Can you feel it in the air? NO? Well I'm sure you can smell it, right? Three weeks until the election, and it's ripe, baby. I try not to talk too politically, out of necessity. There isn't enough duct tape in the world to stop my head from exploding if I were to worry about it all the time. But, every four years, like a plague of cicadas, it is all up in my face, all day, every day.
This year has been rough. As if the usual election year isn't bad enough, two-thirds of this one seems to have been spent on a democralypse now (thanks, Stephen Colbert) theme. I could rant forever on the failings and weaknesses of our system, but I am too tired to even think about it, as I have been muttering curses under my breath and raving non stop for a year by now. I am officially sick of it. If, by now, you haven't decided that the system if broken, you never will. How could we have elected W? I am of the opinion he stole the 2000 election, but a majority of idiots actually ushered him in in '04. Kerry vs Bush looked like Frankenstein vs Gollum to me, but hey, at least Frankenstein knew "Fire BAD." The past eight years have been unbearable for me. Every time President Dum Dum tries to formulate a sentence, I cringe, and die a little inside. By the grace of a compassionate universe and good chance, at least his insane plan to put our social security into Wall Street failed. Can you imagine that?
Well, I am SICK OF IT, and declare Shenannigans on it all. Bogus, bullshit whatever.
There are other countries where things actually work. Look at Scandinavia, the UK, hell, most of Europe. In a weekend they nationalize the financial markets, and form a continental coalition, while we stumble and curse. If you had told me fifteen years ago that one day I would wish I was Canadian, I would have laughed, or tried to kick your ass.
How far I have fallen, how disappointed I have become, it's depressing.
Capitalism as a social model is a FAILURE. True, if you are making and selling "X," then it's awesome to make a buck. It's a great thing if you are selling, say, t-shirts, or those fake testicles rednecks put on their trucks. The making and selling of things is where capitalism belongs, as an economic model, but never as a social policy. What sort of plan does it offer the people? If the market isn't there for them, do we stamp them "Irregular" and ship them to Big Lots or TJ Maxx? How can profit be more important than people? Health care, education, insurance and banking; fuck making someone a multi-millionaire so we can get medicine, or education, or the necessities of life. As a citizen, this country is mine, dirt and all, and if you want the trees, oil, minerals etc., pay up bitches. No one needs 100 million dollars. Let me say that again. NO ONE NEEDS 100 MILLION DOLLARS. Fuck that. Take ten or twenty mil, and pass the rest on, pay it forward. WTF. Imagine how amazing our country could be if everyone was educated, really secure, and capable of contributing to society. We are only as well off as the weakest link in the chain, when it comes down to it. With education and real security we would be a stronger, more enlightened nation, and able to move forward, instead of constantly paying the piper for our prior half ass schemes.
Socialism is only a boogey man for the super rich. Yeah, the foundations they set up do good work, but what if they weren't necessary, but a nice bonus, icing on the cake we baked ourselves? What if we had a plan that worked for all the people, from birth to death, something to alleviate the fear of becoming destitute, bankrupt, or homeless? Accessible and affordable health care, and higher education? A nation of healthy, intelligent, reasonable people who have the opportunity to worry about solving larger problems instead of scurrying about trying to patch things up, trying to make a buck because that is all that matters?
Aaaahhhh, I feel a little better now. Actually, a lot. Who is next?
Tune in next time when I trash ...

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