I know this is totally random, but I'm curious what people think about age and relationships? Does it matter? How much of an age gap is acceptable? Does it matter who is older? etc......What do you think?

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As long as you really truly love the person I don't think age matters all that much. Same goes with the sex of the person, I know everyone is entitled to their opinions but IMO, I think as long as you love and care for the person and they love and care for you no matter what age, sex, religion, race, etc. that's all that matters.
It really doesnt matter how old someone is...or who is older. I'm a year and a half older then my bf. I've also dated someone who is 5 years older then me...so it doesnt really matter. Age is but a number.
There was this guy who lived in Florida, he was like my bestest buddy, yeah
I'm 13, he was 18
and he admitted to liking me,
even though it would never happen Michigan and Florida are super far,
but anyways,
he was like I would always go out with you,
Age is just a number
Well, I'm a person who REALLY, REALLY likes to date up....and this trend started early for me...When I was 12 I had a 24 year-old boyfriend....after that I realized that women really do mature much faster than men, so if I date a guy within 5 years of my age, then it's pretty much the same as dating an infant.

There's nothing wrong with dating someone older so long as you're mature enough to handle the fact that they're much more experienced and they do think differently because they've lived more.

That being said, if there's any hott 50 year old men reading this, gimme a call ;-)
to me the age gap has to do with the age of the people involved. if the younger of the two people is only 16 and there is a 4-5 year gap then i see a problem with it, but on the other hand if the younger of the two was 20 and then there was a 4-5 year gap its not as big of a deal. the older you get the age gap matters less
agree with Jess. a twelve year gap at twelve years old seems way too big for me.
however, there are times when its just right, for a large age gap.
im 2 years oldr than my gf, and i always get somments about the age difference. but it depends on the ppl involved. she looks and acts lke she's my age. i honestly didn't even know she was that much younger until right 4 i asked her out.
well looking at society today... anything is pretty acceptable you just have to bear in mind that there are legal boundaries.... if your state says you gotta be 18 and if you're under move to hawaii! the age of consent is 14 there. but you see ashton kutcher and demi more have like 10+ years between them and its working. Cathrine Zeta Jones and Michale Douglass have 25 years. and they have kids. so what ever floats your boat honey. and yea Kelly is crazy like that. we went to the Carson show and asked a married guy out... she was kidding though.
haha. smooth work. did she know he was married at the time?
YEAH! i was just in a dance off with that same man and some other woman when his wife joined him... they won cuz they were old. 43 YEARS! thats a long time. and he didnt know that... =[ oh well she prolly took his viagra away. lol.
poor old man....
what's life at 70 without viagra???
ugh! kell! i miss you!!!!!
but srsly cialis works 100000% better
the good golfers swear by it. ;]
honestly, i think its a little stupid to start dating young. im 13 and peeps freak 'cause ive nvr had a bf

. my ex 'bff' tried to hook me up with everyone in the school. even if i didnt know em. i was so pisssed. IT WAS SIXTH GRADE!!! i'm not against it, just when its like, 'oh my gawwssh he's so hawwtt, thats means i have to date him' because thats how people are in school.

But when i was in 4th grade a 7th grader liked me, and he wasnt a nerd.. he was a football player.. and he was really outgoing... i liked him too... and he's not my type at all... srry.. just another random story...



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