In the Japanese fishing village of Taiji, fishermen are rounding up and slaughtering hundreds and even thousands of dolphins right now.

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After driving pods of dolphins into shallow coves, the fishermen kill the dolphins, slashing their throats with knives or stabbing them with spears. Thrashing about, the dolphins take as long as six minutes to die. The water turns red with their blood and the air fills with their screams.

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This brutal massacre — the largest scale dolphin kill in the world — goes on for six months of every year. Since the beginning of the campaign to expose the barbaric methods used to capture and kill dolphins, the fishermen have gone to extreme effort and expense to prevent us from carrying out our documentary work. What they are doing to the dolphins is so brutal; they know they have to conceal it from the rest of the world to avoid a huge international outcry.

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They used to carry out the massacres in a large lagoon by a public road, but the mounting exposure has forced them into one last hiding place; a small cove hidden between two mountains.

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After the massacre the water remains red with blood for hours and the ludicrous signs warning people of non-existent dangers such as "Falling rocks!" and "Mud-slides!" are not removed until after the sea has washed the blood away and all evidence of the butchery has vanished.

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The fishermen spend a lot of time waving large signs in front of our camera lenses, yelling, "Don't take photos!" What they are really saying is, "We have something to hide."

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The only way to stop the dolphin slaughter is to keep monitoring, advocating, filming, and bringing attention to it. Take Action, help to get the word out quickly ~pass this on .. end the annual drive fishery slaughter.

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wohhh sounds like what americans do to people in foreign countries..... we should make a group called..... Save the foreigners.......
Americans slaughter foreigners?
I never heard of such a thing....

I don't listent to the news much...
But I don't think Americans purposly go to foreign countries just to kill people for consumption.
Unless they were canabals. Or something.
You can make a group like that if you want.
If you could explain more what you mean lol that may be helpful.
lol that's what war is...









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