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RJA in Tally on 4-29-09

So to start off I have to point out that I found about this concert about 30 hours before it was supposed to start. I called my mom to discuss it with her because I was debating on whether to forfeit like 4 hours of study time to go to see RJA. She told me that I had busted my butt enough and that I needed this break to just forget about it all. So I got my tickets and with fees and everything it came to $13.10, which is like dirt cheap.

The next day, Wednesday, I got up and checked… Continue

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Last night I saw To Write Love On Her Arms(TWLOHA) and it was AMAZING!!

so last night TWLOHA came to FSU and i went. i think it was life-changing for me i really do.its really gunna be hard to put it into words just how amazing it was.

the doors were supposed to open at 8:30pm so i got there around 8:15pm. there was only a few people waiting. the closer it got to 8:30pm the more people showed up. i was parked back against the railing/wall just observing and ended up listening in to this girl’s conversation. she was talking about giving a speech in her speech… Continue

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so I saw david cook(winner of american idol season 7) yesterday

Friday morning came and I was soo excited. I managed to get a little homework done before my class at 2:30pm. I barely could pay attention in class. Got out of class decided to go check and see if I could find the tour bus. I found it, but there were about 20 people around so I went to mcdonalds and then came back to my dorm. After eating, I talked to my mom and then I was going to try to do some homework. I couldn’t concentrate on my homework so I decided to go get in line. By this time it was… Continue

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Online Dating??

i want your opinion of online dating.

see i met this guy on myspace and we've been talking for two days and he asked me if i would consider being his gf. i told him maybe, but that i didnt know him well enough yet cuz im not into dating just for the heck of it. i want to date someone who i could see myself marrying. he said he understood that.

my thing is ive always be taught to be careful with online dating and i dont know what to do, but i am really starting to like him.… Continue

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RJA Show in Tallahassee, FL

i was soo looking forward to this. it had been a tough week and i thought this was just what i needed. it turned out that i was right. it was EXACTLY what i needed.

the day started off like normal. i had class at 2:30. it was organic chemistry. i almost fell asleep in class. class got out at 3:20pm so i went back to my room and ate something then just killed time until about 4:30pm. after making sure i had everything i needed i left and headed to meet lynn and megan at mcdonald's. it… Continue

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