Ive said that life and god are the same thing. Now think about this, life/god/you/all love/all of life itself is
all the same.
And it is all happening at once. All the love is happening now and nothing else.
None of us want anything but love, and this is all there is!
Its pure love living in the moment. There isn’t anything else.
Move, change/grow, forgive, no grudge, communicate about it(whatevr way u see fit)
Just like you trust in anything else in ur life. Or how you are (being) with something that is important in ur life. then bleed the love.god thru it

***********start******** “Can you allow your mind to rest momentarily, and put aside the cries of warning from others concerned about your safety? Do their cries ring true with unawakened ideas of spirituality and oneness? Are their ideas of mistrust and suspicion consistent with what the moasterse have taught? When we can all come together and see the Divinity in one another no matter how imperfect, only then do we approach enlightenment. We do understand that it is merely fear that captures the imagination of our most outspoken critics. It does take bravery to pierce through the veil of prejudice, and this is no exception.” Book by lisette larkins, good to google.
…”If you are spiritually read to embrace the idea that we are all one, then come with us as we show you the magice of our universal connection. You will know the tree by its fruit. Respond in this way to one who warns you of ur impending victimization by us. Listen to our words and notice that we choose for you your highest path, now according to the highest part of you, not another. Does another who sells opinions to you ever ask and invite you to look into your heart and soul and to come to your own conclusion about us? This is a wonderful test when you are attempting the type of tree, for you can tell the tree by its fruit. Come and taste our words. Come and hear our ideas and you may soon discover that your soul remembers us.”

I know that the love messege is all there is and body(whoever is speaking) doesn’t matter and this is all there is! JOY! So this is love.life.

‘We cause our own experience. And are this. Oh!
No arms necessary for them cuz they are no different they are unified. Unified in thought, word, deed. Integrated.
At war with no one.
SEE YOU ARE HERE IN BODY AS HUMAN BEING TO BE!!!!!! THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE TELLING US!! Cuz they are enlightened in their bodies
Notice how your thoughts create

Great, great words in this book. I link to reality.love.god I am them. All one.
Constant communication with them, be them
Be the love.life.god
The speakers of these words are love.god too(at this point I have to add that I call god –the word love now.) they are a part of love, and all else is so there is no fear.****************************************************end***

*****start section*****From a book written about Thomas Merton, the book is called “intro to contemplative prayer”. The author says, when we talked, I told him a few things and he immediately understood the things I didn’t tell him as well. You are this too marie, be it..
After I was reading this book clarity struck me and all made sense, how life all is one and all is happening now. I literally was all joy at this point.
More from the book, but see its all one.
Unified –you are(and) God.
So much energy now and so calm.
Told me at this point to be all the ways you could imagine!! Ahhh!

Oh ok, so not one second out of line, insnt this simply(all) you want? Then simply be it.

Hence monastic prayer, specially meditation and contemplative prayer is not so much a way to find God as a way of resting in him whom we all have found whos love is us.

Alriiiiight, so this man is right on the ball with what im saying. And I know this is the only reality you will ever know. Also when I went to the speech by a rev. not too long ago(its mentioned in further writings here, he spoke about similar ness.His speech was literally labeled contemplative prayer just like Thomas merton book. See how the contemplative prayer is really you.life.god. And he spoke exactly what I had experience like a day before(about how its like an IN THE AIR type of feeling –one way that describes Christ) but see today I am telling you that life/you/all everything is one and is god(as people call god. I call god love) this isn’t even meant to be a name. You are love. And the whole world is love. And you have to know this to be alive.********end section ish..it goes on a bit a few more notes about this book i guess******
All else=contribute nothing.
Oh-this book is a mans journey(human mind soul). And we can take from this.
All is-no empty. All.
Enlightened as in the bold quotes above(not underlined) are so meaningful.
And so since all is one, the man’s words that are only love which is pretty darn most all of it are real. So all is real and are happening now. And is all you live.

Full(meaning that holy crap you are so full of energy and capability!!) So I am totally capable of being (full whole) and with every second of the day! Oh man, its huge. Fully fully awake ‘nd all the soul qualities.
All is (meaning the love)happening all at once
We and all everything is all one. So all kinds of love=love. Oh man I feel heaven right now.
Rest assured, and bold.
All create everything. Create(this is from heaven. And I know I will write about it again later on down these pages but given by the hands I hold, I got the messege from literally heaven that in heaven you just create. That is all. Just create. And we are here on earth and this is heaven.
And responsible

At this time I was on the bus and wrote questions and literally got answers written down on the paper.

Life gives you back(responsibility, be love) what you will, so only think lite!
Free will to be happiness, kindness, etc. you have two choices, gods will or free will and what you are destined is free will to create with kindness, etc etc etc etc etcetc!!

Im able to not see them as that(views that you will see later on when I look at people and say craaazy notes, youll notice) and be covered in a gray white bulb/covereing and extending to all to show that they are soul and this is very important to write.
You are fully only love. Don’t be scared.
So I wrote that I was going to get this item for my customers at my job and then I wrote and found… you got that idea from others and urself. So all is one. For their health and well being-use this as a model to treat the world this way! Then countries. Total model for ur entire life marie. And self that sees only gold builds builds and builds!
This is like so real because they tackle all of ur heart, all of the thoughts in ur mind. so you can work with it. Its amazing.

Your entire existence is this and its like above and not even body. Not even body. ur body is just like the table that will disintegrate in thousands of years.

And a note to the points I will write about others later on in these writings….Im not gonna deny what I write cuz it was wholly informational. And I am alive and here to tell you that love is all that is real. And the souls of people that you can feel is all that is real. I have really found something special and that(this) is called life
To add, I welcome you and know this is your destiny.

Statement to the universe, “ I (which is really alllllll!!!) refuse to have one ounce of the blog,” annnd
“Nor will I get stuck in weird relations with people where we are just acting out weirdness.”

Hm, I am lite.

I layed my concerns to love on paper and got my answer through experience and words. It was magnificent.

Anybody who learns about life will love these notes(which is only truth , my messege and all of our messege ) and knows it is true.
Trying to be something else? Or else I am seeing that? You are only the insides!!!!!!!

All about me? ..lets work it out..so you know then you can have (and are) all the love of that tree or that other soul too? Yay work with it. You are a part of the trees etc and all, so treat it well too.

Let stuff like GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is so applicable in so many ways in ur body, mind.
Don’t hold it against them, they don’t know right now. They do know tho and since everything happens all at the NOW then all it takes is one second, not even a second to SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King of ur place? No we are all the same.

