okay mine is da 21st of may 2007
wen my nephew was born...
here is a pic of my angel wen hey was 1 month
he is da cutest lil boy and im sure if i put up nice pics of him u all will agree..
oh and another fav memory was da 1st tym i ever listened 2 face down.....
that is y numba 1 fav!!!!

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My favorite memories in life are definately the times when Ashly (my best friend, sister, and gaurdian angel) stayed the night with me at my dad's.
Those were the best times of my life.
We would always sleep in my dad's bed while he would be the awesomest dad that he is, and sleep on the couch for the night, or two or three nights, haha, we always had a tendency to have her stay for 2 or 3 nights in a row, it was great.
We would always lay there and talk till we were sure dad was asleep, then very quitely, sneak through the bathroom, crawl through the back room into the kitchen, and raid the fridge and cupboards, then take all our goodies back to bed and make all these weird snacks to eat, usually consisting of chocolate chips, marshmallows, peanut butter, grahm crackers, chips, just anything we could grab.
The two of us would stay up all night and eat, talk, color, lol, just whatever, it was the best times imaginable.
She came back to stay with me (you can read more about what happened in "Who is your Gaurdian Angel?") we went out to my dad's and it was almost just like old times, riding fourwheeler's, trying to flip the boat over in the pond, jumping on the trampoline, all our ridiculously crazy stunts and filming them all, then having a bbq for supper, watching movies, staying up all night, while my dad was never really asleep, he just never said a word and let us keep on with our fun, we now know better, but just keep right on with old times, still thinking he's sound asleep and sneaking out into the kitchen 3 or 4 times.
One of the first times she ever stayed out there, we had just recently moved into the new house, so we decided it would be better if we slid the couch and the loveseat together and slept in there, hahaha.
Once we both went back to my mom's house for some more good times, he would always clean up the bedroom and find all our food stashed in his closet and under the bed, last time, just for fun, we threw a bunch of mini marshmallows and chocolate chips under the bed just for old time's sake.
Now those are my best memorie(s) in life.
oh my word!!! if i had memories like that then i wud also put that up!!!
wait i do hey!!! my frwds and i use 2 do dat 2 nt the same way tho... every weekd we use 2 put the tent up in our back garden and put my double bed in my bros small tv, haha everythin we cud fink of... then at nyt we use 2 watch scary movies until we wer 2 scared 2 slp lol.... we also use 2 make cupcakes and put vodka in and sell it 2 my mom.... with this frwd i had grt tyms (NINA) is her name!!! i really miss her.. coz i kinda moved overseas!! and we had a big fyt and we didnt even say bye..:(
cum 2 fink of it i cant really say which is my fave memory!! i really have 2 many 2 say!!!
i wana say thank you 2 u!!! 4 bringin back my memories!!!!
take care and i hope u hav many more days so u can add them 2 ur fav memories!!!
Hey thanks!
There'll be plenty more of those stories to come, I don't get to see her that often anymore, so when she does get to come stay with me for a while, we make sure to make it count.
Last time, we both didn't want her to go so we hid in my bathtub with my portable dvd player watching it with the headphones in.
Great times.
hehe the one tym i remba i ran away 2 my frwds house and hid unda da bed!!! lol
and da one tym my dad was in a bad mood and fytin lol and my frwd and i hid in the backroom lol.... its jus strange hw such close frwdships fade!!! vewi sad!!!
June 16 2007... June 26 2007...
June 27 2007... July 3 2007...
July 5 2007... July 16 2007...
September 5 2007... October 26 2007...
October 27 2007... October 28 2007...
November 28 2007... November 30 2007...
December.... the whole month... all of January too.
i have too many to name, but heres a few

~walking (with a walker) into church the sunday before christmas
~my second mom dedicating a song to me in church the sunday before i had a life changing surgery
~RJA concert on 2/9/07-saw rja for the second time. it was an acoustic show
~RJA concert on 2/11/07-saw rja for the 3rd time. bought joey a pizza cuz he was hungry. ronnie came out of the bus at 1am because he heard people were waiting to see him.
~RJA concert on 11/21/07-saw rja for the 5th time. joey and elias remembered me from other shows
~Authority Zero concert on 9/15/07-saw them for the 2nd time. met all the guys. they were the first band to sign my wheelchair. jason the lead singer remembered me from the other show. jim the drummer wanted my shirt and i shouldve gave it to him.
~me and two of my friends laughing our butts off in the middle of a bookstore
~all the times that me and my best friend kate went somewhere. it is always an adventure. once we got half way (30min.) to disney and she realized she had forgotten her purse somewhere and it turned out to be locked in the trunk of her car that was parked at my house so we had to go all the way back to my house.
~all the summers i spent in PA with my grandparents. i remember my granddaddy would always take me to friendlys for dinner and ice cream and then we would go to mcdonalds or somewhere that had a play place and he would follow me in and my mom heard a fire truck and thought that we had gotten stuck. then there was the time they took all us grandkids camping and me, my grandmom, and my cousin, brandon were sleeping in the screen house and it started pouring and my grandaddy picked me up and carried me into the tent and my cousin brandon wandered around and couldnt find the tent.
~the time we were sitting at my dad's cousin's church in Louisiana and we decided that after church we were gunna eat, go home and change and drive 3 hours and go to astro world in Houston, TX.
yoh!! seems like u had sum fun tyms 2!!!
see why i put dis discussion up is coz alot of ppl sit and fink about all da bad tyms!!!
and 4get ther is more 2 life!! and 4get dat we do hav fun wif ppl we love :)
My favorite memories are the ones with my family and friends, there's just too many to name.

