I've always felt this way.
I don't get a whole lot out of life and what I do, is just the little things.
Sometimes the little things are the things that count the most, but I've never really done anything big and exciting the whole 15 years I've been on this Earth.
At my age it's so hard, this is the time where you're wanting to get out and do things, be a part of things, but your too old for most things yet too young.
I can't get my license for another year, I'm too old, I'm too young, it's just frustrating.

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you gotta remember though, you can make it thru anything. you can't let it overwhelm u. keep ur head up, and u can get thru anything. trust me. im amazed im doing as well as i am. i coulda been in a real bad state: depression and who knows what else. But you gotta stay strong. if u got good friends around u, it really helps too.

btw, im gonna say, right now, to whoevers reading, that if ur gonna laugh at ppl who talk here, or biitch about how stupid we are or anything other than help and support, you can go to hell. if ur like that, you shouldn't be here.
sorry to be so blatant, but it'd really piss me off if ppl did that
That means alot Brendan, thanks heaps.
I do have many terrific friends, I just have my times where I do get severely depressed, but you're right, I'm going to keep my head up and get through it all. We all will, it just takes time.
And yes, to those of you that are going to come on here and be jerks, don't waste your time posting cause as much as you're going to try and get us down, it won't work. Depression is very real, it's not a joke, it's not an excuse to anything. People try and tell you your pathetic, you have no reason to be upset, they're the ones that need to stop and think about how many people are suffering greatly from this. It's very real.
i feel your pain,, and yes i know how real it is,i've come so close and yet in being that close i found that there's no reson to be sad or down,,life is what it is theres no geting around it, live, have fun, and just be you, if no one likes you for who you are then they can go to hell for all i care,,no will ever see what your truely going thru but you but if you tell me i will try to understand,,i am here for any one and every one who needs to tell there story.



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