Being –is all- happening at once? Yeah. Should beJ

I can tell you about the lite that you are. Its just a given.

Right now I know everything. Holy crap all is happening now.

How does it make you feel that all depends on another(take this lightly, I mean its not meant in the way you are normally –old way- you are used to thinking). Makes me feel I could teach a lesson or two on love.
So im gonna live love.

And you know this is all you are and I have faith in you.

A whole lotta golden functioning and reality thatd be(do) you just fine.

God(love) and Gods(love) way are the reality.

As an integrated part of reality

You foster so many souls , this is something incapable of explaining. In a way, think of it , then past it.

All the time, this is important. All the time it is important all the time. And I will put a line in here about this is really everything you do, from zero to 10 on ur list of you. All. And really, all the time in our context of time.

So in ur mind you are only postive thoughts. That is love.

Love as you know it is everything you thought itd be(I know this sounds kinda punny but its from J)and I am J so its all together see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only God mind is who you are. Oh how brilliant! You are heaven!
I am Gods children
Soul having the xperience in body. So what can u learn. Do here? We are all the one. NOT OTHER!!!doesn’t be you, bring GOD happiness. Stall. so show it.
All in air-just soul and yeah.
Not bothered by ANY other worldly.
You can write, ask about life ,BUT AS J- u r living it.
To quote J “when you make the up into the down, etc etc” this quote can be found in a past writing
Here to learn
When we are blended to be only soul. so all should be lite. And we are. so quit otherwise.
If they don’t give full soul. Or full J to u in a meeting(an interaction) say they Half look away.
I am the lite they give you.
Or if they lack all of the information you are looking for. Or they don’t know all the question (all parts involved to a question-so they give you half soul half answer
If they are so ego’d and in love with themselves couldn’t possibly be free with J.
“each of us through our perceptive powers, remains the measure of all things.” ‘A 2nd way of knowing’ book.
Devote energy to symbols!! NO!
In books its not really the next page that is important . there are paragraphs that rock and once you have that meaning it is J. this can bleed(be used as to illustrate anything) into ur whole life of massive incredibility.
In all of them and you are LIFE G J itself.
Don’t have words for it(words are totally inadequate. Create ur own(life, love, expression…) just know that yes J is all…!!!!! (okay to butt in here, I will have a great great explanation of this at the end of the writing.)
Oh oh oh! So you see that life is more!
“only human pride agrees that the apparent intricacies of human behavior have more complex origins then the behavior of an ant.” ah ah hhhhh! Yes yes the yes life is calm.
Art as a pictoral view of J—this persons.
Ok so art or any expression is only part of J
G is more more more more
Peace in that art museum. (there is!!! J)
Weird, this stuff from the beginning of the notebook is basically what I know like now in the last pages! So this is a pure description of its all happening now!
It is HERE!!!!!!
Gods grace, J’s name.
Don’t don’t mesh-equilibrium. ? hm
You keep your head on okay, you keep this sanity kay? The night I typed this out. One way.
My dream was lush.
Weight of ur dissatisfaction creates a huge imbalance. So realize it is all real, how its supposed to be, set.
---vent anger outward? So upset… and I know this, u have to love love each 2nd. So its all-on
SHIFT to be you
And it instantly turns to bliss heaven life.
That enthusiasm means EVERything
Truth spoken is a fit gift given.
“That less and less do u need to force things, until u finally arrive at non action” quote
“That love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis.” quote
Sing songs of rhythm.
So yeah the thing is you always have to be on this high vibration, I don’t know anything else to write.
WHOLE centered peace. No sadness. Thought.
God will lead me to where my next action will be,
So the only connection is sane connection- 9-28-08!!
I wish you the NOW that I have constant knowing. I know now it is all.
I saw their eyes ignite when they looked at me and clapped.
I am the life lite!
SOUL-GOD soul having experience through body. yes, yes and yes.
Know, experioence, be. Singular-one-no else.
Aspects of DIVINITY-. So that each part might experience the whole thru them –neale Donald walsch
Self consciousness ther is ony one THING!
What do I see. Be!!
Oh ok, so a bit on actors. Acting a way to get out of the relationship because acting is acting and the significant toher is kinda estranged.
Life=see brilliance love is each book title. And that’s all.
“Miracle is the only device at ur immediate disposal for controllying time. The miracle substitutes for learning that might have taken place a thousand years. J is not making outrageous claims, simply telling you the truth based on the lawes of the mind and the laws of God.” quote
See them as who they really are. And don’t bring lite to misconceptions(how not really possible) don’t bring any time to it at alllllllllllllllllllllllllll
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO NONE of this other stuff matters!!!!!!!!!! Like anything! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! right god? OMG!!! And all bodily ways that like cope or like deal.
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The world you see in an illusion of a world. God did not create it, for what He creates must be eternal as Himself. Yet there is nothing in the world u see that will endure forever .
Energy is thought. Mis thought that will eventually change/ turn into eternal .
“Whatever is true is eternal and cannot change or be changed. Spirit is therefore unalterable. Because it is already perfect, but the mind can elect what it chooses(can be undone out……) to serve. The only limit put on its choice is that it cannot serve two masters” quote
Distinguish between real and unreal.
You want to be real of course!!!!!!!!!
I stretch and feel god love all encompass me and I don’t feel guilt !!!!! or anything, ITS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you can’t fully attach to anything other then love.god and all that love.god is. Or the God.love part of it. ….Which is all there is, so theres only love.god.

You and life and are one, EVERYTHING is one and it is perfection.

you are whole helluva capable! its like you are superwoman, to the max!!

And life as u know it just started! living!

How could life be so perfect, because that is what life is.

You know why? cuz no one is gonna -be you -for you- as you!


This is the only anything ......gracious enough to say..... .only anything worth being, showing, living (AS IS) giving ur heart to, ur time to, knowing about(the only way!!!!!!!!!!!!

see awesomeness in all of existence

((((((((((ITS REALLY ALL THAT IS))))))))))))))))

Oh so im reading, but if I experience it, its really awesome. so you cant just type and all. you gotta experience life!!!! Truly. Build onto this so you are rockin.
“Energy is a trick. To build house on sand not rock.” quote
The mind that made it can be changed(to move u UP quicker like NOW)
“They need to forgive something: if weren’t attached great significance to symbols(id-ing with them) its not really who u are) and making them real.” Quote about how if you read “a course in miracles” and say you substitute all the J references with he/she or if you yeah you know block one usage of word completely. You have to forgive something so you can agree that they are just words, tools for us here.
J join beyond this world.
‘The voice of God is your voice, its ur real voice, because you are Christ. Theres no difference between Father Son and Holy Spirit in reality-but you don’t live in reality. U live here. Or at least that’s what you experience(its not really Love Living) oh ok ok ok ok thanks God …God and Love mixture there. until your mind has been healed by the H.S., u will need the help that the symbols of the course can give you.
Build-text. group(say a group to talk about the course like a book club)-but if they are given to holy spirit and used for forgiveness, then u can be certain He’ll be happy to participate with you.
Build, ok, so learn and be. Words here, words words, train. Learn.

