will tell you. and yes, i told her... did she leave me alone... no. she bugged me for like a week straight after i told her to leave me alone, multiple times. so the fact that shes terrified of me right now might be a really good thing.
and today i wanna slug my ex... he decided to come back just as things were starting to settle down with my life, and stirred things up... but im not gonna go off on him, coz that'll be letting him win. and frankly, i took the blame for most of the shit that happened while we were dating.
im currently in the early childhood education program at my college ... and i was on placement in a daycare for the past 4 weeks and it ended on friday... i was expecting to be ok with it, but evidently i wasnt.. ended up coming home and later that night i simply broke down into tears and i really couldnt stop... >.>
im stressed about what its gonna be like when we all get back to school after march break... lol, one of the big things i was looking forward to when placement started was, i wouldnt have to put up with any of the bullshit drama either... coz college is just like high school... full of immature people who have nothing better to do then start shit and make like even more stressful than it already is... frankly, i havent got a fucking clue who said what right now... coz the day i stepped into the door of my new placement, i let everything go.... kinda like starting a new chapter.
i have another friend at school... we'll call her fred [yes i know fred isnt a girls name, but idfc] well fred has been one of the people ive been friends with since i started going to school there... and then she ended up living with us for a few weeks... and then she got a boyfriend .... and she ended up spending every night there which 1) made me feel like shit, 2) made me angry, so i ended up packing up all of her stuff [which was a lot] and left it downstairs.... sent a text to her phone and said "tomorrow come get your shit or its going to goodwill" ... lol that was fun. :D
oh and on top of that i cant stand her bf [now fiance (they got engaged after they were dating 1.5 months] i find him ridiculously annoying, but im tolerating him for her happiness.
and thenn. like two months ago, i was in my very first car accident. and it was scary as hell. i cried. and then i cried some more. and just thinking about it makes me want to cry again. i walked away with TWO pieces of glass in my finger, and moderate whiplash. THAT IS ALL. i am fucking lucky. but i think the psychological strain of it all was the worst... but yea... fred and her bf were there not even 5 minutes after it happened... by the grace of God i believe... they ended up staying with me the entire night... they stayed with me while the police were at my house [the accident was right down the street from my house... another miracle] and then they took me to the hospital and stayed with me... we were there for like two hours. then i came home and cried. >.>
and thenn. i believe it was just earlier this month... i had to ride in the same car i was riding in when the accident happened and the same seat too... i thought i was over it, but i really wasnt. we got out of the driveway, and i just sobbed even more. =[

uhh. anyway. i think thats everything i got right now.
im sure ill find more stuff once we get back to school. <3

~ xo.

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hahaha ok i found something to add

so the guy i was talking about up there ^
i was dating him for 11 months.. apparently he didnt feel the need to tell me we were broken up for TWO MONTHS!!!
lol. that angers me.
like two months after the supposed breakup, he decided it would be nice to finally tell me...
and on top of that... YESTERDAYY. he figured out that HE is the one who is to blame for my hurting right now... i swear i don't know how i was so in love with someone so dumb.
ahaha. and i wondered why i have so many trust issues.
hay,,every day some thing go's bad in ppl's lives but it's HOW we hadle them,,some times we blow up and outher times we see the big pic,,and just saying if she did not keep the baby full term,,well thats called murder. think bout it your chouseing to kill an unborn child that is what it is!!!!!! well life is life and ppl will do stuipid things <=/









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