Soo where you there when we officially said Randy is Scooby Boo?
I don't know why I asked this. I'm just bored.
Sooo...yeah what's youre favorite thing about Randy?
I give up I'm so bored I can't think of anything to say!!!

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yeah! i love scooby boo!!!!!!!!!!!=)
yeah! i love scooby boo!!!!!!!!!!!=)
yeah! i love scooby boo!!!!!!!!!!!=)
yeah! i love scooby boo!!!!!!!!!!!=)
probably his personality over anything.
he seems to 'just get' a lot of the things i'm going through. i don't know how, but it's nice knowing someone i see to be so amazing, made it past those enormous road blocks, and has made something of themselves.
his ability to endure all of the fan girls that drive me up the wall, is another thing. i don't know how he does it. maybe he walks away, instead of trying to put up with it.. but even in those times when he actually stays and talks to them.. he really doesn't seem to get bothered by their fan girl/boy-ness.

he claims to have a really dry sense of humour & while this may be true, i still find him to be quite amusing. there have been moments when i've been at the lowest of the low, & he says something that makes me laugh or even just smile. whether it's about eating penguins [sorry randy, i'll never forget ;P] or wrapping me up in duct tape.. it's random. & randomness makes me happy, even when i don't want to be.

another thing would definitely be his ninjaness. it still makes my heart jump sometimes, but it's what makes him, him. i don't know if the ninjaness runs in the winter blood, but he seems to be a 1337 ninja, and it's always so amusing. i love how you can be having a convo with somebody, and then out of nowhere he pops up and says something. while it does make you very paranoid, it's very very amusing. :]

i adore his ability to make music. i know yall weren't around for when veronica's veil was around, but to really take note of everything he's put into each and every one of those songs, whether the band is still around or not.. is absolutely amazing. you really have to take the time to sit and listen to each one of the songs to appreciate the work he puts into it. not only playing the instruments, and producing the songs, but to actually try to understand the message he's trying to portray in each song is astonishing.
now that Vv is done, i don't know what he plans to do.. but whatever he ends up doing, i know it's going to be amazing.

i don't want to step on any toes.. but i'm not gonna call him scooby doo, scooby boo, or any crap like that. to me, he'll always be the one who ate pingu, the one who is THE ultimate ninja, the one who informed me of what happens if i'm ever pissed off.. but at the end of the day, he's still randy. the guy who just gets it, the guy i look to for strength, and the guy i look up to. :)
*Claps and cries* Very wonderful!!!
LOL I was only doing the Scooby Boo crap cause of Kaylie.
Heck he's just a ninja and Randy.
I agree he's not a Scooby Boo LOL he's only a ninja and most importantly Randy!!!
And BTW I love VV!! Thanks to you of course!!









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