Call God Love now/
Give up the value you have given it. So give Course meaning and framework for your entirety.
We weren’t ready until now. - J
“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.”
Situations-all have them
Ppl suck the energy out of you! Don’t let that. U r soul. Audience
So the audience maybs can be used to suck energy out. If used in love God way then it wont.
What does matter to you is the brilliance of their soul, the true.
god infused into ur legs.

Well its all really wierd because you find out. Separate. Meaning that you see people and you look at them and say hmm, this is happening to them and you label it kinda(what ive been doing in this writing)But now I feel ALL OF LIFE is connected. And its now here today where you are.
And this is (being) everything. That you find this out! Its great Jesus.
All they wanted to be was someone else(opportunity grows) and here they are working out the same weird life Eon Shit. So some people carry crazy life stuff for eonsss.
Get rid of that (negative quality).
The negative quality is not workin-realize that you are(and everyone else) is only soul. is (so just powerful energy) RIGHT, ALL GOD U. and yea so you rnt attached to that othr quality.
And I said Thank you j! after finding keys. And that is what life is. And God gave me heaven in feeling/experience.
Imagine people standing on corners like me sharing love info… (instead of saying I don’t want to be that guy just standing there like a joke sucking energy) ..or laughing openly with confidence. Or open with real visible love. THIS IS VISIBLE.
And THAT IS LIFE! LIFE SEE NOW< WHO U R! and you are it! This is life.
It is possible to talk using the words u do and have ppl talk back in their words.
Omg its possible to communicate with words see, when you know its only soul communication taking place. OMG THIS IS REALLY REALLY HUGE TRUTH. Omg and then I experienced communication with words that so weren’t even they were just like physicalizations(verbal notes) and deep down there was a deeper messege meant to it. And we are really (being) and words are used too, the (being) clicks.
The places most don’t look-there you find it.
Part of the J underground –lol it feels like this when one finds out.
Ive got to give REAL lite and be the lite for all!
Omg ppl are messed up –thinking their body is who they are.

And I think at this time, ppl realize the truth –reality about war and our country and everything related. So pretty much I Hope all know this by now. By history account and now reality. I think yea so lets celebrate this. And if(when)_ u r thinking about miserableness-u get that. You get that life is not this and there is so much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All HAPPENING NOW-all same-capable of learning what they knew-then with ur miraculous(ur way to be peace at soul) self teach or show/GROW.
All happening now.
Where are all the leaders?
And yeah no way hose you look to one person for a second and say judge them as m/f capable or not so much or able or not so much.
So you see that u r just soul
Ppl are crazily living!!! self is the way you look. So they can’t accept (famine, world issues. So chocked full of other ppls words, ideas)this way or Love urself US
Working out some crazy past life(10 years, 10 minutes, eons) shit out.
You feel (a negative quality about yourself) –they do too. Steps u take.
You are all just soul so you see and are that(its great)!
They want to be cuz they c it in u.
Its how u r BEING-an expression of who you are
I feel great. J way. Love you.
I feel great. The Real way.
With those and all-start dialogue as soon as you can (J WAYYYY)
Start it see the conversation.
With others on that level-and forgive all those awesome qualities..
Some people have these (stories they call what they believe) snuff at that, what not..and react same way.
But see. And they create whole lives out of this but im to tell you(choose words u tell about wisely , no judge) and live JJJJJ!.
Because this is the only ways of life-PARTY!! Exciting, fulfilling, peaceful life.
Loved seeing rev.(after I was at his speech) walking with smile(most jovial talk –because he knows about life-and what God does-and enlightened happiness)yeah.
Each meeting convo. Is a holy holy encounter.
Dis attachment from any sort of land/body/world. And yet not J
Ppl carry around so much crazy shit and I can feel it-so here is the importance of only seeing on the highest God-head.
So ppl are like living dormant. So don’t you want to be alive? U ARE NT ANYTHING BUT ALIVENESS!!!!
Chinese-God keeps on and u are here for the purpose of the now. Joy.
To feel –see- how damaging life otherwise is. Felt it in ur heart. UGH I could feel someones energy
I do not live by a newspaper news. I live by God –new or whatever time revelations.- See I cant possibly take in any junk news or any thing(ILL EXPLODE)! I am only soul and only work via soul magnificence-talking communicating.
They think they are getting there(smoker, smiling lady) its all fake! Fake vulnerable crap.
Stuck on past life-let junk go.
Always feel like an outsider-pushing looking to get in. stiff, anger-BE FREE and whole
Lady-still not enough!!!! Frown face.
Burnt out.
They didn’t look at eachother. I experienced what it would be like(idk in it(as these ppl I think I remember or being in real life cant remember- idk I experienced it thru a god vision)
To be in a relationship see and I know now.
This pisceanism is ur greatest asset. U ROCK. U ARE OKAY!
NO one way of misthought. ZERO no distrust in JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ
This had to do with a special change, they were UNMOTIVATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? m
You’ve got to get to know God urself.
“Nervousness is selfish energy”-quote
I am a stickler for Jesus Christ. And the confidence He.She gives me. YOU ARE. And all …it is.
Love for walk.
He turned me all around!
No judgement either way
And you can feel university dissipating into thin air-disintegrating. Surprising as I am going thru this and editing it on 10-14-08-sorry about the run on sentences but yeah as I was editing this I remember when I was on the bus today and I knew that my body was just like this. Just disintegrating, and see our real ness is like this amazing energy

