To Red Jumpsuit Apparatus:

I attended your concert in Las Vegas, NV last Saturday. Let me first start with the positives. I love both of your albums and I have to say your overall performance is stellar. However at this particular show I was a bit disappointed.
Firstly, You were the main band and you only played about 40 minutes. That is just a little longer than the band just prior to you. I realize you are only getting paid to play for so long but wouldn’t you be disappointed if a main band played for just 40 minutes.
Secondly, only two songs from the new album were played. Honestly what is with this? I understand maybe more of the audience knows your first album, but how do you expect to expose them to the new one when you only play two songs. I personally recommend Lonely Road and Step Right Up. Overall a more balanced set list is something I expect from a band who is supposedly trying to promote a new album.
Third, I have seen three of your performances total and you always end with the same song (Grim Goodbye). I definitely like this song and it is very powerful, but have you thought about changing the last song? Those of us dedicated fans that attend multiple shows already love your work, but would maybe like some variety in the set list.
Overall your show has become predictable. Especially at the Las Vegas performance with such a small venue it would have been appreciated to get something extra special from the band such as a rare song choice or possibly some new material never before heard. These specializations make me want to attend a band’s concert. If a band isn’t going to give that little extra back to the fans at the show, I feel there is no need for me to attend. Until I hear of some quality changes I will not be recommending anyone to see your show who already has and I myself will not be attending any more shows for the time being.

Thanks for your time,

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everybody is a critic.
give em a break i wouldnt play for an hour and ahalf if i only got paid for forty minutes either.
blame the producers of the concert not the band
just a thought: for their hectic sched, it would be kinda impractical to change their playlist every now and then... they would have to practice the songs before performing it.... and for the time... they dont own their playing time on stage....
it's their band and they should be allowed to play whatever they want, without people, especially fans, complaining about it. I do agree about them playing some more lonely road songs, though, because its a great album.
I don't Care what they play!
I would be damn happy if i got to see them 3 times!
They didn't close with Grim Goodbye at the 4/18 Kearney NE show!
I wish they did though!
Them only paying for 40 mins. could be do to a number of reasons like venue curfews, noise ordinances, how far the band has to drive to the next show etc. The guys like to hang around and meet fans and honestly, I would rather them play for 40mins and have time to meet fans then to play for an hour and a half and have no time to meet the fans thus leaving the impression with some fans that they are jerks that dont want to meet/appreciate the fans(and yes people do get that impression when that situation arises)

Honestly the setlist in my opinion depends on the guys's moods. I have been to a concert where they only played You Better Pray and Pen & Paper off of Lonely Road and then I have been to a concert where they have played multiple songs off of Lonely Road. You also have to understand that a lot of the songs on Lonely road have special effects used like string instruments etc and Ronnie is not the type of person to put those on a track and have the sound guy push a button. He even told me once that he wants to learn violin so he can play the string arrangements live.

As far as them ending with Grim Goodbye each time, I personally like it because for me its like the guys saying the show was awesome and it sucks that we have to leave you guys.

I've seen them 11 times and each time is different and memorable experience. Even though the setlists might have been similar and predictable there are so many other variables that make each concert different such as ronnie's interaction with crowd and the crowd's interaction with him and the rest of the band.
Oh my God, Jessica! I think you've found your calling in life! You could write open letters to every band you see live, informing them of each little thing that disappointed you about their show! Someone has to do it...

I mean, enjoying the show and taking in the experience? That is absolutely absurd! Let's focus on the stuff that didn't manage to satisfy your obvious "dedicated fan" standards. Now that is a good time! And clearly, after seeing them three times, you are qualified to give them instructions. After all, it's not like they know what they're doing, am I right? Pfft. Total n00bz, those guys.

All the super dedicated fans should totally not recommend or attend their shows. 'Cause that's a sign that you really are super, super dedicated, ya' know?

I remember the last time I saw them, they played forty minutes of Red Jumpsuit songs that everyone knew! And they did it without using any sort of back tracks for extra arrangements! I was pissed. I mean, c'mon, where's the variety? Forget fan participation and actually playing everything live. (They should have gone all out like Britney at the 2007 VMA's!)

Oh man, and, get this - I think they were having a good time They were smiling and making eye contact with people and genuinely enjoying the atmosphere, while totally putting their hearts into their performance. Then, instead of playing for twenty extra minutes, they came and hung out with everyone who stuck around. Ronnie even greeted everyone as they were leaving! I mean, what the shit is that? GIVE US MORE! (Once again, like Britney does...)

Maybe they need some flashy costumes and dancers. Oh and, maybe some circus animals. You're from Vegas, Jessica, so you should be qualified to help with that, right? Maybe even offer the guys some choreography lessons? I'm sure you know all about that too.

P.S. Thanks for paying attention to all things that are even the teeniest bit negative and being a sour-puss so that other people can be happy and enjoy themselves!
Oh, Elyssa. You are my hero. But seriously, I can't stop laughing.

You know how in SLC Punk they talk about... not being that guy? Well, someone should make it an unwritten rule to...not be that fan.

I'm pretty sure I've stood next to these types of 'dedicated' fans at alot of shows I've gone to. Not just RJA, but all bands I've seen. You know the ones. They usually end up right behind me in my ear screaming, "Pete, Jack, Ronnie, or insert whichever "like totally hot" guy from the band you are seeing that evening. They spend most of the night texting on their phone. They yell out the band's current radio song title between each song. (As if they are worried they might not play it.) They squeal like a stuck pig when the said radio song comes on.

Seriously, are we suppose to feel jaded if the set is only 10 minutes longer than the previous band? Why do you even know how long the set was? Staring at your watch all that time makes it hard to enjoy the musical experience.
And do you honestly think that you are entitled to a rare or previously unheard song? That to you is the 'little extra' you deserve? They are on something like a 38 city tour. Yeah...okay.

As for Grim's a's saving the best til last. The creme de la creme.

I listened to your recommendation, but I'm afraid I shall chose to ignore it.

I enjoy every word of every song they sing. Whether it be 20 minutes or two hours. Old song, new song, cover song, or just Whistlin' Dixie ;) They have my undivided attention, my heart, and soul til the last note of Grim Goodbye. I could watch the same show, hear the same setlist, and would still never feel disappointed enough to come home and write a letter like you did. I'm quite content that many other fans feel the same way I do.
hahaha Whistlin Dixie. =]
ditto to what everyone has said,
and they have to give Matt some time to learn the new songs, so relax.
Haha this is the most absurd thing ever. First off, grim goodbye is something they usually always end with. Second, don't attend any more "predictable" shows. Everyone else has seemed to enjoy them for years. Third, it's up to them what they want to play and it's rude of you to demand them to change their set. I agree, with Lynn and Elyssa 100%. I've seen too many girls stand behind me and say "I love you Ronnie please marry me" while saying "I hope they play face down or your guardian angel" and then singing the wrong words and screaming when Ronnie comes close. Ugh..We've all been there. I guess that's the new definition of "dedicated" fan. So to end this comment, this just shouldn't have been put up here to begin with.
grim goodbye should always be last :)









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