i love it when all you see/feel..know is soul.

here it is-love and cherish your body.

we have god to brighten and live in us.-breathe us the air we must filter thru to awaken and brighten.

we step, step with rythms. in between mixes we mix, mix to show the in between.(lol there is so a story behind that one)..

when you stand you stand for something meaningful.

i can see the spark in ppls eyes.

i love when ur at a place when the tru colors of ppl come out.

u are IT. because ur soul moves on and you keep all ur qualities-ur soul. u are here for a reason.

this is all you are now.

ha open up the channel of love.

"individualization of divinity that is manifesting as you right here, right now.

break in days. this is put on this blog a few after the above:

Um yeah so today i just picked up on a bunch of ppls thoughts just thru like our given psychic intuition. we all have it i just used it, i was at work and just wrote on a notebook like when i got stuff. lol i got a lot . i didnt write it all here cuz yeah but i wrote some other stuff that i got from higher sources on this same notebook:

support their energy

be shining.

which way do you stand? up or out?

cancel ur tendencies(well yea i could have told you this.ppl tent to do just whats been written in the plain ol books.

ppl are above and jubilant. will you be with them>?

basic necessities are met. now branch out!

you should definitely sing with ur soul.

we all are significant embodiment of god.

quality driven impressions!

change ur time module. this is it, ther really is no time....

speak with sinceriy .well yea i hope so.lol

dont stick up for ur sikness. well i could put it lighter...

nonfaltering ways

if you just live-with love and bring out the love in them then you bring out their true ness, you bring it out, its fantastic.

if ppl get rid of the gobbly gook/junk lol(or even the term good) and just be themselves----there is peace. we all know we are playing it safe.

imagine if we all had interways of guides and god..etc working with us at the SAMe time ..even most of the time. all the time :) we would be over and above any love ever. we would be so happy cuz we would be so brilliant and we could work so much and accomplish 10 mill times more what we ever though possible.

dont stand up for sadness, stand up for yourself.

.....then there would be no such thing as suffering no conflict. everyone would help out everyone. else and there would be no lesser ppl, species, genre..etc.

ok so we all have intuition and yea i use it and yea you use it, so say it! lol but yeah we all use it but i mean today i had my first psychic intuition at 5:30 am. see i never even like thought of psychicness like hardcore style until today.. im sure i get a ton like evry day. so i got that then i went to work then yeah sometime during the work day i got my notebook and just started writing cz i get messages from the higher sources then i started reading ppl! lol! the info just came to me. so yeah i got a lot of those and i didnt write them here, they were just stuff you know. so yeah

Oh so the other day i glanced at a bible i have. just to let you know i havent read the bible all the way thru and i dont really source it often, like i know stories cuz i learned it when i was younger and i knoooow for a fact im living like the way the bible says sometimes(other times i dont agree iwth the bible....but yeah ....so i dont really read it really. but i support it, yay! but i did the other night. and i read it and then a time later i got an interpretation OF THE BIBLE PASSAGE I READ---in my mind about how to live it now here. like it was an interpretation that wherever you go, you say are in the library, you become you know an active person in the library, you stay with the library, live entirely there. then you leave. then say you go on the bus you live entirely there and each place you do the same. its great.

Ohhhh and the biggy. im trying to document my hugest and most incredible breakthrough of all time. im trying to think about how tosay it exactly right. see i had a breakthru of all breakthrus its pretty much changed my life forever but here i am and its me baby. a breakthru in real time(tech. terms)... a view of how to live.if i could explain it i guess its meshing body and soul. i seriously dont have enough time right now to explain it lol. but its ser the way i live now- its real. i will explain it to the best of my ability at a later time.

heres some of an explanation PIECES PIECES PIECES OF IT, but what the groundwork is, is what starts it:

see to be given the opportunity to have this body and work with the lord as his vessel to work together and create this magnificant interlude of interaction.write, think, feel.(plus actions..all the abov lol). working as a team(thats one word you can use). interworkings web....lol this was when i was trying to explain my breakthrough in another notebook of mine*and i wrote Holy Shit. cuz thats what i was thinking. then i laughed. yeah it is holy.. ha! but going on, all you see is soul and great great all encompassing all of everyone . that love emanates like you said you can read ppl(lol this was written before my reading stint at work). and just to fill you in this is a mild description. this was written a few days ago and lemme tell you i have the best day of my life every day so this is mild in comparison. this is only a split second of what it is, ONe angle Tooo, like there are so many angles !!!! but ill go on. alright so you can remember all this so you can reawaken with bliss. theres no mysticism, its love.

okay dont get like annoyed, but that wasnt even the description of the breakthru, that was another piece i wanted to add to a blog.

heres about when i had a fun time walkin and stepped out of the train station to the street and saw all illuminated. i saw with those eyes again that i have mentioned. i saw how beautiful everything is. and i laughed.

bit of a breakthrough explanation: i look at life and be an active part of it, love life. um i am now Me..the evr present me. im gonna try to paint this picture to you. id much rather meet you in person and talk about it. im just going nuts trying to put it here.

last night i got god arising thru my veins in a way that was so exhilarating. he arises in ALL FORMS...and he is there in all ways...it wsa pure delight if i can even put this into words?joy is the bottom line um he gave me the possibility to be that. it like moved in me like spark or small fireworks(not made of fire, but flash or bright, calm tho not overdone or soemthing. it was in me.. it wasnt even light it was energy. i felt jolted and so overjoyed.