Only LOVE qualities etc. are real.
OH! I saw it! When that guy in car looked I saw and FELT in my body the Blobzymes attaching to me and forming yea the crazy old view of reaction in stead of creation. Blobs will be talked about later on. (that term is from the movie, “what the bleep do we know” and a blob is literally like some sort of enzyme or something in body)
We are all the same soul.
Could feel it there-as open as sky.
Best site ever! Seeing only soul
When I can talk to you all love-YOU Are all love.
Fakeness=all else
So yeah you think this crazy life happened to you? Ha, its not even real. At this very moment.10-7-08.real what you can use. Now in this life. I promote love.
And my dreams turn into reality.
U r not a pawn. Or any variation of a crazy term u call urself.
So I see you only as soul-all the love you tried to get out of me.
So did any of that speech even happen?(after a speech I went to) I felt it this way.(cuz its all happening..all bliss is) Welp its all happening at once this way.
Heres the thing:I never want to be standing there on road looking like a dufus. Only there if with others talking about GROWTH. U r on a constant teaching time. (I will put this in nicer terms a little later in the writing!!!)
No vaca. For me-GROWTH < GROWTH GROWTH< MOVEMENT, etc and ON. Only live(god) sustains. And this is life who you are. (well I feel I am living God Love always)
And this will fill out to whole world to everyone. The most amount effort affect. U have mass amounts of inherenteness.
I go by my inherent(lk brush teeth J) knowledge.(all you know what u know fully is love)
And today the day that I am typing this oct. 13 2008 I remember seeing a person and quickly u know saying what I do(what like notes ive been taking about ppl in this writing, you’ll notice) and GOD DISSIPATED IT SO GOD DISSIPATES THESE THOUGHTS> OH BLISSSSSS
Like I love that I can see with whole eyes

To be miserable? No. lighten up and see how much you fly.

There’s all of it. God given, to you…its all you are.
Its freezing-no its not-you are cold.
Okay so only soul.
I am a ok! In body.
Ectasy given to me-experienced tonite but see this is just reality!!
THIS is LIFE no other way!
Where is the love under that phone call.
it all dissipates.
Its great when something is un scheduled. Allows life to flow.
Its who u R. BEING. –across the universe quote by blonde guy .

