Theres only one.

all u wanna do is move forward. unless ur distracted. well everything but love(lows) is thwarting existence as we know it. EITHER YOU MOVE FORWARD IN LIFE(ALL AT ONCE< YOU EITHER ARE) or yeah you are stuck in nothing. land with no growth. ONLY ONE WAY.

and note here that in my last blog i wrote that lovemakes the transition oh so easy.
love.universe makes it an easy transition. so that if u are off a bit-EASY WAY TO IT

turn on the light switch and welcome to life.
to reality.

welcome, lets party. its so magnificant and perfect in every way. and love gives and love is us and lets party some.

all else isnt

real or illusion

if you say "no" like that you are putting a division between yourself and the other body because you are the same soul.
so if you give someone strictly body(if thats even possible, but u know, if you think ur doing that mentally..) or if you just give them soul.
ur not giving the whole heart

life is a workbook. :)

the time was all plotted angelically

the everlasting now is an opportunity to find out more each and each new moment you have with love. more and more heaven to be.

the eternal now. -drink water. that liquid down ur throat, nice sensation. so good yet FLUID!

what should i be today? stay in soul. and so you are fully ful and capable.

love.universe heals. the love. universe is all there is, so you are eternally ONLY HEALED. THIS IS A HUGE TRUTH

dont scold ppl. (ive written abt this b4, sometimes i like snare...??!?!) its basically my way to learn how to express all of the love.universe in proper ways. so i am learning and learning hw to express this every day. its magnificant.

soul realization. its easy.

all right now.(and no other nets) all the love. all right now. LIFE is.

im so best in this body-more and more awake

get soul back in coscious realization. back to reality . and reality is all there is all the time. so sit in reality for the eternal moment of now.

the only thing(and its huge)(ITS ENTIRE EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERTHING ) I need is love.universe. (and you dont say need, the only thing that IS). all else i see as nice and tool but all i need is to see THATS ALL-WHAT IS REAL. realize this.

basically all you are are soul qualities-enacted-meaning all you are naturally and hugely are great ways-with no thought to them you just ARE them. and im inserting here that this is peacefully who you are. this is who you are inherently and peacefully justifiably. this is truly all you are jonesin. it aint no mixed bag here. you are the brilliance of being all the time. all the infiltrated qualities. they are not labeled qualities now friend, they constitute your entirety.

and you have umlimited access to this heaven and all-this life portrayed in infinity ways.( i have to add here that i am noticing that this sounds seperate. like i am speaking about the unlimited access of umlimited info you have-and in a way notice this yes, but see you are one with this information. this information is the only thing that is real. its and you are

so you are love all the time. so does your environment reflect that

realize the brilliance in each second.

use ur 5 + senses. wow we are love.universe.

I am life! You are it!

living in prosperity of life. all!!!!(in the awakened world) we all have the right to have this. every soul on this earth
all destined to live fab lives
we all are destined to live life as is.

all seriously all can eat that morsel. so we all can give that stomach sized amount of food to all souls. im not saying that if they dont have that morself they arent alive or awakened or fully free. but really

u do have to see how you are connected to ur since we are life.universe and ur brother is life.universe then you sure are connected and can flow together.
uber important-your brother

i feel after telling these words, all is light. stuff that i had thought was distracting me then turns to light.

all is for a reason!!!!-susan

all is happening right now!
so our world is ignited!!!! and this is life! life is ignited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is life!!!!!

we are all the same

cant be anyone else.
you cant be any other way. since u are soul. KEEP REPEATING THIS STUFF

the works with you.
and this could be numerous lifehappening and passing by. this could also be you feel you have a film layer around you and the whole location u are at and situation alters like u step into a nother world(or more like the lighting and view.. changes) (like u step into a movie scene where theres some neat animation, say like from "the science of sleep" movie.) but see its more then a scene. the all is all, so its not so much huge, but interconnected to all.

the universe bloody works with you!
so its like i become J, J is me(well our minds are one). or right next to me-like film over me and i then-am J walking. so itslike yea seriously J is me and this is only life.
I live only for

To experience these times now and forever-that is life.

the J paragraph J means Jesus. and i wrote Jesus because these are almost the same notes from when this all happened to me(at the bus station). so i was so awoken that i used Jesus name as the highest explanation of what could be. I do do that with the word God sometimes too.. you can use a different name if you see fit. i say love.universe. because God isnt just God. love.universe is the universe.
So this film time was a breakthrough of the times. i basically realized that J is with us like creating a whole new life. like a scene u step into and say WOAH this is nice! and this....... be yes this all the time-experience this and only this

and is the the breakthrought that changed me to be who i am. a new awakening to see J with me. our minds are one!!!!

you live it all(life) all the time... awoken 10-15-08

practice makes perfection(but my friend you already are) and the whole practice bit means pretty much after 'time'(if you use it for ur growth..) u will be the boldest. i am a work book. but the whole word 'practice'is unapplicable here. ALL JUST IS. SO KEEP BEING and you will learn eons in a minute.


free ! oh man.