god is remarkable.

take the last exit to the venue. the venue is you.

every avenue is an avenue.

so i read the words of others like in books like you do now too, but its truly all you and what you are experiencing as ureself. using god and being ur highest power. i hope my words can bring somthing to you. bring god out in you.

im able to feel every living beautiful second in this body. comfort and knowing that that god is forever.

inner core. c it.

oh and so this morning too i got two messages on how to work at my job. like how to work. no freaking joke. it was two pointers on what to be at work. um it worked. oh and this is all due to my breakthrough. so i wish the breakthru on all of you that you can see this.

could i even document this feeling?

ok im going to try to explain this. i am completely set. in god. i know how to live. i am an active living person and god is with me. i am now a thriving example of god and i am an active(theres no measurement). i am on gods level.with gods way of living(this is like a tinyy way to say it)but it surpasses anything you ever could imagine.happiness.you are joy always. happiness magnified. you are soul. you have no reason for anything else except god. it cant be said because i FEEL IT< AM IT. how could it possibly b written =how the work of god is now interwoven with my every way.(THATS HOW WE ALL ARE DESTINED TO BE). how my sensations are lipid and fluid and love. static. MEANING!!!!!!!!!!-works in the context of "A Course in Miracles" yay!placed it within that context. yay. its pretty much being ur soul incarnate. you live in the ever present now. being your whole self. in pure happiness magnified,. and i laugh because it can be urs can be here can be out of this world. its said then. you know it. So be it. its calm during a storm , absolute knowing of all. its supreme. its all taht is. its everyhting about and above. its magnitude its delight. its simply-WHO YOU ARE>..WITH GOD as god, in god. its whatever you want plus more.

i am alive.

listen to your soul.

your real personality comes thru , its awesome! perfect and shining!

only happiness, only the lord.

intermingle you wiht god.

all feelings ar rooted deep down in ur gut. u know where they come from.nurture.

thoughts from work: pretty much first impressions dont mean much except sectionalism.

um so thruout days recent--ive gotten a few times the words all that is..but its been not so clear messages. today i got two interpretations. all that is -line with the wonderful one within(oh thats from another book, oh ok). heres the all is that im talking about. All is as is. its beautiful. with our barrier or any form blockage/stuff even tho that is all beautiful in time...its al clear and meaningful(a course in miracles reference they gave me to understant)

only god. thats it. god. this is your entirety.

youve got to imply god to situations and to others.

teach the lesson to your fellow human hearts.

you have the most awesome personality( lol this is the second time i got that messege) :)

stand up for yourself came a few times too.

dont settle for less. give it ur all. ur best and full. keep pieces to recommend and enjoy.

heres another rythm messege. you are here on this plane with this rythm.

this messeg is from one the first days after the breakthru went into action: how could one day being going so utterly perfect? cuz im with my lord.

this is a feeling i got when i went to the mind, body soul expo and heard a woman speak, she spoke to ppl who had passed on and came to her to talk to family members...feels so good, having these ppl around us. i feel at peace...this is SOOOOOO an understatement. oh and during the readings the reader said to a woman who was speaking to someone who passed..they said give her lots of love. i know it wasnt me. but this is family inside story for my family so yea.

know ur strength. wellll quoting a book by gary zukac, ur true you know soul strength.

'let love raditae'. ur inner soul. just let that be known and keep at it(UMM I get keep at it all the time) start moving that energy upward. omg i dont need anything else. im set. im here. god creates with me to make my life new with experience and insight..omg to name a few.

book paraphrase "let love radiate with out want for results. "

god sent me here to be in complete bliss. he sent me here. just be.

so i get alot "youve begun.." and then i got verification in "a course in miracles" it said, "all you must do is begin and know god and from there you are set."

you can give this to everyone . lead the way. you can be that now. you are experiencing it .

from a book, "free of all thing, extrnal attachemnts, enjoyng and giving thanks for all things.

"thought, words, deeds, let love radiate."

live ur authentic self(bold and great..and the oppsite) at all times. its fulfilling, with god fulfilling it. gods it-making you it. its all use his wisdom.

highest self

you can change.

your body can feel magnificant with the tinglings of mediation(reiki...say..even tho i havent done that..idk it can feel great walking down the street or anything you doo..........the holy spirit moving thru u-using all ur sensations and love ove. putting love in the physical and tangible world. and holy cow its incredible..thats it and all and beyond all walls. thats why you cant do the other stuff cuz its not in line with who you really r.

love shines thru.

just be. be that....whatever....make it selfless you will be as the stars of go heavens say. its being that....whatever...set up with god as ur teller all.

you dont typically make the wrong(there really isnt a wrong) choice-just use a bit more god enthusiasm to make it better.

do everything you do do with passion. i experienced taht myself and know you all want to do the same.

april 5th- yay im excited for the 6th! lol here we go here r some more stuffs:


use your good(if there even is a word good) energy for a challenge.

love it!!!! that that one!

LISTEN TO ME(i didnt say that): youve got loads(lots) of love. and energy around you. take some and save some for later when you need it the most. "I THINK THIS IS JUST ATOOL FOR A NOW WAY OF LIVING"-mm jr. i said that. :)

everyone has the same sensations

ther is no right or wrong.gotta put that. but yea take it in a good/right way..>? haa!

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