See (U GOD) build a foundation for steady living. All of the ways.
See u R only soul. God will protect me. You got that right!!
Relationships take effort and you have to put in effort!!!
O ok ive reached enlightenment so I can handle any situation. LIFE \ exact livelihood.
A location doesn’t guarantee god way-cuz streets aren’t soul. Ppl are.
The world is alive. Nature and souls. All God.
“The time has come to get clear about who you are and what you choose” 10-7-08 neale Donald walsch
So you must be, look, feel happy so you bleed…….
Im not living in the puddle of mess ANY LONGER!! Lived here way too long
My dedication is to LIFE J as LIFE J
A little bit of J is all it takes.
You just have to have J (think of a love quality thing in life” compassion….this is J)in ur mind NOT OTHER STUFF JUST J
That is God
Life is good. All J
Um so the instant gratification of say a coin in a machine is NOT REAL, there is a whole different way.
I take this life seriously .
We are not the concert or the peeps really-see we are soul (we are the soul connection) We are not the yacky high pitched squeals of girls see we are the kindness and friendship underneath it. (no insecure –say of youths). You see the friendship, companionship, OTHEr in the world and that is J.
They saw cuz u saw so clear and told them.
Yeah! I got it! So as I was walking back to apt. after emilys rad dinner time(we shared a lotta love and know we are close because of sisterhood and soul, could go on and on about this but yeah) and I noticed a mans soul=!! He was around a bus stop. And a woman not so much kinda afruit loop. and then I knew the hugest truth! The truth that we can be here to see seperates! See what I saw then I was overcome LIGHTER with love from J knowing Js way was with me. And then I could it like that!!! It dissipated! Aaaand Js love came to me as I said up there. Then it was eye rolling level god love to me soon after(so the god energy given was sooo much) . and to know this is what truly living is. And to tell others this love (soul) is (always grace on my mind). Always J on my mind as I was walking and now always.
Because I now have eyes I was seeing them dissipate, then let H.S. show me TRUth. See only soul love.
So in whatever location u are in-or say nay to , well you only see Gods souls in tohers and you are love, so no fear ever!
Can do with or with out.
THIS IS HUGE. So you can go about crazily saying it has to be this way. BUT SEE YOU CAN’t. do that logically because you have to be J.
Its living in the moment
All….is happening right now.
Juice so your body runs. Can’t run on blank air.
So this is an illustration I got from the Lord: elephants in a crazy world. And they became ants because of fear. Now asking eachother why don’t (inherenty know) we love! Then they become huge again(God WAY!!!!)(full of life energy etc etc!!!!!!) and don’t run under the carpet like ants do.
You are not feet! You are a spiritual one.
So yeah um I didn’t get here on my own(LOVE GOT YOU HERE) and am not here on my own.
And I have a great illustration about how love suspends you.
Love is what brought you here
And is all now.
We are all connected-love, love, love, love, love, love
All is happening now.
Yea so think that the world is falling-government-don’t think that way ever-yeah so love is all there is and use that to change the world.
So yeah I mean neale Donald walsch wrote this today 10-15-08 in the daily email messege he sends, “that change cannot be avoided in life. So do not resist change and embrace it.”
People are looking so outside themselves for truth.(as I walk .. UGH.
In u and stay sane when you walk. You are peace connected to only love.
Im fine just how I am.
Im set.
No need for crazy nonsense added-jump in and jitters.
Always so joyful!
“The human emotional system can be broken down into roughly two elements:fear and love. Love is of the soul. Fear is of the personality.” Quote.
“That false modesty will get you nowhere-nor will genuine modesty when its not required . honor and celebrate self thru happy sharing of ur treasures that you show other people that THEY are treasured. “Quote.
Keep pushing what r going to be(create(
“ that tomorrow is the most important day of ur life.” Quotes.
10-6-08 The ego gets in the way of so much. See you aren’t the ego. See now that you are only soul qualities and this is whole-like u don’t id with ego(experience this) and yeah see you are only soul put to life.
All is already heaven!!!!!!!!!!
And we wont pas out in exhaustion.
I felt like I was in the middle of the universe(reading a book that will help me out in my life coaching career choice im gonna take, but yeah not to focus on that focus on that feeling I got!!!!!!)
So this was like a vision and experience: so there I was my whole yesteryears swooped up , balled up then taken then there I was, sort of on a cross, but bold and free(only God self) and I yelled out a victorious AHHH! And here I am! ---so I visioned this, and I felt the ahhh! When I was in it, then I physically yelled ahHH! A release of ahhh hjoy!! Outloud in real time.
Train push or just go to lite.
You can easily (wrongly) think ur ways are right. SEE GOD AND ALL GOD IS IS GREATER BY MAN. SO /TONS millions…more like most mass infinity..you know what I mean lol MORE THEN ANY WORD . ha ! then I got its miniscule! Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeniest, teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeniest.
Heres the thing-God gave us LIFE.
And there is no other weay.
So live it constantly.
So I do live it-constantly mm jt. 10-13-08
Phew life is all right here!
God knows we are only soul, so there you go. YOU ARE ONLY GOD SELF
God gave me vision tonite it feels good.
Women think they are their bodies, Ha!
Guy is crazy! Thinks he is in time or this element or something.
The whole world turns in a different order when love is there.(there was a time when I was on a bus and there was a man talking to the bus driver and so ppl were friendlier, well just talking to another if not just smiling more, just a happier bus yo)
So yeah don’t know what I dream and what is real, I dream about real life situations.
Its like the dreams are a psychic prep cuz It ends up happening in real time.
Any source of wondernment is challenged by division.
-whole perspective has changed.
See here is the perfect time to now talk about all of these ‘noticings’ of otheres .Will ppl be like ah that’s cruel. Well yeah it is I agree but see its part of being able to see the magnificence seperateness. And please please read this whole writing(all pages)several times to see.
You couldn’t possibly think you are the only author. Jesus Christ, God Father and all His(WHICH YOU MUST KNOW NOW ALL OF THESE NAMES AND THEY ARE JUST TITLES I AM LISTING >>>YOU COULD USE THE WORD LOVE, which at this point I am going to tell you that I do not say God half as much I say LOVE now, and I will refer to the divine as LOVE. ) are the readers, writers guides. They are the path molders. They are the masterpiece itself. So take thjem to yeah be part of you, so you can BE!!!!!!
Beauty-I remember feeling at ONE with the earth on the sidewalks. ReturN
Life is the way it is , So we don’t blow up!!!!!!!!!!
But see we are already causing extreme harm to ourselves, always living a tortured, UGH way(in brain, life thinkjing.
We are only SOULLLLL.
So I want to write at this time, that this is all written on my journey. And it is a journey. So I would say a slightly liter version of this say now at this date 10-13-08 but its so beautiful it that I had that passion to see at that time.
See its simple. Its all reality. All the time. But it really is immense and takes up entirety. Because it is entirety.
I am the bright lite.
Nobody else-(funk)
You cant just want it, you have to be it.
The feeling I got around hue time ALL IS GOLDEN. No words
Ah! The feeling! Ahhh! Bliss to the utmost level! HEAVEN!!! Ah! Like a blue/lite shades
10-5-08-waitin on the howard red line track waitin for the red line and yeah I knew I was in a cream(that platform, that situation)(meaning just standing, just makebelieve) and reality was only the heartfelt ness of life and all of the qualities (brought into being, brought into reality)
so here it is
this is an example(im talking about the red line time- so each situation)moment) u are in is a piece of the whole. See now that you are exactly as you are. Whole life-well alotta sometimes it is a cream
Channel of Love rock =whole life be this way=FOSTERS LOVE
So…….. you are like a concrete ball in suspension kinda(but not in suspension. Lol just thereeee, anyways you are brought to be by love, held there in suspension by strings of love. And this is how you stand. This is how you got here and held in place.
You don’t want to be angry looking! Lolll
So yeah to go with dream.
The most reality-you never touch the ground but you are GROUNDED. Love keeps you stead on the ground. Feet to ground and head up. (its like you are CONFIDENT , welp it feels great, I heard this from a book to have ur feet go so oo deep into root of earth and ur head sooo energy high reaching up, it feels great)
Love TV-all-and all life(if programmed, obviously its so not its so liquid)would be Love TV but its so much more-its free and fully everything.
All life is are soul qualities put into life
Look to the line above. I always get stumped here on how to word it, really life is soul qualities. But see there isn’t a concrete word explanation for bliss heaven (you are). And yet it is so just plain. You are grounded. Soul qualities. IT.
And I know since I started my new job I am fully alive because it FOSTERS MY REALITY.
But see today, and all days I am fostering reality, and it is so clear and love and I cant even put it into words, its just who you are , so imagine that bliss. Its so PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mm jr. 10-5-08 TRUTH HUGEST an don previous earlier today 2/3pm note-reality.
Make (or as I promote CREATE) it your own-you are NOT a puppet nor told to BE. Only Love and Love is all bliss, all free.
Back to reality. THE VIEW FROM ONE LOVE WAY.
Can’t be pulled in 15 directions by weird worldy energy or others. (ex:walking down Sheridan to Loyola red line stop 8 thirty 9ish pm um sudnay nite from my apt.)
I want to say at this point that I know and have read that you must be a passerby, more so a great word is a LEARNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this is a truth that will set you alive and free and up!
A messed up thought way(like a way u are thinking, nt really you……..)never brings you to reality-you always float.
You are all GOLD the same . no better-so focus on LOVE and truth and don’t walk around lik eyou feel better.
