Ronnie Winter's Birthday is getting closer! (December 4)

Anyone planning on sending him some stuff?

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If I lived in Jacksonville I swear I won't stop going around each neighborhood just to find his house. Now, I'm not usually the type of "obsessed" fan but shit! This is THE Ronnie Winter we're talkin about!
I just wanna know where he lives so whenever there's a special occasion i.e. his birthday I can send him stuff. Just to show some love to yet another awesome dude.
Sure I might say hi when I happen to walk by his place and he's there on the front door, maybe ask him for a couple of pictures and an autograph but other than that I'll leave the guy alone. A pic and an autograph will shut me up for quiet a while. lol.

If I were him I won't be totally creeped out to the point where I'll be all paranoid and stuff. Subconsciously, I'd probably know that that shit will happen someday. And I'm pretty sure it already did and is currently happening as we speak err post.
Yeah "MOST fans". So I for sure as hell don't doubt it.
One word: CHILL!

Seriously, don't lecture me about ''respect'' for I didn't do shit nor will I be able to in the near future. I don't know if you're "just saying" 'cause it kinda sounds like "bitchin" as well but unlike your approach, all the things I posted here, I'm really JUST SAYIN. For Ronnie's sake I live in the other side of the country from where he's at.

IF EVER I do something other than what most of the people would do to greet him, I'll let you know and you can gripe all you want. k?
i'm sure writing a comment on his page will suffice. xD
That's just pretty much what everyone will do. lulz
ok, now.. i'm sure everyone in this thread is trying to be nice.. but to be blunt, do you have ANY idea how much of a crazy stalker you sound like? i don't care if you're a fan and want to wish him a happy birthday in person... you are not any different from any other alliance member on here, so why do you think you deserve special treatment? you've got the narcissistic personality where you think you might very well be special enough that he would risk whatever privacy he has managed to salvage, and give you his home address? wake up call sweetheart, just by starting this thread you've labeled yourself as "CRAZY STALKER GIRL!" well done.
now before i end this.. i have to add that you need to lose that lip, or you will not fit in here. especially picking PUNKIN to pick on! one of the most respected people on this entire alliance, and you picked her.. probably not the brightest move you'll ever make. since she is respected by most of the alliance, saying anything negative against her is just gonna unleash a lot of negative karma, and it's gonna bite you right on the ass. now all hell won't break loose this time, but it will if you start running your mouth again. this place has had enough drama, and we do NOT need you making it any worse.
now, i'm sure you're actually a pretty nice kid.. and while it's gonna be awhile until people stop remembering you as the crazy stalker girl who wanted ronnie's home address.. it's possible. with a little more effort, and a little less attitude, you'll fit in just right.
Lol. Trying to be nice, you say? Well in that case someone clearly failed to do so. "Special treatment"? Where the hell did you pick that up? A shit hole most likely? What, do you think I'm a handicap or something? I'm not demanding for you guys to give me his damn address, I'm just saying that it'll be nice to send him something. And just for starting this thread, I got labeled be it "accused" of being a "crazy stalker girl" doesn't make you any better. This is only a 3day old thread & yet you're already passing judgment. Well done to you too!

And I would like to point out that there's a difference between picking on someone or just honestly being forthright about one's opinion. Compare Meghan's approach to Punkin's. There's an obvious difference vibe-wise. You speak of karma yet you weren't able to deduce that I'm just bouncing the wave they sent back to them.

"and it's gonna bite you right on the ass"
Was that suppose to be a threat? 'Cause I'm really scared for apparently I'm being rude at someone...on the InTeRnEtZ! If you don't want drama, then quit shoving everything people (whom you don't know jack about) say up your ass. For fuck's sake it's a freakin FORUM!

"with a little more effort, and a little less attitude, you'll fit in just right."
Hah! Goodluck selling that...'cause I for one ain't buyin it. I'll put whatever amount of effort I want and be a total asshole/complete sweetheart. Which ever one suits me (or any of the points in between that range) will be the one projected. I don't need you to state anything for me, thank you very much.
1.) It was already stated that he doesn't give his address out even before you posted your first response on here. Is there really any need to explicitly declare the obvious twice?
2.) I called you a bitch? Are you sure? "cause as far as I can remember, I only said you sounded like you were bitchin as well and not "just sayin" like you claimed you were. There's a difference. If there weren't any, then I wouldn't have cared about the way I worded it.
Hey guys come on, no reason to fight. She just wants to meet Ronnie like all of us and it's really not that wrong. So everyone let's just chill and have fun. ^^
you know what, lol. unlike you, i know when people are just a waste of time.. and you my dear, are a waste of time. i'm not even gonna bother arguing with you coz by doing that i'd be sinking to your level. but a word of advice.. being a bitch to everybody on here will get you nowhere, other then banned really quickly. what goes around comes around. have a great life being miserable. :)









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