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At 12:52am on February 1, 2009, Jamie said…
how r u my king?
At 3:38pm on January 31, 2009, kanela said…
hope you're having fun at the party today nickkkkkk!!!!!! think of the poor souls, aka yours truly, and liron!!

much love,
-kanela <3333
At 1:49am on January 31, 2009, kimmy said…
Crickey!!!! Is it just me or do you look like Moose from step up2
At 1:57pm on January 30, 2009, kanela said…
hey hey, it's ok that you didn't write back hun :)
you think the people in your country are bad, people here are wannabe gangsters, and it really annoys me. my friend once decided to dress with his pants off his ass, so i decided to pull it down in public, since then, he's always worn a belt lolll:)
NO SPICE GIRLS!!!!!! Linkin Park rescued me from the 90's, thank God:) my sister would've brainwashed me with her Backstreet Boys obsession!
Have fun at the party tomorrow hun :) haha i would love to go with you, buttttt.....i'm stuck here :(

kanela :D
At 11:15am on January 30, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
"Days go by like the wind
And this life is too short
It makes no sense to give in
To release you from my thoughts.."

Lironster ;D
At 8:56am on January 30, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
Nicksterrrrrrrrrrrr =[.
I hate this week!

love you too <3333
At 7:38am on January 30, 2009, Punkin' said…
I love staci too. It was so funny I was like "Staci come take a picture with me" and she was all like "yaa lets do it"
and then it looks like im suffocating her. Hahaha =)

good times good times.
At 1:31am on January 30, 2009, JhEi-ZeE said…
WoW ! WhAt'S tHE NAmE OF UR BanD??
At 6:54pm on January 29, 2009, Stephanie said…
where are ya boy?
oh, thanks for saying something to that kid about the nonsense discussions.
it's really weird, there's a new member like every minute these past couple of days. some of them are saying some pretty stupid stuff.
Oh man, I felt bad that there were so many negative things about Lonely Road on here, more than I realized, and then Ronnie had to see them last night. It's like, for crying out loud, it's their freaking website, myspace is one thing, but being negative on here, seriously? get a life. I was upset.
At 3:20pm on January 29, 2009, Marie said…
All of us are amazingly awesome.

God iS what is goin Onn.

At 2:56pm on January 29, 2009, kanela said…
hey :) i think you forgot about me again.....but no worries :) i hope you are ok.

<3 kanela
At 10:22am on January 29, 2009, Jamie said…
OMG? NUMBEr 2? no,, i think we should be both number 1 hahaha! or just me! OOPS! okay fine, your the first fan. i dont want that DEATh OF EXCOMMUNICATION with Rja. LOL :))
At 10:20am on January 29, 2009, Jamie said…
I think everyone should know our rules my king BWAHAhAhHA! :)
At 10:11am on January 29, 2009, Jamie said…
WE RULE!! haha.

HEllo MY KING. hows ur day?
At 9:56am on January 29, 2009, Jamie said…
hi nick, just passing by to say hi :))
At 6:52am on January 29, 2009, ralin said…
any plans on doing an illustrated novel?
join force with some artist here in the alliance...
you write the story then let them illustrate...

vince is a good artist..hehehe
At 11:45pm on January 28, 2009, Ronnie Winter-Defoe said…
thanx for supporting our new music brotha, you rock!
At 3:50pm on January 28, 2009, Stephanie said…
Well I'm feeling better today, definitely still sick, but at least I don't feel like I'm dying anymore.
I'm just really hoping I get better fast, my sister's birthday is Saturday and we have plans to go to Indy.
Oh and I've been intentionally not getting on here because if I laugh I start coughing, and that's not fun. lol.
At 3:28pm on January 28, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
lol already checked it :D.
check out your mailXD
At 7:22am on January 28, 2009, Lironster [RJA♥] said…
Nicksterrrrrrrr <33333 my fav BOY! :D.
I miss you all the time :O, even when we talk XD.
it's okay, school is making me busy too hehe, it's very sad.
what you been doing?
i'm funny? thanks hun! that's so nice..=] you are also funny! :).
Mac is amazing! my laptop freaks me out :\.
umm well tomorrow I have English exam, friday..Math
and yesterday was my History exam, and it went horrible :[.
I HATE HISTORY! :(. I just can't remember it! next week I have my final exam in History..omg i'm scared. and the day after
we have a school trip for 3 days! yey i'm so exited :).
we'll sleep in tents and i'll ride a camel lol ^^
buut i'll miss ya a lot <3, I won't hear from you for 2 days. maybe i'll have the chance to write to you when i'll come back from the trip =]. what about you? how's things?
hehe of course you know why you were thinking about me :P.
cuuuz it's me..YOUR Lironster :D.
I love your sounds awesome..RJA all day ♥
lol you may piss off ppl, but I know that you are the most sweet person ever and you are MY GUARDIAN ANGEL!

don't get in trouble hun, sleep early! I love your DAD haha..well I love your parents. I should meet them lol.
so am I! I go to sleep late, then I can't wake up XD.

I promised that i'll be a good girl just for you =], but i'm still kinda naughty! you know..monkey stuff hehe.
I hope your okay too! keep thinking about Lironsterrrrrr :D.
your comments are always special! I love them all!! <3333










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