“theres people walking around saying they studied with this medicine man or that med. Man , and so its like they have a diploma. That’s a bunch of bull. Theres no such thing in Indian country. You don’t show ur farith , you live it out every day in the way that you speak and the way that you help ppl.” Quote from book
SO YOUR BEING- encourage love tho.
So happy to be in great communication. Dangerous aother way see see only LOVE WAY>
So I know now and feel that this is the only way to be. Constant prayer your whole day long. And this is the only love way. This is it!
Immediately get bliss love answer.
Always love golden answer. (when asking questions)
And rest assured that this is all ther eis-the love golden answer.
I want to write about how I was so inspired at a Feist concert, and I wil elaborate at a different time: well heres one influence from the concert:
How one stranger inspired me…it wasn’t Feist…so this is a perfect clear example that .WE ARE THE SAME SOUL!!!!
Non conert related stuff: but for some reason it seems like it could be hm
I get this sensation sometimes, that I want to skip.”from momentum of ground and other souls” a bit of poetry from me.
These aren’t correct words to describe the breakthrough. I am:simply no junk/just rue reality. UR THE WAYS TACTICS.
I want to say here that I love friendships and what more could be said J
These nexts are fabulous what I got from heaven: they were like I was in heaven(well I am every day here on earth) but like I went to Love itself and I was so close that I was like there and got these from the same area as Love. Omg just to let you know. Everything happens all at once, ok moving on:
To know you are the co creator.
How fabulous
And this is heaven!
The Love Feeling
I knew years ago that a rule book for life would be great to know.
In times
Like out and in its you whole feeling
I saw thru true eyes again.
Free to be yourself! I saw this tonite. Livin it up in the real moment.
Im gonna be Love . knowing that Love put us on earth is the ppl communication (soul)..is life itself.
Im gonna live in this moment. I know this is reality. These elders, no judgement and knowling LIFE-pure love. As as as as as as as as bliss and peace peace peace. This all happened at a bus stop and see im typing it now re realizing it to again state to you that everything happens at once and is already Love so what else could you know? Lol J J so I was sitting there and a 94 year old woman was next to me and anther semi older lady to my right. (to add it was like a messege I got and I know it entirely. It was like a complete KNOWING UNDERSTANDINg. ) understand now that I was there and yea .(complete Love given oh! Ok this is life kinda. Telling. It tops the list. Signed, love.)
Create communication-the brilliance of each person. AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone is the same soul.
Take away the hookup aspect, that a man and woman can be otherwise and this goes for any conversation with even the 94 year old woman, so go beyond just talking to her, to set up our souls together in a communion.
So trained on fake ways, no WONDer its funk.
Only the way I saw on eve of 10-5-08 early 10-6-08 am the fact that this beautiful living-the fact that we are here . 2 sides-a course says the way and no other way.
We are all the same soul
Treat ppl the same.
We all know this(are this) and agree with it. One day we all will see it.
Dealing with something so you “have to be a certain way” don’t quite get why I wrote this, Im thinking right now tho and Love is making it oh so seem its right there in the back of my head comin up any second, ahhhh so its already there. Oh hhh ok nuts comment
Vices and cover ups when the world is already set
Never give in to society’s rituals. You are above all that.
Don’t waste away in shame.
You have everything within you because Love created it to have(be all it is) meaning.
So you like a certain thing because you seriously love it(insert any soul qualitieeeees) this is so because you create it to be your life see. So anger? Well that must be like a major life cancer here.
Do bring love comfort etc. in times of deep.
Don’t bring hatred(insert anything, injustice, to a weird twitch u have for ur body or ur money).
Im telling you.
Don’t ever go off on someone you don’t know, cux they’ll end up hatin the world(cuz if a lone stranger can do that, phew who else?????????????????????????????0
Don’t give in to society’s crunch factor of time.
They done put you to sleep
Killed (shot) by the machine that keeps on getting bigger by the economy. (to add this does worry me all these crazy lines I put in but again I want to lead you to the following lines and Love intervenes-is all there is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh ok its all happening at once)
That no financial crisis can overpower the peace of Love
See them as soul and bring them to salvation.
Don’t watch with mixed emotions
Don’t study imperfections.
Love is all meaning. Love is-all of it. Entire THOUGHTS ENERGY AIR the ENTIRE UNIVERSE.
A force of love, compassion, generosity, unity, genuine.
Don’t wake up with insignificance.
All is bliss.
See purity.
Once u realize Love then back boom badabing life starts and you see Love.
Life! Ah! Masterpiece!
See everyone is one. So you cant sit there so wrapped up in you –you are your heart bleeds to everyone. So you cant just be you. You are ONE.
From book ‘Profiles in wisdom’-“I am the holder of these wampums for all the nation(adding in these are belts I think, a keepsake for many, they had printing on them, not literally worn, but like a real gem). I don’t own the belts, but Im part of them. The belts belong to everyone. I am only the keeper. Any place I go, I always tell them, ‘These belts are yours. These belong to everybody. They are not mine. Im only the keeper of the belts.”
Its kinda hard when they are bombarding you with crazy. They aren’t crazy. U r in a way.
Loll so im going to bardge in here and tell you that im like annoyed a bit at all of this judgements I guess and I can clear them in an instant with the right explanation that I am just seeing seperatness, but sitting here im annoyed and you must be too, cuz this isn’t ur masterpiece, your like ugh that girl is so rude! But see im here to tell you that you can only have one way. MEANING ME AND MY WAY. And I only lead one way. And so everyone I see, I see as SOUL and I can LEARN FROM THEIR SOUL. And this is the truth that will make this all make sense. So please please take it in with truth.
You don’t have to be like in the lines(illustrate like color in lines )like FOLLow. Its crazy how ppl do 10-7-08
See you are not being u-u r being pushed . OMG!!! Mm jr.
Omg I cant believe that time floated by like air. (adding in here, so all happens at one time.)
Nothing else is real(what you see with eyes). So meaning that I was running around kinda in a fake world of like ppl and things and all and then I saw
THIS IS REAL..and its only LOVE energy, it was like only the higher level. And this is only life. OMG im realizing now that yes yes yes yes yes yes yesyes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is only life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG im in heaven. Mm jr. 10-13-08 huge huge huge huge huge
So I think I kinda am going to maybe let you know now that these are great illustrations of Love Life. And pieces
Don’t hate. Same soul.
Omg this life rocks. The fact that we use senses we are in heaven.
Do not see fear in others.
This life is so brilliant-this moment (where I was)
Like each moment-no matter where you are –you could be in blank room.
I want to tell you now that I am literally typing down literalllly almost everything I wrote in my notebook, so there is nothing taken out. I got a large notebook and carry it with me wherever I go.
I pray and hope that one day it will be filled with the most extraordinary LOVE LOVE ONE WAYness you could fathom and it would be LITE as a feather. AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOLDEN AND omg it will be.
I dear think its weird that you would have time(use time, be time) for anything but love.
Um-splendid in every relation
Joy thanks to life.
And heres where I wrote I would say LOVE instead of God from now and on.
Its not some crazy madness(madhouse) mayhem of a life(world) pushin and all. Its simple reality. U r eternal and must live all peace etc etc etc here, to BE HIGHEST VERSION OF SELF. To be?? Its who you really are and is so already set, so relax!
Heres the thing-its all ONE
And im gonna say here that I wrote this stuff then like after….. I read it in a book and im like woah! If that isn’t a real tell tale. So again, all is happening at once.
I feel at peace. NORMAL feeling. I am One.
So don’t block that DIVINITY. All Loves ways.
Dreams, intutions, revelation, insight-a few notes from the book ‘interview with an angel’
‘the purpose in this wonderous, most precious experience of being human is to evolve and grow, to learn who you are-not just who you’ve define yourself to be, but who you are on the most spiritually high levels and to develop ur personal relationship with the realm from which we speak.’
Trust those moments.
Rogers park align-so I walk through and know I only align with highest. Then I bless all else(really blessing me and what I think is al else-SEE ALL IS ONE oMG!!!!!!!) so the lite shines among us.
And so its not like I don’t like you, I just walk only for the lite(myself) and no other way. So I walk in lite and it might not fit ur stride, but I am set her and then in that walk……
….U can say bliss what not..u see too
and the lite is so easy to latch on to.
Phew when hit Sheridan and pratt there was a lotta feelable lite.
No searching in location or by people. IT IS hm, ?
Walk with my own then I latch onto higher energy and then im exalted.
Only latch onto high and tathat s the only way of true living! Do you want to live or no?
Mesh your body with this high energy. (to add and explain, so this is the most incredible feeling and to tell you this is the only way to live so life is so incredible! See your body is exalted outward and in of this energy and it creates u..
Walk only for urself. You and LOVE are one so walk for LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So yeah, put it all out there.
See their kindness, etc etc etc(WHICH IS SOUL> WHICH IS ONLY WHAT THEY REALLY ONLY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! instead of…………..all of the crazy lines you said abt ppl before.
So we are only alive as soul. In bodys ohhh
And also, we are able to feel the (insert whatever you wannnnnna!!!!!!!!!!!)(able to feel soul put into body)oh the senses!!!!!!!!!! Bliss, feel love.
Hand using human body resources
Ok so you cant measure. Mayb equilibrium. Ah I am gonna write about the gray comfort soul
Fully I know I am in heaven.

