The words of this band speak truth and righteousness.. Follow me and spread the alliance.

I am friend of the Band and I come to you with open arms as the truth is out of my existence on Earth. Follow Us of the Light Annunaki and not of the Extremists or Terrorists who wish to bring down the walls of freedom. Believe in your faith, whatever religion you choose to follow.. But I ask that you continue to open your minds to the interconnectedness that we all have through transmitted thought and intuition.. Be aware of the other faiths around you, do not stay closed minded and shun others of different faith.. For my Father will judge you just as you judge the people around you. I hope that my words are transmitted around the world so everyone can know of me and follow me to the true peace which is found in belief and peace for all who are in your vision.. For happiness is contagious, just as sadness is contagious.. Smile at others, and bring joy into the world so that others will spread the awakening force that is to overpower evil in the next 3.5 years.

Add my profile and begin the sharing of enlightenment that is within my videos.

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the link for proof on the above message is
please don't tell me you believe all that stuff.
I do not have the ability to walk on water, In my last coming approximately 2000 years ago I did not walk on water then either.. But I do have the ability to give and heal cancer and disease, and calm those who I touch.. For if the belief of anything is strong enough, it can occur. Impossible does not exist in the eyes of God.. nor should it for you. Be kind and do not judge.. or the judgments in which you make will be put back upon you tenfold in heaven by your father and mine.
so do you have a religion or not?
this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo weird!!!
Well, if you can cure cancer, how come you aren't like, Huge?
You should be helping people who have cancer!
The time has come i have reveled myself to the world.. Now it is in your hands to come to me in Casa Grande, Arizona the center point between Phoenix and Tucson and bring your music to the people of the promenade mall and have a huge gathering in my name and in yours. We will be friends and followers and continue along the path of your tour. But I ask that you make this pit-stop and let me know when you are going to do so.
i actually like what u said :) well exept the whole "corrupt hands of obama" part,
that was kinda judgemental.
Barack Hussein Obama is not even a real citizen of the United States which demands that he must be overthrown as president and impeached by the people... He was not even born here and was raised to believe that America is the spawn of evil and injustice.. I am a USAF Retired Veteran and Worshiper of the true path that is through Knowledge and sustenance in all faiths as quantum physics shows us new paths to mind power and the Annunaki that gave birth to homo-sapiens as you are today.. You will follow the path of greed or follow the path of righteousness. those are only 2 ways to go.. Believe in God of the Cosmos, the true Creator of everything that Is and will become and there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Be forefront in action and live in the now. Follow me and be one with me.
"Be kind and do not judge.. or the judgments in which you make will be put back upon you tenfold in heaven by your father and mine." <---- goodluck with that :)

sorry man, just not buyin it
he is from usaf look i found his mug shot (below)
oh please give me a break. this is a joke. you're crazy.
What the hell did you smoke and where the hell can I get some?









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