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At 9:58pm on July 23, 2009, dayanara brazil said…
are you really a male?gosh you look like a girl!!!jeezzzz
At 9:57pm on July 23, 2009, dayanara brazil said…
hey whats up??!!may i ask...what is the personal friendster of ronnie?
At 7:18am on July 14, 2009, kanela said…
i've been absent for a while, forgive me for this late reply lol! how are you? ha...this is why it sucks not to live in the not be able to meet ya or anything. but then you think......while you guys have winter.....we have sun and beaches lol:)
At 8:09am on July 13, 2009, Gabrielle McCaghren said…
Lol thanks!
Yah it's just I REALLY want this! This is something I have set my mind and heart on and I know this is what I want to do with my life. I WANT to be in some kind of theater or musical career. It has always been a passion and a NEED to have acting and music around me alot...I have wanted this since about first or second grade and I am serious about my passion, I have already decided this is what I will do with my life because I LOVE acting and singing and to be able to show people what I can do and have a career that I enjoy so dearly is just amazing.
If I don't get signed, okay! I'll just keep going at it!
My degree will be in the arts, all the way from music and theater to sculpting and drawing to ballet and jazz. My main will be in music and theater
At 12:32pm on July 12, 2009, Gabrielle McCaghren said…
Lol nooooo your not dumb...just busy!
Oh my gosh I've asked my mom and my grandparents for two years if they will get me tickets to concerts for my birthday...
I think I may get them this year yay! ;p
Sorry random just thought I'd tell youthat! If I DO get them and get a choice it will be an RJA concert!

I had to go to a snazzy award ceremony last night lol...I met a band there and they are helpign hook me up with some gigs! Yay!
I hope to be getting some auditions soon though because I don't just want to focus on music, I love Drama and acting too! I have been doing theater literally since I was 5 years old! So, I can't wait!
At 1:13pm on July 11, 2009, hAYden. said…
shoot my dad said no about taking me to an RJA concert :(
he will never take me to a concert..........he said no to taylor swift, david cook and now RJA :(
At 12:31am on July 11, 2009, rach said…
hello lovely! thanks for the birthday wishes. i had insane fun this year. i had all my friends make me something this year instead of buying me anything so i got a bunch of really cool shit. so yeah all around life is great. except for the fact that i missed the july 4th concert! my rides car broke down so i didnt get to come say hi. oh well though ill see you guys next time around. :) how is life going for you?
At 10:48pm on July 10, 2009, hAYden. said…
hey ummmm yesterday (pretty sure yesterday LOL) i made my own official music page *claps* lol!! but ummm yeah im gonna add sum videos up soon so check it out!!!!!
its called "The_HaydenCastro_Music"
At 6:45pm on July 10, 2009, Gabrielle McCaghren said…
Nope, i don't think so. You already passed us.
Panama City Beach baby! ;p
lol yah you are probably the most exciting act that has come through here EVER for me!
The only place they hold concerts are at a nightclub and they don't do it in the teen room so you have to be 21 to get in....
lol it was tragic!
If you come back to Florida though I WILL find a way to get there! If you go to Tampa, Atlanta Georgia, or South Carolina somewhere tell me!
At 6:38pm on July 9, 2009, Gabrielle McCaghren said…
You know I was SOO CLOSE to getting into a RJA concert but I didn't end up getting to go...I would pay anything to see one... and I would find you and be like "HEY RANDOM PERSON" lol so don't feel left out
At 6:31pm on July 9, 2009, Gabrielle McCaghren said…
Anyways it would be AWESOME if you would listen to my music! I would love it so much! I understand how your job takes up alot of time too so don;t worry lol!
Anyways it is the bad version...not the good remix and it wasn't even on MY guitar but check me out at
At 6:29pm on July 9, 2009, Gabrielle McCaghren said…
Lol...yes artichoke! Not that choking was every artful :(
Anyways lol don't think I don't want to text you because I do but I used to have a blackberry and I finally got unlimited texting and them my phone broke and I only have 2 months left until the contract expires then I am switching to another service so my neighbor gave me a free phone he had lying around and it is so old it doesn't even have texting...I hate Sprint!
At 1:37pm on July 4, 2009, Mari said…
hey I hope you got the videos if not let me know and im glad you liked them
At 1:01pm on July 4, 2009, kanela said…
How's it going man? Dude I'd love to come to the show and meet ya, but there's just one tiny problem, yeah I don't live in the U.S. So I can't come to any show. It would've been so freakin awesome tho!! Dude how are you?
At 12:52pm on July 4, 2009, Gabrielle McCaghren said…
yes...very fair! lol no i say that to everyone who randomly emails me or something
haha OMG i just got to record one of my songs! it wasn't like a realy professional recording but my guitar teacher has some kind of amp that lets you play and sing at the same time and you can tell it is an ameature recording but it sounds pretty good if i do say so myself! ;p
At 12:44pm on July 4, 2009, hAYden. said…
LOL Thanks I know I'm pretty awesome :) LOL jk...
Nah u and ur job ROCK! And Awesome is in your name!! LOL :)
Hows the tour starting out?
At 3:18pm on July 3, 2009, Gabrielle McCaghren said…
helloooo random person!
holy artichoke! i want a job like yours!
At 8:55pm on July 1, 2009, Mari said…
Hey that's the concert I went to the one in your pics Norfolk right and if you were the one doing the lights you did an awesome job cause it was amazing
At 8:52pm on July 1, 2009, Mari said…
How'd you get a gas mask if that is a gas mask
At 5:07pm on June 30, 2009, hAYden. said…
Hey :) I just got super bored so decided to tell you how awesome you are! LOL!!:) So yeah you're pretty dang awesome!!!!:)








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