There are different organizations(swells) of energy. I bet im explaining the higherness
Cant even tell you. Energy flows (and pickups)
I think I got a visual of beautiful art at this time.
J Love eyes
Yes, that explains it. Soooo I wrote about how great relationships are. Welp I got that finding again as a realization . I wrote:
Relationships, of course starred and accented on the paper with pen and
=Here on earth
, huge, heaven on earth.
Peaceful, souls collide=art, peace communion
(adding here, oh so communion with love)

that passions may run hi-but they do not have to rule you
just let it go and return and the knowing and experiencing of who you really are. Try not to abandon self. Try very hard . in the end, ur soul will be grateful. Quote.
Give ur all.
Look thru your heart. Not thru ur mind(which always wants to protect you. quote
You always know what the higher good is. There is never any doubt in ur heart.
Noted that one time in a thought I had a ocean and sky view in prayer thought. Contemplative thought ill say. Its made up of the same stuff here on earth is.
Its about giving(this giving note is as huge as the relationship bit) (which as I said is all one, got it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and that is truth . give whatever it is. For this I gave lotion. Soul, senation-----all the greateness of life.
Im gonna write at this time that yeah, you cant separate all of this from ur life. This is meant to be your life.
I also want to write at this time, that these words are pretty sweet, but make ur own words, I know that you all have them, I am inspired by the way the capacity I have with yoga, or with the arts. Its amazing. Yu as a furnace. And to quote what I heard in a book that these are love ways. Have love be you. Because this is what you are. You are love.
So ppl are happy cuz they got it , what they got, a certain someone, thing, you know they have. But see yeah-once you see that we are all CONNECTED so yeah then you live. No sectioning off.
Just came to me, so you say you’ve got the world?
See what you wanna see. This is nuts and sometimes wel true. A course in miracles has a great teaching guide in itttt.
Preach? Just be. Don’t just be all like in weird zone.
Sooooooooo nothing at all is sacattered or at bay see, its all inside of us.
So its all like energy. Idk its like none of the physical or even words matter-well what you want in a relationship create-but see its all crazy energy.The energy is up high. ALL HAPPINESS/LIFE IS JUST ENERGY AND BEING(REACTING) THAT POINT WITH ALL!)
Grasp it.
o. m double g. and at this point all makes sense and I am so grateful. This is just as easy as air and it is.
So to add on a related bit I know of life where words don’t quite matter, or that words are brilliant self definers. And when the being is encapsulated by being. These bring soul communiation. And oh am I so in heaven right now. I could fly. And this is so what its all about.
So heres an illustration and ive heard b4 and know now:even tho one is in a different location u r connected. And you feel know that.
Oh ok! So feel that with all souls.
Just know always.
Free will for kindness…etc etc etc…oooohh hlove this quote from the book, ‘interview with an angel’ the quote is basically you have free will to do the kindness all those qualities!!!!
Bring them to their highest version-bt don’t suffocate them?
I am asking love that that is how I would love to talk always. (I have a certain example of a topic that was discussed with such vigor in a vision I had). And see that since we are all one I can very boldly state I WILL BE THESE WAYS AND FOREVER.
This is LOVE.
You’ve got the love given journery
So maybs from this entire huge pages you will see that Love tells you answers to whatever you ask.
See so there are no bad soul times, like labeling that . ahhhhhh, ok!

Book and added stuff of my own mind. Which ha! Is all one the book insight and mine!!! Yay!
U get to take all the love. SO love the most!
Feel so good. Its really the self inside. Book
Don’t live on blobs(you know what I mean when you watch the dvd, “what the bleep do we know.”)
There (and at this point I was pen in hand but I COULD NOT WRITE IT< LOVE DID NOT LET ME WRITE IT SO I WROTE the word There then “I cant even write it” no mistakes.
Nothing is by accident
Think kindly=prayer
Ur whole life is prayer-thinking kindly about everyone. So this is neat cuz I loved finding this out too tonite. Great. 10-13-08
Omg my eyes are beating outwards-Bold Bold. Prayer. THOUGHT! Whoohoo, yeah! Thank you. –(amusing and kind).
Egos will forget prayer. Nope not for me at this time!
Pray that you u align, god will=your will. This is what a book says to pray, you know be. And I like the thought, its realy only reality see so you align with that reality. So be.
Enacted and brought forth in ur life.
How much love exists
All acts of kindness, etc etc etc you see.
I suggest page 237 of the book, ‘interview with an angel’. If you don’t ill write it down a bit later J
Is there any other way to live? HA, no.

If someone insnt bounciful or at peace, well alive!! and love then they haven’t seen Love and can be told, shown and grow. Okay so if you aren’t love at that time then you aren’t love. Oh ok. So if all you are is love then align with the love and there you are!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha omg!!!

