now i diiid want to mention that the writings that i have posted before might just be specific for my situations so just to let you know.

here are some writings that i think are pretty neutral, everyone can get something out of it.

Its great to realize that there is never a lack of love. and you have access to it.

this is more for my case, but you can still like it :)---I really dont understand waht u think u are doing wrong. He.She gives me perfect peace.

All you have to be is your god given self and you have absolutelly everything.

what do you do when you know thateverything can only get better. :)!!!!!

Do not live to love or love life..just do it all in its entirety!!

This is a huge compilation from books. I printed this out and gave it to ppl for christmas :) and then i thought about postin it here for you guys!

I wanted to copy the whole book, "A Course In Miracles" down but I’ll recommend you go pick it up. I really enjoy it and its been so great getting into. There are a few passages from it in this compilation. There are also a few commentaries from my own heart too. Most of the following text is from various books I’ve gotten into. A lot of it is not sourced, it flows in and out from different authors writings.’ These authors all have written seperate books, but in the end their core values are the same. This compilation is by God. It is brought to you by God.

Reveal peace where it is hidden. Peace is all that is real. Even when violence seems to exist, even when war and injustice persist, the vision of truth that doesn’t recognize anything but itself is all that is real. Hold a vision of the world that it is afraid to see the only vision that is real that the world is already healed whole and sacred. Truth/peace is always present, no matter of your awareness of its presence. Open your eyes. Seek peace where it really is-in you. Then extend it outwards. When it is within you see it everywhere. Lasting peace will never come when you think there is peace/war. The only choice you ever really make is between truth and illusion. When you choose truth you discover that peace is always present, regardless of your awareness of its presence. When you choose illusion it is like closing your eyes to what is right in front of you. And this is what it means to wake up from the dream of seperation. You are magnificant. Go inside to your deepest thoughts and desires. Seek those parts of your mind that are blocking your experience of peace. When you discover these blocks and dissolve them in love then peace will be revealed.

Re realize love.

Love is all there is.

Be conscious, be the spirit of God, be love.

The actual man/woman himself/herself will always dwell in the heart.

The way of the heart is the way of intuition and love.

Work for peace as the rule, not conflict, and love is the law, not hatred.

Stop judging people. Just get to know them.

There is a great surge of love that exists far beyond the physical.. we can gobble up the pieces we get, almost all of the pie! If you are not fully in the present you will look around and it will be gone. Then you will start to experience joy in your life.

There is just experience, period. Show up moment to moment, without your conditioning. You become peace, compassion and understanding. Practice moment to moment. Just be.

Energy and love are the same. When we understand what love really is we can learn more about love by listening to our intuitions. Its a wonderful world God! We are responsible to ourselves, to others, to our community. Love, forgiveness, understanding, patience awareness, nonviolence, unlearn old conditioning. "I in no way want to bottle up life on a piece of paper. you all live it and see it. You all have variations of the beautiful characteristics I mentioned before and the list goes on and on. breathe it. go ahead, you know the beautiful characteristics of yourself so these words do so little. You see, I see it, we all see eachother and as a family we will love those characteristics, learn from those and branch out to others. I didn’t write everything, and I didnt list all the qualities but you KNOW them. from my experience, dont memorize them, just BE them." Marie Matteson Jr. Theres a student monk and his teacher, his teacher says, "Our task is not to go see Sai Baba, but to BE Sai Baba. He is love in action, and you must be love in action. The real God wants us to work with Him, communicate with Him.. open ur mind. its big. When allowed to flow freely, love overcomes all obstacles. Excerpt from a patient of Brian Weiss, "I knew that everything would be alright. Everything in this life I was going through was part of a plan and that the plan was perfect. There was nothing to fear, ever!" Life, you must be patient and not get in the way. It is reaching out with love to help one another that is important. Not the results. Reach out with love. That is all you need to do. Love one another. The results of reaching out with love are not the results you look for for your physical body. Love one another! Remember the serene and peaceful times that have not left scars. Listen to your heart, to your own intuitive wisdom. Do not be swayed by fear based ways.

