I reckon you’ll be here for a long time if you cant get past your past ‘phenoms’

Yes, so respond back with honesty
Yes, so that is a learning time. No hatred or judgement attached to it

You got everything to talk about . LIFE!

I found myself at that point realizing I was in heaven in my apt. right then!

Feel so close!

Latch onto life. Are you alive? Some don’t think so.

No other . no past, or future. And this is magnificant

Completely changed.

So I posted the previous notes, some of it, hmm you might be like geesh she really had some strange perceptions there.
So I left my apt. and was walking to bus(a good walk cuz I was walkin to howard station so it was several blocks) and I saw everything so beautifully, no joke it was like the Bambi movie, lol or like in Across the Universe movie, you know stuff like that. And so I was given vision like the real vision instead of what I had wrote about before. Their was like(a way to explain it-all of the soul energy in the air. Really now the whole each and every element of the earth I was standing on was soul feeling!) Ive never had this before and I know love gave me true vision. And since writing and living the past say few days I know I AM TRULY LIVING. And this is no joke.
So I mean I know I shouldn’t really have posted all that stuff about people. Really, I don’t think like that all the time. Don’t think that about me at all. And that was in the past. I see now(after I posted blog and walked and since the last few days of truly being alive-and this is no joke-) I see now WHOLENESS(as I am looking outward from my eyes. And I know (feel) all along my soul and oneness with you. This is seriously seeing how you are supposed(being) to see. The yellow leaves like lite up(on ground) I am IN HEAVEN.(all of it that I sawww) And a while after I hadn’t even noticed a bunch of birds in front of me and they all swarmed up in front of me kinda(God Spoke). And the green grass, its texture. The full brown leaves! Dirt-ah solid and nice. Alllllllll . It was the whole the air, everything. Its heaven.

I walked a bit longer and knew that when I was stopping in awe, that stop shock and awe was my body there. And I knew that when I had a heaven breakthrough the other day(realizing exactly what life is) and I cried, that was my body.

I walked and thought that I was getting a bit exhausted from people(I so thought) then I wrote, “no exhaustion. Its who you are. And I know right then and there and now (cuz its all now) that I am really soul and what it really is is meeting the soul of ur brother. And this is only what life is.

And then my feet were lite!!!!!!!!!! God thank you!

I walked and felt one with the trees and the iron fence.

Huge: this is life.god.love(all I just wrote about.) and it all came in this same walk. You are all(everything) ARE GOD and look at how great you are!!

This I am adding on from about 10 or so minutes ago I wrote,”if your not livin this life then something is not working for ya(because I now and only now realize how fabulous LIFE ISSSSSSSSSSS) SO all of us-at this time are exactly where we are supposed to be. And we are all heaven. And since we aer all the same, then see how connected it all is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am writing now that I will admit I sometimes get overwhelmed by the city and all the faces. I will tell you though that in NO WAY WHATSOEVER are the soul communications Ive had with all of you at cornfestival in those notes. You are not one of those specimens. I saw at cornfestival the breakthroughs of all of my loved ones.

You might think that because of life family changes –and emotions are rearranged-I decided to write some angst about the world, but trust me trust me THIS IS NOT THE CASE. THE SOUL COMMUNICATION AND ALL THE LOVE AT CORNFEST AND NOW IS NOT EVEN MINUTELY RELATED TO THE SPECIMENS I WROTE ABOUT.

And I don’t lie.

And I now see everyone only as soul.

I want you to be happy and wholly loving all the time.

Stay centered. Chakras and then flyyyyyyyy (cuz you are say so all over with ur soul, its not just in ur body that’s for sure you feel it, you feel all of you. You are excited and full of love.)

You cant be thinking we are run by injustice(or any quality like that) all the time. No way no way.

I do believe that all else until now(since I am fully awaken) was an illusion. …… Ive read this before and now I KNOW THIS. Because I am fully awake, like when you get here, you will know exactly what awake is. Thi s is awake and I’ll use words here the best I can. I see now how great life is and how great I am and this is all there is. To explain it specifically I am ALIVE, I feel like I could literally do anything. I feel in my body and soul an awakeness that could never be even wrote about I think because there aren’t words for it. Think of the best words. There you go. But see, its not what you think. Its from the love power and you are the love power, so rejoice! This is beyond words really. I can sit here and be myself for the rest of my life and never falter I know this, because I am truly truly myself. I am truly truly alive. I have to find words to explain me, welp I can tell yo u for sure, this is only what we are!!! Cant even explain(for some reason I like the feeling of gray-its attached somehow and its all of life around me, energized. Yet im in body. Oh! Its heaven.

Once they think a past way, show them otherwise.

This is when I was walking back from my bus trip back to my place. I knew I was one with the clouds. We are literally the same substance.

And yes, one-same as the street concrete and all around. I know I now love going out(wherever even to the outside of my apt. to stand or whatnot, or to any situation where I am engaged or any life situation where I am in this world—I know now that I will love it all because I will be able to experience this!!!!!!! This meaning all in this paragraph and the my oneness and aliveness. Its simply put, the only way to live and this my friend, I think I mean I Know is the tip of the iceberg my friend.

Only see with the ego unattached! I saw them just as soul(I was like light, like I didn’t even feel my body really!!!!!!! I was lite-in the sense of soul lite love.god. literal and physically lite and I could like literally feel my optic nerve in eye or something looking out.


24 years old 10-15-2008 fully awake God.

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