What can I write? Oh how pitiful life is when you are not love.
See you can only be one way. Two is not an option or even able to be spoken about as words.
Fabulous game of love
Here I am alive and so open at this very second-moment. Im not tied down by anything(any any anything) and love is me so is thru me IT! And oh isn’t this life, heaven, OMG! I found.
Give that smile to one-they feel it
Deja vus, so right on.
Oh delight!
I and u know at this very second I am one with everyuthing and I am letting it-no label or stop and articulate it.
Love’s great masterpiece is.
Every walk you go on make it like a detective game, find this item, find that soul awaken! Walk with stamina or a walk in the flow.
So yeah, you’ve gotta breathe.
Everything is so perfect with you and your INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN J don’t look at one situation as ah that sucks that happened. Cuz it was(is) perfection meant to .
Act out their crazy roles they think they are-is exhausting. So bless them and forgive them and know they wont do it again.
Brilliance in that person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They look at me with their OWN eyes of wisdom.
And we are one, we are totally totally ONE. Put aside younger ramp, you are WISE. And older nearest.
Look at ____________. They are so sick of the city(life)(society) we clamor upon.
Made manifest by the thoughts in ur (our)heads (head). Our own creation. But see its not real.!!!!!!!!! Because in heaven we only create. And I have been given the opportunity to feel this as I was in heaven and only creation occurred and I could be there for a minute then I was told it was time to create on heaven earth.
So don’t you see now-you and love are one LINES ARE INTERCONNECTED are walking and so the whole univers is one love
So love gave me insight on really now, what I must work on with myself. It was fulfilling and as all happens at one time, Is still great and thank you. Basically love just knows you can be your love self. And knows you are this
I was inspired by the (love artist ) I heard speaking and am so intertwined one with now-to be that thought(creative). Its brilliance who and what we are. Or the dancer. And this is where you must stay.

You should(HAVE TO)live your life sweet, wonderfully, sensationally, brilliantly, classically, classy, igniting, fully, MEANING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-meaning taken from love which is you and me and all together and which is from the you extension which is the book, ‘a course in miracles.’

Ah the core notes!! Which is really all you are. Trust me on this one.
I feel my core-ah warm. INSIDE. Calm. KNOWING ASSURANCE.l Ahhhh! The CORE . u are nothing else.
See that brilliance (love) in each person you meet seeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Ppl are in this mad dash to be(achieve, peace to create) something. And see all it is is that be achieve, peace to create.
So love dissipated that note for me J
And be all experiences(meetings) (trust me now that im on this subject all of everything be sacred) as sacred.
And that’s what u (people and I-we are all one) are. Soul. And in body to be.
Like joy.
Yes you know LOVE and they do too.
And always will be.

The hardeset ones you can learn the most from , cuz you can get so much from them.deep down they are only sou l so its always the easiest.

Yes, so to get to our godself.

We must be here now.

We must handle pressure kindly

We mustn’t measure up to

Um we are here to be alive

The grand re awakening. This is what life is.

To present youself with the most positive things to others.

Ur strue eyes.

This is a piece of heaven. Peach, beach. See we can never get all of heaven here on earth.

You will one day be here.

You made al that. You don’t wanna make.
CREATE. Is all. You do.

Outward extension.

Theres no reason to love otherwise

No time for anything but lov

Is this moving my soul?

Only in you. No other way. Cant find it outside of you.


No reason for anything else

Its not all about you. Far from this. Its about giving

Im passionate about life.
Instead of dead weight

Im careful not to tease or break

Stand up for yourself

And listen to family. ((((((((((((the whole world))))))))))))

Treat ppl awesomely.

Im skilled.

So here you go

All ill tel you

Anything else god, you are spirit.
In being

I cant even tell you what else, you are being it.

Major major thing ive come across a few life altering times. There is no death, you are immortal. But see when you pass it’s a PARTY you get to be with J and ALLLLLLLLLLL beauty underneath

See yeah ppl are jesus. They are jesus soul in ther

See yeah seeing with real eyes, thanks to prayer furnace. Walk with j

See yeah al the above………………..BE IT

Im trying to deal with how powerful I am.

Only latch on the high vibrations. And This is living. To put it lightly.
So you are the high vibrations. Its just real vibrations, you can tell its lighter and full.
So are your relationships and al ur reality brilliance? Well you better then be that!!
Youll be safe forever , always are!
This is(that’s what) you are, only love so that (this is) why time frees you is who you are –why it feels so fabulous.
I will love you as long as life exists an that is forver.
SO stop being in funk-living out crazy blobs(again from the movie “what the bleep do we know”) ill give you an example of a blog thinking oh im unhappy and like that blog of unhappy that is technically a like enzyme or something in ur body it like grows and multiplies(lol) no but you have a blob that appears like OH the unhappy I THINK and therefore make the blob of unhappy. But if you rid yourself of the BLOB THEN THE BLOB ISNT IN UR BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So instead be the happy, sharing, joyful, engaging, talkative, mentor, friend, confident, calm, at peace RADDDDDDD lol blobs, they are like enzymes in u. hm come to think of it I don’t know if all these I listed are blobs, I mean they are truly what you are so hmm, idk I bet they multiply…
No negativity
No crazy idea, -paranoia
Inner (that inner ness remembr) so then love and the universe works with you (freaking huge peeps)
And ur dreams are reality
Okay so there is no way you can be(stay, live) if you think you are some pictoral display-projection of something.
Think you are marie, 24, etc etc (just soul) NOPE (…well soul is a yes). Well love your marie 24ness etc etc and this will benefit you beyond love love love love love love love love love. Cuz it is who you are at this moment and this moment is all there ever is and ever will be.
Love intertwined and tells you.
With every moment you make BE J.
And love dissipated my attachment to ____.
God will clear u and give u ways. But see I am so much love, integrity and yeah I have a great soul and uve known it all along. How to be nice, etc etcso it feels RIGHT. Back to love.
So we secretly might some days wish that road didn’t exist or that smthing didn’t have to occure welllllll cuz we don’t want to attach to all of that BUILT UP FAKENESS JUNK when all ur a is the GREAT SOUL QUALITIES etc etc. that the soul (love) can then be the road or whatever the something is.
U r like a bee sting. Ouch, but still love.
I learn and learned they channeled their focused energy. And this is very useful. Ive run into a few ppl that have this and I learn from it, will duplicate it and be them as they are.
Love and people are one.
Love is repeatedly telling me that love and people are one. The same.
So in the exact sense, you are not just marie 24 etcetc not at all…JJthey have brilliance that you are and learn from.
As is.
Out of scene of character.
I could feel the love energy for herself and her child.
And that’s the beauty underneath. The love soul that I saw in concentrated energy and the sparkles type I saw with the woman.
Ok-so ill be fine.
Thank you to all of the souls that inspire me on a day to day basis.

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Comment by Punkin' on October 15, 2008 at 11:42am
woahhh you are speaking true words


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