Anybody have any wierd obbsessions?

I always have writing on my hands, thats mine

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i have to listen to RJA a couple times a day.. lol, jk, thats not too weird since they're so amazing!

hmm, i have a lot of them.. weird.. i cant think of any right now..
I constantly have writing on my hands also, I usually write, Do You Feel on my right palm.
Long story.
Well...I'm obsessed with scrawny guys with big noses....a lot of people say that's weird. I just can't help it...when see a tiny little man with a big freakin nose it gets me all hot n' "dayumm...look at the guy on that nose!!!"
But I guess that would be more of a weird fetish than a weird obsession....
I like dipping my chicken strips in melted chocolate. yuumm.
wow, that sounds good!!

i like broccoli dipped in steak sauce! =D
I like A1 sauce on my baked potatoesss!! steak sauce is good on everythinggg....

and chocolate is even better ==]]]]]
Omgsh Kelly, hah, I love scrawny guys, not necessarily with big noses, but all my friends think I'm weird cause I don't like big buff guys like they do.
Idk, I just love little guys, the scrawnier the better.
Maybe it's because I'm so tiny, that's probably it.
Hahaaaa I know mine too, they're all into super buff guys with ripped abs....and with me...I pick out the most STICKLY guys in the universe. But I can't help it. It's so sexy. Maybe we just have issues, Jess. =/
Obsession? Nah.
Pet Peeve? I never wear the same pair of socks twice.









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