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so rad.

yer so im posting a longer blog later but yea heres somthin for ya:

this is from the book "the new revelations" by neale donald walsch

" God and Life are the same thing. You may call these by 2 different names, but they are all the same thing. God is what Life is, and Life is what God is. God is the energy you call Life and Life is the energy that you call God. It is the same thing. Life is God, physicalized."-God

"true that life is just another word for… Continue

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i love that when something is so miraculous i cant put it into words, eventually the words will come adn ill be able to talk all about it!


god gives us this beautiful life giving energy that pulsates thru us. we are standing on beauty. wow. its pure. his god given right :) and ours.



so you must choose god. (i mean he is in all of us every second)... just god. your god is your life. youve got it.

choose god. we… Continue

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a present for you!!


to beatify existence/life....... all things are remarkable. (a note..that is why i am here too)

you dont have the will to do anything else, you have all of gods will.

with the lord as my virtue.

keep ur sincerity. that is all you are.

now be an end to all ends.

active, creative capsule.

god extends above all else. god is the all encompassing love. god is the serious one, the challenging and… Continue

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so lets listen

so yeahhhh i cut out this pretty little bright colored magazine page from a mag that i got free at the body, mind and soul expo..and i was gonna put it up in my apt to decorate up the place..brighten it up and there was a quote on the page that is as follows, "healing is possible when we can gently and passionately go inward and honestly examine, explore, question and understand who we(you) are."(being)--its a quote from a book from a lady. wellllllll i dug the quote and the graphic, the quote… Continue

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the funniest thing happened...

im gonna keep documenting this latest breakthru to you. it is now how i live. what i am and i truly know that this is more miraculous then words:

its you illuminated.

this is how we are programmed.

you are god incarnate.

it is WHO YOU ARE. with god.

and then some more pieces ......:

with.for.above.and about LOVE.

dont try anything just BE

its all there. its all there is. all is knows… Continue

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got it!!

i love it when all you see/feel..know is soul.

here it is-love and cherish your body.

we have god to brighten and live in us.-breathe us the air we must filter thru to awaken and brighten.

we step, step with rythms. in between mixes we mix, mix to show the in between.(lol there is so a story behind that one)..

when you stand you stand for something meaningful.

i can see the spark in ppls eyes.

i love when ur at a place when the… Continue

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Cancel the thought. do it with wisdom.

God works in ways that are completely out of my mind. in ways that stretch beyond any thought you might think. YEt its SO RIGHT IN UR FACE.

access of all love all around. u just grab onto it., its all in perfect measurement. grab onto it and give more.

u use ur positive thoughts and your highest self then you use other pieces--world on this plane.

i love that everyone can come together in gods name or in his… Continue

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the neverending storyyy..

yea so thought i was like atrayal from that movie when i was reading a book the other day in the chi downtown library. it was surreal

"not a thing you can read, speak or hear. experience alone."--book dont knw the name

just got this today- what do you do when love lives within you? you breathe it.

just let them love. they judge by their inner god/heart;/their guidance.

this was wierd, i was labeling something as wierd one day and i got this....… Continue

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yay im gonna try to completely master the song by john lennon-imagine. on the piano today in a few hours. im really gonna try to do it.. lets dooo it... must focus and mashhh my time and mindddddd. eiiiy!

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you'll love this!!!

now i diiid want to mention that the writings that i have posted before might just be specific for my situations so just to let you know.

here are some writings that i think are pretty neutral, everyone can get something out of it.

Its great to realize that there is never a lack of love. and you have access to it.

this is more for my case, but you can still like it :)---I really dont understand waht u think u are doing wrong. He.She gives me perfect… Continue

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Hows everyone doing? You good?



There is another kind of love in the body. Love for impatience and intolerance.

There are different levels (blocks think of the cingular signal tower...or of different height blocks and variations of these...that you are on, that you are...that you can associate with. You want your highest self...which block do you stand on..associate with, live on/with.

Mesh… Continue

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so yay

so yay i ended up getting some more inspiration for a song! i got some more song lyrics, like my other post imentioned if this happened again id be sure to remember so here it is!

i felt light all over my poast years and light washed it away to the abyss so that all that existed was now(the ever present now) and it was in my lords control and mine of course. I THEN HAD THE SENSATION THAT THE WHOLE thing was set to freaking music!!!!!!!! but yeah i was making the lyrics with that whole… Continue

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YOU YOURSELF are a miracle of God.

We should live in the light always. God wants us to be in this light constantly!!! thats all there is baby!

thats all there is. He is showing us thats all there is.

always ppl. its just life baby. its just all there is.

live with energy. energize ur thoughts. the most highly energized self is you!

Stand up for what you believe in, the Lord gives you strength.

Ur a darn artist, you are pure.

I can… Continue

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stand up!


Youve got to treat everything around you with LIGht! all things. it gulps us up always.

dont doubt yourself.

it starts faltering when you falter. but you can grow from it.

inner peace and joy yo. lol.

perfect peace, healing.

people bleed out into the air. e

grab onto god!

have faith that you are safe.

please keep standing up for yourself.

forgiveness, um just keep going dont dwell… Continue

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I vow to express any way i can that i am a part of god and gods ways.

what keeps pushing me through the air-tunnel yet open sea is beautiful indescribable god love. thats life in gods eyes. a mecca of life unfolding. its an open land but structured to his way. its like adifferent color/density-its a miracle. its beauty unfolding right before me. so i saw the world through gods eyes.

you dont have to live any way that doesnt constitute peacefulness.

what. so you… Continue

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so i woke up yesterday with the thoughts: "All that is will never change." in all reality god is also all that is not.

i then headed out to the red line and noticed that everyone was picking up the red eye newspaper. they are free and ppl usually arent that crazy about grabbing one for the commute, once u know once ina while ppl grab one to go. but yea today ppl were all over it. it was because of the niu shooting. i was like come ooon ppl theres more to celebrate..ahhhh! at the same time… Continue

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yay today freaking rocked. i loved it. yay.

idk i mean it ser rocked hardcore and i know its cuz i freaking rocked it myself you know.

it went well, the whole day.

it ended on an absolute high note.

and it keeps on goin, dude life freaking rocks me.

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dance fever

When you show ur way, you show ur taste.

Everything you do, want, look at, appreciate has an impression on u. its an impression of you.

Have faith in everything, You create it.

Memorize the lines of the skys.

There is no emptiness in you. Give thanks to the Lord.

You are free, the light shows you!

Get over it today.

No strings, no judge, dont hold it, let it go.

When you douse yourself in suffering you'll… Continue

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try it

If you knew how Rad God is, how just cool just rockin, God is, he is, there wouldnt be this whole preconcieved notion

all this energy-excitement, movement, reasoning-spark everything that moves and nt moves for that from God.

He pulsates through my veins and he works entirely through me. My all is there pushing and in sync with all the motions he puts in my body. So I am alive and alert working with my God blood. I am working with wat he gave me. a surplus beyond…


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chimin in

yeah so i thought of the most beautiful song last night-the lyrics for it. the thing is, it was 3:30 am and in the dark and i was in bed like kinda sleeping, tryin to sleep. and it was so great. so i wasnt about to get up even tho paper was pretty close. i really dont remember it to write it, pieces of it r now just in my memory. it was such a fun time thinkin of it, no joke it just literally linked together and was made. next time this craziness happens ill make sure to remember it…


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