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At 6:16am on January 01, 2011, Kimberly Braulio gave Gottobesomebody a gift
happy new year . (:
At 4:52pm on April 19, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
hay there.....
At 8:54am on April 12, 2010, kimmy said…
THAT'S NO EXCUSE!!!! so long as you stay inside on warm nights you won't get bitten. they only come out from about 8 til 10pm in spring and summer. where i live we usually only get daddy long legs and they're completely harmless. spiders generally stay out of you way. don't be such a wuss! i hate spiders and mozzies too. mozzies absolutely love me :(
there's nothing to worry about. except maybe drop bears ;P
At 6:18pm on April 8, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
one word, mom.
i cant really tell you about it, but yeah -.- anyway hows your life going?
At 11:18pm on April 7, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
-.- life sucks dont it?
At 10:59pm on April 6, 2010, kimmy said…
you should so come!!! you'd love it!!! if you come in summer you might appreciate winter more ;D i guess i like winter, because i like to be rugged up and not start sweating the second i get out of the shower!!!
anyway, i'm looking forward to some good quality snow ^_^
oh, damn! that really sucks :( what year are you in?
At 4:25pm on April 5, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
lol ^^
not fully back yet, but give me like two more days and i'll be fully back XD lol, take care!! lugz ya byes ^^
At 6:02pm on April 4, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
lol some here :p
i'm not going to be online for about two or three more days (-.-) but i dont mind if you put anything on my page ^^
aaaannd about the only "new" thing with me is i got a new dog and i forgot what i was going to say ^^ lugz ya byes
At 3:20am on April 4, 2010, kimmy said…
sucks to be them :)
ha! no! of course we get snow in Australia! just up on the mountains. very rearely does it snow...well, not on the mountains. our snow sucks! it's all slushy :(
i only went to the snow once when i was a kid, cause i used to have asthma and mum was a worry wart >:(
the other time i went it was when it snowed further down the mountains and dad drove me up there...last year, i think.
the Ukraine's gonna be so much fun. i'm friends with a Ukrainian girl on facebook ^_^
well, not much really. on holidays and not enjoying my holiday homework T_T
i'm so glad this is my last year!
how 'bout you?
At 5:13am on April 3, 2010, kimmy said…
haha! well, because i'm so over summer!!!!! i hate hot weather!!!! i'm more of a winter person. plus i've only ever been in snow twice, so i guess it would be fun... for a while ^_^ also, i've always wanted to have a white Christmas.
i can't wait 'til me and my parents move to the Ukraine. it's gonna be awesome!!!!!
At 5:58pm on April 2, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
it's going how are you?
At 10:47pm on March 9, 2010, kimmy said…
you can have summer. i want winter already!!!!
i'm much more suited for winter. i have skin as white as an albino's... well, almost. so i don't look so Vitamin D deficient in winter :D
anyway, i just moved house and i FINALLY got the internet working today, so now i'm super happy ^_^
how are you?
At 11:04am on February 21, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
lol thanks ^^ and if the even thought i was flirting with you, they'd have "one more reason to kick lulu" -.- jeez i have no clue why there doing this to me!!!
At 9:48am on February 21, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
hhaaaaaaaaaaaay how are ya?
people in chat are having probmles with me..saying that i'm flirting..BUT I'M NOT!!!!!
i cant believe it..i was the person to bring two people here, maybe i could have brought more but now i just dont want them to go thru what i am going thru...jeeeez sorry to be complaining to you..i just dont have anywhere to trun...lugz ya byes <~3
At 6:28am on February 20, 2010, kimmy said…
nice. she has good looking hands...well, a good looking hand :D
anyway, i hope you're feeling better. everone seems to be getting sick. colds have been going 'round my school... and it's the middle of summer!!!
thanks for the ribbon ^_^
At 3:31pm on February 11, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
right now it's 3:30
At 3:00pm on February 11, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
sick puppies..but not the orther thanks ^^ ohhhh can you chat now?
At 2:37pm on February 11, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
YES YES THAT BAND!!!!! lol i cant anything x] =[ camping can be fun, but i need my laptop >=D lol XD
At 2:16pm on February 11, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
lol thanks ^^ and i forgot you were in sweden 0.o ooohhhh do you know of a band called rasums i think,,either that or rusam something like that x.x yeah we got alot of snow xD if all the snow hadn't melted it would up to my knee XD i'm starting to really hate snow -.- lol, are you doing alright now? are you over your sickness? i hope so =[ my ribs where hruting really badly the other day, cuz i was sleeping in the living room, so i brought my mattress in and now i'm fine XD ohhh and music world in a store were i can get stuff like guitars ^^ it was really big lol ^^ lugz ya byes ^^
At 6:32pm on February 10, 2010, Lulu(is lost in her head) said…
lol...well i hope you get better ^^
i'm fine, just really cold..-.-...and reallllyyyyy need to get a life!!! OHHHHH AND!!!!!! i when to this place called "Music World" IT WAS SOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!! i shall now go live there <333
lugz ya byes lol ^^








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