Whatever’s going on just vent about it here. I everyone else will try our best to help YOU!

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my dad thinks he still know's me but it's been like 6 months since he's been here and he missed a lot,,i'm not the ''little girl'' he once knew, yes i've gotn a lot darker but i'm fine with that,,is he?? i dont really care, my mom's been bitchy since she found out she was going to have Grace,,well thats been OVER 9 months ago,,you know wht? come to think of it right after my mom found out my dad was gone,,hhhmmm(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but life is life and we must all go thru it. I know death. death has found me, and i hate it but i will die, get to know me and you will find death.
I think you should talk to your dad. Like, he might still think of you as his little girl, but hey ALL dads do.
My dad had a huge problem with me talking to my friend Grant yesterday...who I've known my ENTIRE life. Hey, my dad loves the kid, but he's got a HUGE problem with me and guys.
He also duznt like when I shop at Hot Topic or get clothes from the GIRLS section.
He always wants me to be daddy's little tom boy angel.
And you just have to find balance.
I care about my daddy soo much that I've toned it down a bit on the makeup, the clothes AND the boys...no matter how bad that last one hurts lol.
But you got to remember not everything is about you.
I lugz ya lulu!!!
i dont think you understand
No trust me I understand more than you think I do. I'm going through tons more, and I know watcha talking about and how ya feel.
why do u feel like that?
cuz i prayed for her then not 24 hours latter she died.
sup guys what did i miss
i think you should talk to your dad cause once you confrot him maybe hell see that your not as little as he thinks you know just sit him down and say dad we need to talk and tell him what youve been felling and then he;ll realize your not so little anymore
life is just so hard right now,, i feel like my dad left when we needed him the most. only the page's of my song book really know's who i am.
maybe you should let him read one of your songs



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