soooo who was at the last show? at the 'docks'

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soonish...acoustic tour maybe on the way
:O!!!! where did you hear that?? I heard my sister today say that she heard that they may tour in sping but she didnt know forsure...any details you can tell me? or you dont know for sure?
not yet but i believe the acoustic tour is forsure. that's all i can say.
oh ok...well thanks Larissa!! now im super stoked D lol...Cause I was so bummed that I didnt see them on the warped tour list
thye played warepd three yearS: Pahah i was happy they got a warped break.
lol true...Its just kinda sucky that I got into them like oct of last year lol...I wish Ive known of them longer so i would have gone to warped lol..cause ive never been to warped before and i was thinking of going if they where there...same with new years day..they arent on this year also....ah well :S lol...Im too lte in the RJA game I guess lol
you should still go towarped. its always fun. even if the line up is bad *cough*2004 last good line up*cough*
lol tru...yea i still think Im going to go and check it sister really likes paramore so well prolly go to see them
lol at this thread being me / sam talking.









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