Progress in not linear, do not judge yourself. There are so many opportunies to love, to be compassionate.

People really mean what they do with love. So pay attention.

Live outloud, with passion and with God. Love intercedes all else (it’s in different forms and on some different levels) because we all express different ways, but deep down inside, we are all love. God loves us. Simply stated, above the rest. Love is able to transcend time completely, so let it in! or out! Remember the times of pure love and enjoyment. It happens at the weirdest times. We create these beautiful families/lives. We have this whole range or enjoyment. pool of enjoyment and love. There is a whole life of "stuff" mike murray from wiu.

We can set our own causes, to see what we really deserve.

Love is the magnet which holds all life together. Love more, disipate fainter loves. Love everyone. To reach the divine Truth the heart must desire it, must love it above all else. Then the power of the heart will link the man/woman with his/her illuminated mind and brain. Christ makes it possible for humanity to attain rebirth of the soul through the heart alone. You can reach illumination through direct union, love, worship, with great Christ Spirit through following standards set by Its embodiment in the man Jesus.

Love is an energy of incredible power and strength. We are all made of this energy. Love is an absolute. Love never ends, love never stops. Feel the freedom bursting/outpouring of love. The universe is set up as a platform for the actualization of our deepest and most heartfelt aspirations. But there is a catch. The universe is built to respond to our consciousness, but it will give back only what we put in.

Do not reduce life to ordinary.

We must decide to slow down and shift our focus, and begin to act on the opportunities coming our way. Not only are we eternal but we are cared for, included in, even instrumental for the great plan that is life on Earth. And if we closely attend to the sense of well being and security that flows into us, we can see that we feel secure, because we are filled with a strong emotion that pushes out all other emotion; we are imbedded with a great sense of love. Love that exists without an intended focus, and it becomes pervasive a pervasive constant that keeps our other emotions in perspective.

Your head interferes but your heart knows. Learn lessons from people. See it, its rewarding. Soul can evolve. You can never harm or kill a soul. It is the learning that is important, not the judgement. Learn from past, not to reminisce and feel guilty about it. Move, we are all walking on the same path. We may be on different stopping points, resting on that bench, off to the side stretching, near the edge of that one road, down by the entrance wherever, at different locations on the map. But we are all together. You must experience it. You have and you are. Re learn it.

Choose the way of love. Identify with your own strength and that is your natural role. You brother/sister was there to love. And its up to you to love back. Return to who we really are, our true, purely loving self can never be uncreated. All illusions will be undone. Illusions listed in Neale Donald Walsch’s book: disunity, judgement, requirement, need, failure, ignorance, condemnation, conditionality, superiority, insufficiency. Holy Spirit’s love is strength. Own your yes and no.

Love is the strongest force in the world. Love exists everywhere and all the time. Love is a flower for all the seasons. Love is easy. Only love is real. People have killed over greed, etc. They had forgotten about God. "How much more do we need to suffer before we once again remember about love?" Brian Weiss. Doesn’t it make more sense to live joyously now, to make every day full, to love and be loved, rather then worry so much about your physical health, society etc. in an unknown future. What if there is no future? What if death is a release to bliss? Grief is in the body. Irony is, given this attitude, you probably will live longer anyway. The driver never changes, only the car does.

This world is so perfect. Its so fantastic. Wow, this world is intense, so live it! Senselessness of it all sometimes leads to anguish, anger, hopelessness, hatred, depression and early death.

All is love..all is love. With love comes understanding. With understanding comes patience. And then time stops, everything is now. Dwelling in the past of future equals illness. Patience can stop time. And everything is now. God’s love is everything. Be love but 10 times more then you expect. Be bold with it. Loving and unafraid. If we want to be forgiven, we must forgive them. God forgives us. We should forgive too.

Learn to be loved like that, to actually experience the love that people have for us. Somehow we go through life missing it. We think our self deprecating thoughts about ourselves, despite the enormous amount of love. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Everything comes from the greatest force, the power, God-whatever you want to call the Creator. Its all within, everyone has that voice. So the more we open up to influences of angels and our spirit guides, the more we will fulfill our destiny and we will be in line with the universe(so stop stressing). Recognize Divine everywhere. Learn to love God always.

