I don't wanna hear the oh they are hot. Or 'Oh I like Ronnie..'
Do you even know his last name..? Could you name the other members of the band. DO IT. I dare you too. I really wanna know if there are people out there that know all of there songs not just Face Down, False Pretence, & Your Gardian Angel. All of them. Anyone know all the words..? Let me know. C:

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Ronnie Winter, Duke Kitchens, Elias Reidy, Joey Westwood, Jon Wilkes. =]
Then the songs, In Fates Hands, Waiting, False Pretense, Misery Loves Its Company, Cat And Mouse, Damn Regret, Atrophy, Seventeen Aint So Sweet, Justify, Your Guardian Angel, Grim Goodbye. And then theres some non-album songs. I know all the words to all the songs. Ahh joy. <3
I am very proud.
Thank you, thank you.
In Fate's Hands is also known as Ass Shaker.
Your Gaurdian Angel is also known as The Acoustic Song
Non album songs include:
20 Hour Drive
Angels Cry
Disconnected (but that's a hidden track included in Don't You Fake It)
Getting By
Home Improvement
Kins and Carrol
Love Seat (Eyes Watering)
Thank you for your imput.
ok, i don't know there names, i couldn't care less what they look like.
all i care about is the music.
and i'm mega uber super, hardcore fan of the music.
and the lyrics of course.
i know most of the words, not all.
but i can sing along better then some people.

i prefer their non released music, their earlier songs like love seat etc, but i do still love their international released album - that's the one i know, seeing as that's the only one you can buy here in nz.
but i actively saught out their other songs, then my collection of their music could be as complete as possible.
i don't have their poster, i can barely recognise who they are physically, but if i hear their music, then i know it's them.
& Thank you too for your imput!
Ronnie Winter
Elias Reidy
Duke Kitchens
Joey Westwood
Jon Wilkes

don't you fake it album:

in fates hands
false pretense
face down (ac2ly it has many versions: the demo version, acoustic & album versions...)
misery loves its company
cat & mouse
grim goodbye
your guardian angel (a.k.a. the acoustic song)
damn regret
seventeen ain't so sweet

other songs not included in their album but included in their demo cd:
ass shaker (but its album name is in fates hands)
home improvement
love seat (also eyes watering)
getting by
kins and carrol
angels cry
20 hour drive
Disconnected isn't on the In Fates Hands album..
Just to let you know.

[Not intended to come out in a rude way. I was jsut informing you.]
Actually, Disconnected IS on Don't you Fake it - The Deluxe Edition, which also includes Face Down- the acoustic version.

[not intended to come out in a rude way, just informing you] lol
Way to be rude.

& Sorry I didn't get the Deluxe edition but I still know my stuff about them.
woah, wait were you talking to me when you said way to be rude?? because I srsly wasn't being.. not trying to at least. you just corrected someone and I wanted to let you know that they weren't wrong, if you're talking about the deluxe edition- that's all. I wasn't saying you didn't know them..

but plus the fact, that if you're posting this I just thought that you would know that- or more like might like to know.

like I said, just informing you.



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