some days i just wanna hit some people. like when ur at a store and someone steps right in front of you as ur walkin down an isle. or when someone is bein absolutely annoying after u asked them to stop doin somethin cause its gettin on your nerves. like yesterday i was playin guitar hero metallica and someone was standin right behind me and i asked them not to. but they kept on doin it. i wanted to hit them so bad but i kept my cool and justy told them that if they didn't stop i was gonna make them stop. feel free to comment on this!

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ok dude wtf? this is NOT what the alliance is for...... i know you just wanted to express your opinions, but seriously, both of you, you should have better sense than that. call me names bitch at me whatever. you're just both showing your sense of maturity by being little bitches and fighting.

for one i was just expressing my opinion. mr. v up there just decided that he was gonna start an arguement because he's immature and thinks that no one else is entitled to there opinion but him
ok, i understand that, hence me stating in my previous comment....."i know you just wanted to express your opinions"..... but in all honesty, i am not berating you for your opinions....but this would've been better suited as a blog. and like i said....bitch at me, idc....
whenever i feel this way... i just shut up... call me coward or something but i just couldn't make me hit or just shout at them... if i do, it would just make me like them... pathetic that is...
lol well sounds like you did the right thing?
I think we all have those days. Admit it or not. I'm glad you kept your cool and didn't slug them upside the head or anything. I think you should try thinking the world is not out to piss you off and your day might go smoother. That person in the store might have needed to get to the Kaopectate aisle in a hurry, or had to rush home and cook dinner so her abusive husband won't beat the sh*t out of her. We don't know everyone's story. Maybe that person standing behind you during Guitar Hero was blown away with your performance and couldn't help themselves. Alot of ADHD people love Guitar Hero and being as 'Compulsativity' is something they have a hard time with...maybe they just couldn't help themselves and kept wondering back behind you in the excitement of it all.

When I have these days I just keep repeating Karma~Karma~Karma. Kinda the what goes around comes around approach. You know...maybe that assh*le on the motorcycle that just cut me off will hit a tree on his way home. No one else hurt but him. Like they say...

Karma is a bitch.
In the guitar hero thing.
Just fart
That will get them out from behind you!!
Damn right dude! I hate ppl like that! I wanna KICK their ASS!
whats up people i haven't been on in a while so i figured i'd tell everybody whats up









PR :

Booking :


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