The words of this band speak truth and righteousness.. Follow me and spread the alliance.

I am friend of the Band and I come to you with open arms as the truth is out of my existence on Earth. Follow Us of the Light Annunaki and not of the Extremists or Terrorists who wish to bring down the walls of freedom. Believe in your faith, whatever religion you choose to follow.. But I ask that you continue to open your minds to the interconnectedness that we all have through transmitted thought and intuition.. Be aware of the other faiths around you, do not stay closed minded and shun others of different faith.. For my Father will judge you just as you judge the people around you. I hope that my words are transmitted around the world so everyone can know of me and follow me to the true peace which is found in belief and peace for all who are in your vision.. For happiness is contagious, just as sadness is contagious.. Smile at others, and bring joy into the world so that others will spread the awakening force that is to overpower evil in the next 3.5 years.

Add my profile and begin the sharing of enlightenment that is within my videos.

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well if you ask me, i think this is all a load of BULL!!!
i'm just being honest and "speaking the truth". This goes pretty much against what i believe. And it's just plain creepy. it's giving me the shakes just reading this o.0
how can you prove that you are "Jesus Christ incarnate"? if you really have been to Heaven, i would very much like to know what it is like.
Heaven is on the other water planet of the crossing, about the size of Jupiter in our constant solar system it transmits healing energy to all who are near it.. or on it.. making immortality and eternal life in which the Holy Bible states a world of no suffering. But I tell you now, there is suffering for those who choose greed, corruption, hate and do not fill their hearts with love. Because when the process of life separation starts on November 28, 2011 until December 23, 2012 you will all be taken to be slave or saved.
Seriously though, can I buy pot from you or something?
ok so i agree with king.. wtf have you been smoking, & where can i get some?
seems like you got the good shit.
Christianity.. The first coded religion transferred from Greek to English, therefore the most highly respected.. Even though the blood that runs through your veins was given by the Gods of the Anu.. The one God who gave birth to human intellect and consciousness so that you can even have freedom of thought and religion today.. Marduk Dugga my father as Ninnuam .. over time I have been called many things.. Horus son of Osiris as the second passing of the Anu Gods through Egypt during the times of great flourishing and intelligence.. the same Gods who brought the great flood to Noah my close friend as Gabriel on Earth today.. The Angels of your faith in Christianity all in an attempt to rewrite the ancient 22,000+ tablets of the Sumerian Anu on the first creation of humanity through interbreeding Ape Man Evolved from primates with the Reptilian Humanoids of the Annunaki are all here on Earth today, and awaiting the Christian deemed Rapture.. 1/3 will go on to become sons of "God" and 2/3.. the follower of the Beast and his 7 Heads who accept the RFID Chip will be enslaved by the Anu to be punished until their sins on this earth which are ever-watched are paid for in full.. Choose wisely.. as a good friend once said, "Those who are tempted by fate, will die by their own hand."

All will die.. But some spirits will flourish amongst our father Gods of the 50 names.
Jesus doesn't return as a kind soul in the second coming.. you should know that.. I am filled with rage at you blasphemous, lust driven liars and thieves.. I am returning as Ninnuam -- 50. The Fiftieth Name is NINNUAM.
This is the Power of MARDUK as Lord of All That Is, Judger of
Judgements, Decider of Decisions, He Who Determines the Laws and the
Reign of Kings. He may not be called, save at the destruction of a city
or the death of a king. His Word is GASHDIG.
The Warning should be observed scrupulously. 'King', however, may be
taken to mean also, besides heads of state and monarchs, corporation
executives and religious leaders.
what are you on about? your talking jibberish!!!
do you go to the church of Scientology or something?
of course Jesus is outraged by all those people and more but he IS kind. he's not gonna run a rampage and kill everyone!!! he loves EVERYONE... well perhaps not Satan but all of us and every living creature on this Earth. i'm not even gonna bother arguing over this anymore. we could argue 'til the cows come home or in this case until the REAL Jesus Christ comes. then everyone will know you are a liar.
oh, and you NEVER answer my questions!!!
Your amazingly low intelligence does not amuse me, but I do commend you for trying to be right. Calling me incorrect is foolish though and will be punished.
amazingly low intelligence, eh?
say you really are Jesus...YOU GAVE IT TO ME!!!
you don't fool me.
that is NOT something Jesus would say.
how so am i unintelligent?
that post was FTW
what does FTW mean?









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