Every loving thought held in any part of the Sonship (in any person, nature piece etc) belongs to every part. It is shared because it is loving. Sharing is God’s way of creating, and also yours. God’s wholeness is the wholeness of His Son/Daughter. You cannot be hurt, and do not want to show your brother anything except your wholeness. Teaching is done in many ways, above all by example. Teaching should be healing, because it is the sharing of ideas and the recognition that to share ideas is to strengthen them.

When you look into the eyes of someone you like, you love them.

Everything is interconnected and if you send out love on those connections if you truly see and aknowledge the beauty of a tree, or another person-then that love you send out is what you feel internally as happiness.

He wants us to enjoy our lives. As long as what you have doesn’t interfere with your relationship with Him. According to your spiritual capacity-I want you to have everything but learn how to say yes and no-balance. The bible says go by God and He’ll take care of us. "Every day I put my life on the line to do the will of God. Everyday I say no to myself." Jesus made himself of no reputation. He could not be concerned about what people thought of Him. If you dont get that settled you wont be able to do what God wants you to do. Then if you dont there are plenty of people to drag you down. When God is on your side, you will survive. We all have one name, serive under one God. Someone is not really your friend if the only way they’re gonna be your friend is if they control you. Later always comes, and I’m still here.

As we love we shall be released from pain. Every second we are either extending love or projecting fear. Practice and communication are the key to love and the world is healed one loving moment at a time. All of us are saved by the same technique: the call to God to save our lives by salvaging our minds.

You are the very essence of love. This very moment, just as you are, in spite of all the preconcieved notions you have of yourself love claims and accepts you. Give up all the ways you have tried to limit and contain. You cannot guide love’s path, but if you submit to love’s truer vision she will guide you, showing you a new version of yourself. Give as love gives. To everyone. You have forgotten love’s law. Let your gift be free. Theres a deeper pulse-Thy will always be there because you experienced that. Love all the same. The love you give is the same for each of them. Love is a knowing, a pure understanding. It knows that all things are whole, regardless of their appearance or delusion, and it gives of itself wholly. Give all the rest/heal youself. This has great meaning for you. Wondering about the rest, withought judgement, with recognizing the difference between this relationship or that. It understands that there is only one real relationship that is the one we all share, the self that is beyond the thought or idea of Love, the holy encounter of life with life. The secret of love is that we are all the same, holy beyond imagination. What you are all looking for. And this is what you will find when you open your heart to every element of creation.

Love is not neutral-it takes a stand. It is a commitment to the attainment of the conditions of peace for everyone involved in a situation. What isn’t love, isn’t real. Take the walls down that didn’t belong. Learn about the love that never ends. Only when we open up enough to really take in the horror, oddly enough. Resistence and defense ony make the error more real, and increase our pain. Hold to love, despite what others do to Him. I will step back and let him lead the way. Truth can never be destroyed. Our Christ wihin us can handle anything because it is not affected by lovelessness. its false drama. Takes great courage, personal strength to hold onto our center during times of great hurt. Takes wisdom to understand our reactiveness only fans the flames of false drama. love creates a mystical shield around us, protecting us from chaos. Be still and know I am. There is no loss except in time and time does not exist.

We are always loved, we are never alone. Love is eternal and absolute. Love never ends, ever. Truth and Divine love. Our hearts know happiness and inner peace. Live this life wise, then there will be peace. The Transcendent Being is the only cause, the Father and Creator of the universe. That He fills all things not with His thought only but with His essence. His essence is not exhausted in the universe. He is above it and beyond. We may say that only His powers are in the universe. But while He is above His powers, He includes them. He works through us, what they do he does through them. Without love and without God there is nothing. God is peace and love. We have Him in our hearts so we are also creature of peace, love and divinity.

We are all equal, all the same.

We are all made of the same spirit from which we originated.

There is no constant truth at all; that truth, like life itself, is a changing thing, a growing thing, an evolving thing and that just when you think that process of evolution has stopped, it has not, but only just begun.

