So I'm curious...
What are your views on tipping?
When/who is it appropriate/inappropriate? waiters, mail carriers, Starbucks baristas, merch people, shampoo girl, etc....?
How much?
The ridiculous phrases people write on tip jars... ("Thanks a latte!")?

and whatever else you feel like mentioning about this topic...

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hmm I tip waiters, my tattoo artist, hair dressers, and whoever else its vital to tip. But i've never tipped a merch person =/ now I should start. I feel bad now =/
i'm not specifically saying it's something you SHOULD do...i only mention it because i've seen merch people with tip jars/boxes out.
i usually tip people who service you over period of time and almost generate a relation with, like punkin said, waiters, hairdressers, tattooers and that kind of stuff...i dont think ive ever tipped someone who has served me a coffee or something like that.
also, since im a stylist in training, i know how important a tip feels wehen you get one. it really is huge to us. It makes us feel that you appreciate what we have done for you.
If it's a tip jar, whatever you can drop is good, I think. A dollar or two is usually plenty. Try to find out how they split it; for instance, in Florida there is no law that says that the tips have to go to the employees, and I have worked at more than a few places where the management did with it whatever they wanted. In general when tipping individuals, I like to go 20%, more if there is a discount involved, ie a free meal or other discount coupon. I wish I could afford to tip everyone, and if I'm ever able to it will be a dream come true.
no comment ;)
I always tip 20% if my iced tea glass doesn't run dry for long, if I don't get the check the minute they bring my food (like they have no intention on coming back), and they act like they care. Ignore me or piss me off and the tip starts going down. I won't stiff on the tip unless I have asked for service and were ignored. Not being able to read my mind isn't cause for not tipping, but if I do ask for something - at least act like you like your job or do us a favor and quit.
Tipping people is a way to show them you care. In return you might get better return service the next time you come. The waitress might "accidentally" forget to put your drink on the bill...the bartender might keep you in his sight waiting to serve you instead of you having to fight for a space behind the bar waving your money while everyone else is having a good might receive some styling with that blowdry at no charge...maybe a sticker or pin will be thrown into your merch bag.
Now P2's comment on bathroom attendants made me crack up. LOL I understand if it is a fine establishment and you would like to freshen up yourself with body and hair products offered to tip the attendant---but at a normal business to have some lady sitting there holding the paper towels hostage behind her with the normal towel dispenser empty and a tip jar beside her JUST PISSES ME OFF! I'm pretty sure health code says that they have to provide that and soap. Don't think I'm going to tip you...I'm just going to sling the water off of my hands all over the counter and mirror and walk out. lol
"the bartender might keep you in his sight waiting to serve you instead of you having to fight for a space behind the bar waving your money while everyone else is having a good time"

That is VERY important! You never want to mess with the person who makes your thing you know, you'll be buying drinks with no booze in it. You'll be getting cokes, rather than rum and cokes haha.
yea if ur workin all fabulous, doin ur thing, ppl will prolly give u tips.
gimme ur tips man, i love walking out with extra bux after my restaurant job lol :)- i noticed today that like ppl are really wiggin about money spendin like at grocery stores cuz of the economy. i hope ppl can like DEAL. i know we all can, its not hard. im just sayin.
oh so you can still tip
Since I waitress, I try and always leave a tip when I'm out because I know it sucks. I always tip my hairdresser, the guy doing my piercing, bartenders, and tattoo artist. It really does insure better service the next time. As for tipping merch people, I try to always tip them if I have the cash on me. They need it. People are usually buying the band drinks not the merch person or bringing gifts and food to the band but not so much the merch person. Merch people need love too (and booze)









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