Heed it constantly and only all.

some ppl are all over the place, you arent that.

(my eating breakthrough.. :)

there are more of the pleasures. they arent all documented. there arent graphics made for them, and explanations either. LIVe it

everything(all happens at once. this is the only reality(way to be) so confident now, can answer any questions with a clear answer.
(and i go back to the relations of those who always trusted what i was being and knowing and this is truly reality. the true reality are those who always deep down inherently trusted my words---you--- and this is the only reality see.) this that i just explained is an example of love.universe. the only truth. wow

the awakened universe. all only love!!

nothing on this earth plane will be as brilliant as you being as u r RIght Now.

and i see the awakeness is her eyes-in all of the eyes i have seen that-i can vouge for this in all i have seen-we all are this inherently ..(kind of like i see their soul in their eyes, its just clear, but PHEW WHEN YOU SEE THAT SOUL IN THEIR EYES< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) which is the only i can be so inspired by life.universe.
realize that this is the only thing that is life.universe.

wow life is complete

ur ego is running you now. (say stress or uncomfortable) because life.universe is the only reality and it is so beautiful and you are perfect when alive. so you are alive or dormant for now?

everything (you) is set in perfect order. realize this. and live it.

if not ull be attracting the otherrrrrr

there isnt an elsewhere to go. so trust the souls you know. truly truly read this

the eternal moment. now is happening at every second. all love, all the time

its so funny wat some think is real.
im here to tell you, it isnt realllllllllllllllllll. i know what reality is. and you want to be here too. only reality see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

only thing that is real is those plants moving(this is what love.universe. gave me to illustrate howimportant reality is, and not even thinking about other) so love.universe gave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--------------the opportunity to then at that point look at these plants i was standing by-i was leaving on a rod iron fence (gave my body a great feeling too) but the plants were like a clay animation scene. -life.ignite. this is all that is real. so life is

now dont u wanna be you too? clay animation :)

..also got more after this :) (well lemme just put it reality is IT)

alive and all.

being always. being always

i am a tower

flow of love in you/is u
nothing else

one simple are you okay can heal the world.
that added to the love.universe in the other person brought me rush of heaven thoughts right then and there.

dont make it ur un real statement. it has to be real....

no crazy lol

to realize that your true self is soul and o you must build onto this soul to make you shiny, well see that only soul shinezzz. so you build the soul and all other qualities well dissipate. and instantly you are lite feeling. and i am it. if i can constatnly be.think real all the time(WHICH IS THE ONLY REALITY).
you cant have two realities. so just go to reality.
and this is what i am from now(AND THERE IS AN ETERNAL NOW..WOAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH) and now :) on. hahahahahahah!~ so simple.

so I(YOU) Am(ARE).

you know right that it is wholly when u are (AND YOU ALWAYS ARE) ur calm. holy calm self see-ur God calm self right cuz some peeps seem to be wired or out of zone.


happy with who you are. excersize or fit. the way you are.

remember-the whole no trying or doing. you are(BE) it all the time without thought and without doing at all. all of u is the great qualities but they are not sepereate great qualities. they are really you.

and this is all that anybody is

once u are happy. then u bring out their happiness

so alls happening now(meaning all of the great love). and this means its all happening in the eteranal moment of now.
all the great times all the time!! so dont be afraid of life
love.universe is all there is-dont be distracted by world

if u knew even a teeny teeny bit of what yeah you do. ripple we are so intertwined in love.universe wayz

missing the point-ALL IS

my dreams have come true, i am able to talk the most awesome words to others.

know know know rest assured that love.universe will give you everything you need(my friend the word "need" isnt really adequate tho. you dont really have needs)

handle it
well be it..

dont be scared of others. we are only soul see. so oooo use this line friend.......

focus only one way

i want to write in here that love.universe. might talk to you in different words or ways. so just to let you know about that. so yes yes yes use this line friend.

really matters what you and love.universe in unison(O MAN ITS ALL THE SAME) is feeling . in that flow
touch, cancel, feel, inherently, wat u know, see.

Love.universe is live. gives life. well is life.

thats the ONLY THING (insert what else you thought life was, welp nope not it babes) that life is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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