i keep having nightmares about The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. O:
it's scary! D:

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yeah i had those once...that's when you know you gotta stop listening to them before you sleep lol
haha, i haven't had any nightmares of them just really strange dreams. there was one where Ronnie was SUPER HOT with really long hair tied back in a ponytail and a MASSIVE 6 pack and was talking absolute gibberish to me and all the boys in the band were break dancing on a basketball court topless o.0
i woke up laughing XD
omg kimmy that's hilarious! XD
i know me to!! well its good nightmares....lol you know Ronnie asks me to be part of the band and i say yes and then some thing happens to poor Staci and i marry Ronnie...in my dreams i call him Rons....lol no joke!!!
he hates my guts in mine! xD
he shaved off all his hair in,had a kid named tyler,and was being really mean to me. D:br /> theen in my other one,he kept making out with my sisters best friend on my couch,and he hated me because i was being an annoying fan.
damn that sucks. whenever i have a dream about someone i admire, love, or think is hot it's usually an enjoyable dream. except when i dream about famly members they tend to die T_T no joke!!!
aww,then yer lucky about the someone you admire part. xD
they die?
in mine,someone i love like my parents,get a part of their body chopped off. O:
it's messed up,too! Dx
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! why do dreams never make sense? one time i had a dream and i rememberd it the next morning and thought,"wow that was wierd," but two years later it actually happened!!!
i have a lot of dreams where i'm watching a movie but it's like i'm really there and it's ALWAYS got something gross happening like someone getting their eye gouged out and in my dream i'm trying not to watch and covering my eyes. the worst part is that it is always my worst fear. it's like i'm watching my fears being played. sometimes i wish i wouldn't dream T_T
haha, my friend has only ever had a few dreams and in one of them she slep talked and said, "yeah i know how to spell Dylan,"and then she said a whole bunch of random letters. i almost wet myself XD
oh wow!
that sounds terrifying,do you watch a lot of scary movies?! D:
lmao,i love when people talk in their sleep, xD
i woke myself up one time because i was singing 'pleads in postcards' in my dream,but also out loud.
it was strange.
i HATE scary movies!!!
i don't know why i dream what i dream. it just happens.
haha, i've never sung in my sleep before which i guess is a good thing for other people ;P
i remember last year i was reading in my sleep. i was dreaming of reading and there were actual words but they were just a jumble of words mixed into sentences and made no sense what-so-ever and i kept drifting in and out of consciousness the ENTIRE night. the night went on FOREVER. it was pure TORTURE!!! the bad part was that i was in the middle of reading that book and when i woke up i didn't want to read it anymore cause i was sick of it T_T
that's strange.
i would hate to have brutal scary dreams. O:
you were reading?
haha,wowee. xD
that's kind of amazing actually. xD
what were you reading in yer sleep? xD
New moon. just about about every second line had Esme in it. by the way. i read the book before the movie came out and before other people even knew about it. it was funny cause my friend was reading it and i got curious so i looked it up and thought it could be a good read. i read it and loved it so i gave it to all my friends to read and then BAM!!! EVERYONE was reading it. it was like me and my friend started the wole thing. i got really annoyed when everyone was reading it cause i hate being in with the crowd and i love to be different then all of a sudden everyone was reading it and i began to hate the book because it didn't feel special anymore. you know that feeling when you have a book all to your self that you can get lost in then people start reding it and it's not so special anymore cause other people get lost in it too and it's like the world is there stealing all your emotions. well that's what it felt like.
sorry i'm just venting here. i'm REALLY p****d off about it. it feels like the world stole my hiding place and now i have nowhere to go. yeah, i'm gonna shut up now.
so, have you ever had a dream that's really sad and woken up crying?



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