Recognize its real. Truth is inspiring if you recognize it.

Give ourselves permission to hear our inner guidance and ignore pressure from others. If we want the approval of others we need to stop caring about it and turn our attention to become an inspired being of sharing.

We are all that we need to be inspired and living on purpose and the things that continue to flow into our life are just symbols of the unlimited abundance of our Source.

Find our divine magnificance. Say-I am a unique portion of the essence of God. I originated in Spirit, yet I’ve forgotten this fundamental truth.

We are immortal beings or wisdom, infinite light and love and compassion and passion. We must learn to go beyond our egos. Inner peace and joy are much much much more important. We are all beautiful and immortal souls.

How can we see things as they really exist in the present when our past conditioning and assumptions are getting in the way. We bear the responsibility of our own learning. Only you can reach your goal. This is empowering, an invward journey, personal return. That’s it, go ahead. The kingdom of heaven is really within us, all joy and happiness comes from within. (see its really not that hard to grasp and live and BE. its who we are, we are being guided to God again. and here we go.

The way to experience joy and peace is to go within. Get rid of your pride, ego, selfishness, anger, guilt, vanity and ambition. Spend less time accumulating things, worrying being part of past or future, hurting others, insecure, insincere, being violent in any way. Never accept any idea before bouncing it off your intuitive wisdom. Does it encourage love, kindness, peace and unity? Or seperateness, division, hate, self centerdness and violence. You are immortal, here to learn, grow wise and become more God like. You don’t need to think, approach it in a good way, its about choices. The kingdom of heaven is within, stop seeking gurus and instead find yourself. I couldn’t let go of this if I tried. It will spill out to the world. It’s whats in us, we all have the samecore values. Abundant and helping energy fills and surrounds you at all times. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. We do not die when our physical bodies do. A part of us goes on. Door to a brighter room. This is why we should not be afraid. Or look afraid or look back. We are always surrounded by love, our loved ones never leave. We are in our bodies for a while but we are not our bodies. Begin to shift from physical to spiritual. Away from material to people and relationships and less to accumulating things and more aware of what we take with us.

What matters in the attitude behind what we are saying. "I’ll tell you what to say when we get there. We’re not to try to figure out what to say to a brother. It is merely our job to ask the Holy Spirit to purify our perceptions of the other person. From that place within, and only from that place, will we find the power of words and the power of silence, which bring the peace of God. Committment in all relationships is mutual understanding and forgiveness. It is ultimately our connection to the Holy Spirit, our own intentional guidance, that alone can lead us to the higher unfoldment of events throught the deepest understanding.

God has power to renew our lives. We can grow from experience. We can transcend from experience.

We are called by God to be the change in our life, to embody the creative cycle, to be the heart and the essence of it on earth.

You cannot truly heal until you wake up and realize that there is nothing to heal. You will heal by seeing behind the masks the ego uses to hide the truth.

God-One who knows exactly what we need to do, and who is willing to guide us in every moment.

Stop searching for that thing to do it. But percieve, perhaps for the last time, the pulse of eternity in the moment at hand and the contours of the whole in the ordinary thing currently in sight.

The simple act of showing ones deeper nature is a form of personal liberation and a generous contribution to community.

No place where God starts or stops. We are all one.

No way is better then any other way.

Through God we can take away the fear of revealing ourselves to others.

When we remember we’re always connected to this Source and that we can summon the well being of God, it is then that we’re said to be inspired. Each and every one of us represents God or Spirit revealing itself.

Being in spirit is a direction we take, rather then a destination to be reached. Catch ourselves amid thought and make a U Turn with new thoughts.

Its all so simple.

Your core-regardless of what happens to us it cannot be dirtied or crushed.

You dont need anything.

Go ahead!

Its important to be human, living and trying to help others.

Some of this stuff might seem repetitive, like i might have quoted it as my own by mistake, but half the stuff i read in books i think yea i just wrote that down out of my own head a day ago. so yea i mean we all have this same stuff in us, so lets just bring it out.

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