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so i ended up walking today not like the usual sidewalk walk, i walk like kinda across this suburban mecca to head to a training for work and its just cuz its a weird suburban location you gotta walk cuz i dont have car and everyone does. lol so oo i was like walking and im like WOAH NELLY so here i am walking like ive walked for years, the same way and im sayin, No UH i WAnt tO be A StRaight BusinEsS walker. and that is how i rolled and that is now my walking and it is FANTASTIC cuz its how i… Continue

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lots of love!

ok, so to describe this. youve heard before that you have free wil and of course align with love will. see here that the magnificance is that your free will disconnects u from the opportunity to be a robot or a spit shined robot. this is the magic of life and I understand how you say what life is. free will to be here as am. i iknow exactly what i am am. full, intense, full of you can(are) and its a dual act really but we are all one) creat your ARENESS. ur way

AND… Continue

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you gotta see this

I reckon you’ll be here for a long time if you cant get past your past ‘phenoms’

Yes, so respond back with honesty

Yes, so that is a learning time. No hatred or judgement attached to it

You got everything to talk about . LIFE!

I found myself at that point realizing I was in heaven in my apt. right then!

Feel so close!

Latch onto life. Are you alive? Some don’t think so.

No other . no past, or future. And this is… Continue

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Ive said that life and god are the same thing. Now think about this, life/god/you/all love/all of life itself is

all the same.

And it is all happening at once. All the love is happening now and nothing else.

None of us want anything but love, and this is all there is!

Its pure love living in the moment. There isn’t anything else.

Move, change/grow, forgive, no grudge, communicate about it(whatevr way u see fit)

Just like… Continue

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_Holy shit guys

holy crap, life is heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

life and (god)(divine) are the same thing, you get this point? life and (god)(divine) are the same thing. ahhhh do you get it?

so i have the most fabulous fabulous points to type up soon. omg you'll faint.

im so in love.


yes so i am so loving life. its all because of J and the fact that this amazing life unfolds. was in morris for… Continue

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hey baby, hey baby, hey!

so heres to writing the most massive love ever, most incredible anything of anything. heres to saying that God gives you the feeling of like you have the world. that you are capable of the world. it feels like you have it all. you are strong and fully alive. its incredible. thanks bridget!!

Life and God are one. the same thing.

so energetic/so alive. God gives you the energy energy right when its right. its great.

when spiritual works thru ur veins. spiritual is… Continue

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feels so freaking incredible. real. peace. true

you dont need anything to be (free)(alive)

theres (doesnt have to be) (and there isnt) anything but love.


(God)(Divine)(life)(love) is your light source

reach that soul level with everybody and all else

no one can tell you how to be.

there is compassion ALL AROUNDDD. see youve had it backwards this whole time.

to know that (J)(God)(Divine)(Life) is good and has everything set so that Js way is all there is. so if… Continue

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god and life are one. so the god light walks you. but see you can say life(instead of god), but wait hold up there is a GOD.

living in the true moment. the true moment. so you cant just sya, oh live in the moment so go to a concert and rock that night moment. its actually the moment is complete bliss. its like the moment whatever the H ur doin. its really incredible . its like the moment has LIFE GOD IN IT. its say, something i dont quite have the words for.

so all is one.… Continue

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If you believe that life has anything to do -- anything at all -- with the needs or goals or accomplishments of your body, then you haven't understood anything at all about the purpose of your existence, about the reason you, a spiritual being, chose to travel through time and space with your body and dwell in the realm of physicality.

You must understand who you really are before you can begin to understand life -- or even tolerate it. Only when you know your true identity, and your… Continue

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a few pieces, still not the huge blog.

for ur interpretation of reality is ur interpretation of God's/ only Gods.

God gives you yourself-to you in your HEAd and HEART THE ANSWERS.

willingness to help all

see their soul in their(ur) hearts.

see you cant give them wats not urs. (u can heal that...)

you dont own anything else.

loveis all we are.

whats behind the anger-great bit from a great book about work adn spiritual (lol which is one like its all one). ill write… Continue

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still gotta type it.


love dispenses itself naturally.

this is from the book, "Dissapearance of Universe," "then you are naturally and inevitably aware of what you really are."

what simpler way?--from a course

and the course says that you just see the love in everyone and thats all they… Continue

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check back!!!!

omg i have a rad blog coming up. omg i cant get it up til next week!!!! omg im pushin this, so sorry, its gonna be up as soon as i can!!! besides the fact that this blog will have the most rad stuff up to this point, you should also look forward to---stuff about personal experience ive had -and others (like thru books of theres ive read)

lines of info like those one/couple lined phrases.

extras the original full content blog...

ah check out the boo, "Proud… Continue

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the single bleeding essence

you put the light on everything then you see it

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rawwwwk it!!

so yeah im pumped about life and about this blog and i really do want this all to come out in the raddest way. so yea i recommend the book, "the disappearance of the universe" by gary renard. i was readin it the other day. ive read parts of it b4 like a while ago, never really rememberd it, but thought it was rad cuz its similiar to the books that started it all for me. the 'conversations with god' books that are in conversation form, real neat to read. just neale talking then god...and in this… Continue

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so sincere, dear/

so if gods lawis love, compassion, generosity, kindess, etc etc then all u see is beauty.

only god-u-exists and you can then be only god energy pulsating.

you can feel the energy around you. sure in god. that thisis real. no seperation, truly is all u are, all the time.

that is becuase you think you need somthing. (go back tot he illusions..need is one of them) illusions uprooted like dirt

i was doing somethin rad and i got like an ego pulse comin in… Continue

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you already know this all!

you cant be anyother way but being.

or you cant be anything else but urself..uve heard that before.

so heres the thing i talk about being and beingness.ya so its really the you instilled in you already.

its living in the moment---->EACH MOMENT with god.

"your like a good book i cant put down." --christ

now this drawn out paragraph i am going to type is from last night. see i had an awakening last night about my true reality and… Continue

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hows the world turns around and becomes sound.

well i am my hugest breathe. hugest breakthrough.

so going back to my last blog. to explain a bit about those qualities ..what qualities mean, real are you. define us. are what you want to live by. its a feeling, a deep more inner knowing then my vocab. swarm of love. love.warmth love this deeper then the word love. morals-like a warm net. like water. "i am unearthed." no other way. u r feeling. u r not a body. its not body related. its like inner.

u r fully capable of… Continue

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to say it.

god is working at all times ppl! to clear you and show you, so dont hide it. god is working with you and works with everyone at all times and has never stopped doing so at any time ever.

"put ur best foot forwards all the time."--family member that passed to the other side.

so you are not the body. you are the essence behind the body.seee the one soul lookin gout, but see ur soul is over and around ur whole body. clear, clean soul. you are a portion of hte holy… Continue

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so right on.

phew i gotta tell ya once again to read the book, "the new revelations' by neale donald walsch. omg you gotta gotta.

believe in serious being truth in you.

omg this is beautiful.

can you see it? life is beautiful.

this is branching into the amazing way u as god/all that is/life works thru u. i mentioned it towards teh bottom of my last blog. this out of mind/body time. the thing is, it is you! its not a miracle, its you! you are everywhere cuz everything is you.

"there… Continue

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loves it!

yeah so what do you say to some awesome freaking realities? ill give them to ya!

all we are -all of everything ever ever ever ever is energy. so when you use only the life qualities of love life/god will be there. see? do you see? its all an energy system. its freaking crazy. here this is reality this is all there is, this this this is IT!!!thisis what is happiness and this is who you are. and this is all that life is about.

2 illustrations of the beauty - feeling gods… Continue

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