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see, remember? Know

so awake and able to see that this life is a buffet.vast array.ur welcome to.mecca unfolding of wonderful love.universe expereince of life.

you are missing it: ALL IS GEMS

and all is always this. there isnt an option. it all is. but i was saying that theres a whole lotta love.universe!!!

i asked love.universe last nite to save me, and im here today telling u love.universe did.… Continue

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best time

Theres only one.

all u wanna do is move forward. unless ur distracted. well everything but love(lows) is thwarting existence as we know it. EITHER YOU MOVE FORWARD IN LIFE(ALL AT ONCE< YOU EITHER ARE) or yeah you are stuck in nothing. land with no growth. ONLY ONE WAY.

and note here that in my last blog i wrote that lovemakes the transition oh so easy.

love.universe makes it an easy transition. so that if u are off a bit-EASY WAY TO IT

turn… Continue

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you'll like

its life=heaven

and thats all there ever has been.

and love is all there ever

u r the soul

u are enough skill, willpower and soul(well soul is all of this. all words involved)

theres only one time!

its being in peace at all times.

dont time the time(moment). you are in it.

the only thing that is(and IN) now is the now.

theres a whole lotta hours in the day. a whole lotta heaven. ALL AT ONCE!… Continue

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there is only one way


there is only one way. and there arent two. there is only one way.

i do believe that we are just soul. just 'soul' the energy that u can feel and once u feel it(its like inside but it feels like it is al u are, so at that point u feel u are only soul) .

its like this is only what you are.

i found this by communicating

and see u can see it when u communicate

see also this is all you are so this is a constant all… Continue

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write it up!

secret-from others

tell tale secret-that life as u know it is happening now and always will be 'soul'

there isnt any two horses! rest assured in ur awakened mind. talk to Love to set things straight in ur mind. Trust me on this one.

That i have the world(this is a repeat from several weeks ago just wanted to put it in there again. Love gives u the feeling that the whole world is yours.

the way you are seeing them-as only soul(so the 2nd, 3rd and this… Continue

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boy, i want to be alive always

well rest assured, you are.

all day 24/7 rja

its linked see, all love all the time. when you are this, you are living at all times.


ur true self doesnt hav any negative thoughts.

Love is making me feel so capable, like all my capabilities are like right in the open!!!!!!!!!!

why is everyone so scared of 'whatever'? its only soul people out there.

so i am sitting here going to explain… Continue

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theres only one way ur gonna be happy and thats constantly

or u can say it thisa way. the one way ur gonna be you is by being it constantly.

lolllli have to put that seriously Love/the Universe works in the greatest ways, im amused.

so i had this image in my head. an image okay, and so it was an image of a completely joyous time! it was like with ppl and it was a scene lemme tel you(it was inspired by love ive seen before)but so i had this thought and heres what… Continue

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last nite and a.m.

these notes are from last nite and the morning.since awakening 10-15-08 all the day(this moment) is Love. basically some of this writing is me adding onto an event. i want to tell you that since awakening 10-15-08 all the day(moment) can be used and IS heaven. and i feel it and am it.


its just that we are the lite.

its so simple

to teach that you are truly perfect when you are awake. as is. just realize. and benefitial communication then… Continue

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read me!!

I pray....(he he he) that everyone gets a bit of these notes, specifically the whole huge concepts of what life is. -this is given to me since i awoke 10-15-08. and this is what life is. what the world is. what you are with this, its all one. its an awakening to see that there is life(the energy force) that is the air, everything you walk by, its all encompassed as life. its like you are a soul bouncing around love.

The laws of the universe...(laws of the universe not literally meant… Continue

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you are


YOU HAVE IT ALL, to be full

and i know this for a fact:each second of ur life is heaven.

holy heaven im in love -fun quote

its just like you magnified. like -glowing- kind of more like internal and out too glow kick(huge oomph on life)

and ur eternal? holy crap this is fun!!!!

you are the Love

music makes me light

passion for all!

its like Im a fire

life is meant to be… Continue

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so i ended up walking today not like the usual sidewalk walk, i walk like kinda across this suburban mecca to head to a training for work and its just cuz its a weird suburban location you gotta walk cuz i dont have car and everyone does. lol so oo i was like walking and im like WOAH NELLY so here i am walking like ive walked for years, the same way and im sayin, No UH i WAnt tO be A StRaight BusinEsS walker. and that is how i rolled and that is now my walking and it is FANTASTIC cuz its how i… Continue

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lots of love!

ok, so to describe this. youve heard before that you have free wil and of course align with love will. see here that the magnificance is that your free will disconnects u from the opportunity to be a robot or a spit shined robot. this is the magic of life and I understand how you say what life is. free will to be here as am. i iknow exactly what i am am. full, intense, full of you can(are) and its a dual act really but we are all one) creat your ARENESS. ur way

AND… Continue

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you gotta see this

I reckon you’ll be here for a long time if you cant get past your past ‘phenoms’

Yes, so respond back with honesty

Yes, so that is a learning time. No hatred or judgement attached to it

You got everything to talk about . LIFE!

I found myself at that point realizing I was in heaven in my apt. right then!

Feel so close!

Latch onto life. Are you alive? Some don’t think so.

No other . no past, or future. And this is… Continue

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Ive said that life and god are the same thing. Now think about this, life/god/you/all love/all of life itself is

all the same.

And it is all happening at once. All the love is happening now and nothing else.

None of us want anything but love, and this is all there is!

Its pure love living in the moment. There isn’t anything else.

Move, change/grow, forgive, no grudge, communicate about it(whatevr way u see fit)

Just like… Continue

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_Holy shit guys

holy crap, life is heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

life and (god)(divine) are the same thing, you get this point? life and (god)(divine) are the same thing. ahhhh do you get it?

so i have the most fabulous fabulous points to type up soon. omg you'll faint.

im so in love.


yes so i am so loving life. its all because of J and the fact that this amazing life unfolds. was in morris for… Continue

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