The words of this band speak truth and righteousness.. Follow me and spread the alliance.

I am friend of the Band and I come to you with open arms as the truth is out of my existence on Earth. Follow Us of the Light Annunaki and not of the Extremists or Terrorists who wish to bring down the walls of freedom. Believe in your faith, whatever religion you choose to follow.. But I ask that you continue to open your minds to the interconnectedness that we all have through transmitted thought and intuition.. Be aware of the other faiths around you, do not stay closed minded and shun others of different faith.. For my Father will judge you just as you judge the people around you. I hope that my words are transmitted around the world so everyone can know of me and follow me to the true peace which is found in belief and peace for all who are in your vision.. For happiness is contagious, just as sadness is contagious.. Smile at others, and bring joy into the world so that others will spread the awakening force that is to overpower evil in the next 3.5 years.

Add my profile and begin the sharing of enlightenment that is within my videos.

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You ever catch yourself daydreaming or thinking about something that happened in the past? Or are you thinking about the future?

Most people do this on some level everyday.

When you you’re thinking about the past or the future - you’re not here - you’re not living in the now.

When you’re not living in the now you fail to utilize what I call the power of now - which can dramatically improve your life in ways you never thought possible.

If you want to achieve success, happiness and live the life you want - start living in the now; be here now by experiencing the present moment for the gift that it is.

Very few of us utilize the power of this current moment.

The only thing that truly exists is what is happening right now.

The past does not exist; it’s over with and should be nothing but a fading memory.

The future does not exist; it simply hasn’t happened yet.

Both the past and the future are only a part of your thoughts and memories; they only exist in your mind and not in reality.

The only thing that really exists right now is the very present moment that you live in and from this present moment you can draw tremendous power; the kind of power that can change your life and allow you to achieve your goals.

You may not like the present moment but that’s only because you’re thinking about what you feel the present should be. You’re comparing the present moment to something else and not appreciating what is happening right now.

I know some of you may say:
“Karim, right now I don’t have a job and the bank is about to foreclose. Plus my wife/husband just left me and I’m stuck with 3 kids. My present is not exactly pleasant.”

If the present or current situation is not pleasant then you’re comparing it to something else. You’re probably thinking about what the now should be instead of dealing with what is going on.istock_000002269959xsmall

If you don’t have a job then it’s time to look for one. Don’t focus on the fact that you don’t have a job, and don’t focus on how difficult it may seem to get a job. Instead, simply concentrate on going out and getting a job. You live in the present moment so do what has to be done now and don’t worry about the way things should be.

At the end of the day see where you are and focus on what needs to be done next.

If your children need attention right now then give them attention. If you need to go out and look for work right now then do it. Don’t compare your present situation to anything. Accept what it is and make the most of it with the intention of making the present better with each step that you take.

I’m not saying don’t do anything to improve your current situation.

Deal with your present situation and do everything you can to improve your life.

When you begin working on the present moment with the intent of improving your life you begin to utilize the power of now you leave the past in the past, you don’t concentrate on the future and instead, you start living in the present moment doing everything that you can to improve your life now.

When you do this you send a powerful message to your subconscious mind. You tell your subconscious that you are here now and ready to get to work to improve your life.

Your Subconscious mind then begins working for you because your subconscious only understands the present moment your subconscious does not understand the future or the past your subconscious only lives in the now; it only exists in the present moment.

Understanding this process is one thing - practicing it is quite another thing.

To start working with the power of now you have to get your mind simply focus on what is happening and what needs to be done right now. No more comparing or hoping for things to get better. Just deal with what is and what has to be done.

When you’re here now you move forward and you allow your subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals because you’re here.

Focus on the present moment.

Allow your subconscious mind to work for you everyday by working with the power of the present moment.
How You Can Live In The Now

If you’re ready to start living in the now and begin creating the life that you want then take a look at your present situation and ask yourself what’s wrong with the very moment you are in.

