Teaser for a Story I'm Working On(Kingdom of the Immortal)

Hello all, I just wanted to show you what I've been up to in this down-time I've been having. Recently, I sent my final proof of Twins off to be put into production, so I've had a lot of time just to come up with new ideas, and this one has been cramming my thoughts for the past week. I only just now have put my pen down and actually come up with something, and this is what I've got. I am really intrigued with Greek Mythology, and I've tried integrating as much as I could into Twins, but to no avail. So, finally, I've done some work with it and what I hope to be the end-product is a fantastic fairy-tale about a mortal named Soren falling in love with a higher being.

The Kingdom of the Immortal was almost as splendid as the Immortal themselves. From the Kingdom, they lived—though they knew no time—they ruled—each god over his or her own—and they loved.
And love was the start of it all.
The earth was perfect, at first, as was all made by the gods from the Kingdom. But like all the gods made, it had its weaknesses.

And that was where those from the Underland came into this fairytale. Gods ruled the Underland also. Those who despised all goodness and righteousness and light. Those who lurked in the shadows waiting to strike at the Kingdom of Immortals. Those who also ruled the mortals above.

It was an unwritten law that only the blood of the gods would ever open the gates of the Kingdom of the Immortal unlawfully; and that was the one thing that was unattainable for the evil gods—or the bullgods, as I later found they were named—out of all on this good earth. You see, the gods were immortal. Not “immortal” as humans understand it to be. Immortal. The Immortal. A sword would rather cease to exist than to penetrate the skin of a god. They relied on nothing to exist, not air, not warmth, not food, nor time. They just were.
And nothing but the unattainable would ever give the bullgods victory over their enemies.
Unattainable, however, changed when Gothima took command.
No one, mortal or Immortal, could compare to Gothima, for she had eaten the golden fruit of the Tree of Life. She was damned by Zeus and all in the Kingdom of the Immortal, for she had made herself a god by eating. And in so eating, she had realized the one weakness of Zeus and the Kingdom of Immortals.


Six times she had tried to corrupt the innocent human race with each of the Forbidden Sins, and five times she failed. But the sixth sin was committed by a human, and thus was the human race tainted with knowledge beyond itself. The gods watched as sin spread through and throughout the population below and soiled them as dirt upon snow, but nothing could be done. And as Almighty Zeus watched his’ creation corrupt, a teardrop of blood fell from his eye to be lost in time and space. Not from sadness; from the purest love only a creator can grasp.
And love was the start of it all.

A single drop of blood.
That was all.
All that it took to spin my life upside down, twist it inside out, rip it in two, and then make something of it greater than any normal mortal could comprehend.
This was my life.

I had grown up in the only carpenter shop Vience had to offer. The shop was the first thing I came to hate; for it robbed my father from both me and my family. When I was just seven years old, my father took me into his’ shop, and picked up a wooden sledgehammer. “One day, Soren, you’ll grow up to be a carpenter just like me and take over my shop when I am gone.” A carpenter. And it made me hate the tools, the word, the shop even more. On that day, I swore to myself that I would never devote my life to the trade...

<3 Nick Fensterman

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awesomeeee Nickster=]
wow nice, As a Christan thank you for not putting ''gods'' in any short of caps =] and i think i'll like this book =]



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