and of course, goin to the RJA 11-21 show.
now im hoping for another great time at the 4-21 show =]
ahh! i can't wait! me n my sisters rockin out at the show.. <3
My favourite memory was the night on Halloween...My big love invited me to his party-so i went there! i came at about 10.30 at this time he said he would have been drunken 8 beer, but he was allright^^. at 11 all of us cuddled next to each other on a huge sofa.. (naturately i cuddled next to him^^) He came nearer and nearer and soon his head was lying at mines and his one hand was on my belly and the other played with my hand. We cuudled the whole night...At 2 the lights were turned down and we got to sleep. Then he began carefully to kiss my neck and then he kissed me on ma lips. That was the first time i really had been kissed and it was so amazing... The rest of the night i lay in his arms and watched him sleeping...ih i was so happy...but when i asked him about it, he said it was because of the alcohol (allthough it couldn´t be)....yeahhh...
This was written the night after AP Tour...

Last night was absolutely incredible.

So here’s how it all started:

We waited in line for a good 2 hours, we got a perfect spot on the stairs, all the band members kept walking by, FTSK especially. Poor Caleb, Austin and him were walking past us on the stairs and tripped. Lol, I felt bad, but it was hilarious. Once we got to the next flight the place got reallyyy crowded, my mom was getting so pissed cause everyone was cutting, geez, I didn’t even care, she was freaking out. I was so glad once the doors were open.

We got our tickets and had our hands stamped and were let in. The venue, was just, wow, very cool. First things first, we had to get us some merch, so we walked over, tryed out some shirts and finally decided to get a Rocket Summer shirt. Tara was a sweetheart. Bryce was signing so Kass and I went over and waited in line for a couple minutes and got some autographs, he was signing posters, but I decided to be a cool kid and get my AP magazine signed, he was the sweetest guy ever, he was soo shy! Omgsh, I handed him my magazine, "Can you sign this?" So he whispers, "Sure." and smiled, gosh, it was cute.

We stuffed our shirts and autographs in my bag and headed over to Shelby and the crew to get our places by the stage, once again, we got the perfect spot. I was right by the gate so I got to talk to everyone when they went by. Alex was standing by the stage the whole time FTSK and The Matches were on, he was there for fucking 20 minutes, 2 feet away from me, no joke. I was like, "Hey, it’s Alex." After he’s been there for 15 minutes is when everybody realizes, *cough* Sarah *cough* he’s over there and goes all teenie on him. My God, I just looked over at him and gave him a smirk like, "Wooow." Hah, he smirked back, we thought they were lame.

FTSK were the first to perform, they were my favorite, really high energy, the minute I got my place and they started playing, Austin looks directly at me and makes a goofy face, so I stuck my tongue out at him, it was great, we kept doing that all throughout the set, I love him, he’s my new best friend. We also got a picture with Jonathan! Lol, he was so nice, he waited to make sure it took, it didn’t, so he stayed and extra 3 minutes to re-take it.

The Matches came .. that. They were pretty ok, not the best, but good. Oh boy, Shawn looked like he was going to explode, he was getting so into it. While they were playing, FTSK were loading up their equiptment, getting ready to head to Chicago, as Austin was walking past with his gear, he looks at me and goes, "I like you!" puts his head down really quick and rolls his stuff away. I look over at Kass like, "Wtf?" Kass is all like, "Did you just hear what Austin said to you?!" I’m like, "Yeahhh." It disturbed me, so Kass goes, "Look at your shirt." I was the only one wearing a Glamour Kills shirt, actually supporting the bands, unlike the rest, wearing other band shirts. Pssh, lame-asses.

The Matches finished their set, Shawn walked past me, glared at me jokingly, so I gave him a dirty look as a joke back. Bryce is a weirdo, for 15+ minutes, he stands there, behind the curtain in the hallway, hiding. Managers and crew were trying to get past, pushing the curtain back, Bryce keeps grabbing it, pulling it back around him, the little freak, lol. Nobody had a clue he was back there, cept for Kass and I, a manager came over, talked to him, all I could make out was Bryce saying, "I can take it off." Wooow. Don’t even wanna know, once he decided to come out of hiding, he jumped over the rail, or, attempted to, took him a while. He’s so tiny, smaller than me! Geez, I just wanted to go pick him up and be like, "There, you’re over, get up on that stage boyyy, or do you want me to lift you up there to?" I’m a meany, I love to tease him.

His set completed my life. The band was absolutely amazing. Cept for the kid throwing up in the middle of it, that was funny though, you gotta admitt. After they were through playing, he walked off stage, high-fived everybody along the gate, but came to me and grabbed my hand and held it for a second, Kass too, it was nice, lol.

All Time Low was the last to play, I refused to get into it. I really like them, they’re funny kids, they play great music, but I have zero respect for them, if you knew them like I do, you’d feel the same, but, let’s not get into that. Alex was confused. Kass and I sang along a little bit, danced and clapped off and on, but refused to act like little fan girls, like he wanted.

All in all, the night was pretty kickass and stellar, very entertaining for sure. All the boys clearing the railing, or struggling to get over it, Bryce and Austin, you two knew you couldn’t get over it. My mom ended up telling us she was sitting with Alex the whole time. I knew she was, I could see them over there by the windows together, pretty cute. Maybe she’ll adopt the little shit, and I can have a new big brother, lmao.

I had too much fun, I wish I could replay everything, all the interesting conversations I had with Austin, lol, everything. I got shitloads of videos though, and Kass got just as many pictures.

It’ll be a night to remember for sure.



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