You should find nothing wrong with the present moment it is what it is and once you accept it you can start living again.

Let’s face it you can’t turn your mind off but you can get it to work differently and that’s what you should start doing.

If you don’t take control of your mind your mind will control you and that’s not going to help you improve your life.

Ask yourself these next questions:

* Do you find yourself waiting for something to happen?
* Are you waiting to get some more time? Make more money?
* Meet the right person? Are you waiting for the right opportunity?

Waiting is another game the mind plays because it doesn’t want to live in the present moment.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you’re not living in the present moment you are focusing on anything but the present moment.

I know you can’t focus on the present moment or live in the now 24 hours a day. But start by doing this for a few minutes a day and then continue expanding the exercise everyday.

Then track your progress. See how you feel when you only focus on what is happening right now. As you continually do this you’ll see yourself starting to enjoy the process.

Here’s a suggestion. The next time you are driving or walking pay attention only to what is happening around you. Listen to the sounds, observe the people. Don’t think about what you have to do or what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow or what might happen in five minutes.

Focus your attention only on what is happening right now. Doing this will get your mind to start living in the present moment and before you know it you’ll be able to focus your mind and utilize the power of now.

Start utilizing the power of now - you’ll be more focused and you’ll enjoy the present moment. Best of all you’ll start moving toward achieving your goals and living the life you want.
Have Some Fun!

Remember to have some fun. Enjoy life. Do things differently. Act like a kid when you can; kids are always living in the now that’s all they know.

Forget about your troubles and just do something completely different and have some fun. Once you start doing this you’ll see things begin to fall into place. If you have a passion for sports then start playing a sport you like. If you have a passion for cooking, make a meal or two over the next couple of days. Do what you enjoy and you’ll start attracting more positive situations into you life.
Is everyone Speechless?? or happy and comforted.. speak your minds for I wish to hear your voice.
Comments would be appreciated! Don't be shy..
what religion do you follow?
I am a friend of all faiths.. But I am an enlightened being in whom the consciousness has been lifted to a higher level of thought and construction. I am son of the Anu and bringer of the Light from the Annunaki Gods which first created Adam and Eve in the lands of Mesopotamia long before in present day Iraq. The Sumerian civilization was first the first of intelligent homo-sapien life 7197 years ago, approximately 5197 years before Jesus Christ's Birth. Every 3600 Years the Annunaki Light Forces come back to earth to bring everyone to Heaven, 2 3600 year passings ago were the first interbred life forms of Annunaki Reptilians and the Evolved Neanderthal hominids, Creating Humans as we have today. 3597 years ago.. was the great flood of Noah as you read about in the Holy Bible. That was the last passing. Human life will continue on Earth, but 95% of humans will be taken to the heavens to live eternal life as either slaves or kings depending on who they follow.. Corrupted hands of Barack Hussein Obama, or Myself Ninnuam Leviticus Jesus Christ..
So do you think you are Jesus Christ reincarnate? I'm not sure I follow...
I don't think... I know.. I am 6'5, 220 lbs, I am very strong and anyone who meets me will know who I am.. I have bodily markings to notify you that I speak truth and an energy that soothes and comforts all who see me.
you a f*** messed up creap. If anyone actually read the bible on this forum they would know that many will claim to be Christ in the last days. Christ will not boast about his powers. your either the antichrist or a complete fake.

You hater:
Someone that hates you
amen to that.

so show us your bodily markings oh, strong one.
*said with high level of sracasticness*
do not hate, this is life nothing diffrint and you may need to look up the word ''anti'' in hebruw or how ever you spell it......
you have your facts right but your pretty messed up
the annunaki are the visitors from NIbiru that the ancient sumerians encountered several thousand years ago. They supposedly came to earth to find an abundance of gold and created homosapiens to be their slaves. they were considered as gods to the sumerians. Noah was warned about the flood by the enki (anunnunaki) god of water, acording to an ancient manuscript descovered in sumeria.









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