Does anyone know why some songs dont make it to cd? All the songs ive heard that arnt on the cd are amazing....
Home Improvement, 20 Hour Drive, Kins & Carrol, Getting By, Angels Cry, Disconnected, Love Seat

I know there is room cuz you can put about 20/21 songs on a cd. i THINK for home improvement MAYBE because it says cigarettes, so they dont want to be portrayed like that or something? I dont know just a guess. but that song is one of my favorites, so how come these songs didnt make it?

also!! was ass shaker changed to in fates hands becuz of it saying ass? and i know that in fates hands was a band joey was in and i think elias.

why did they take out a lot of screaming in "ass shaker", face down, and grim goodbye, and call that untitled? A friend of mine who is in a band said they probly did, so that they had a better chance of being on the radio and tv, etc. but linkin park screams a lot on songs on the radio .. so how come not rja????!!!

if anyone knows any of these let me know, because ive always wondered and i figured if i cant ask rja this is the next best place... thanks!!

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wow, i REALLY wish i could answer your questions,
actually want to know the answer to...

maybe theyll have some on the new cd?
i dont know, but that would be awesome!
i am pretty sure they did put it on a cd. they just didnt have a label so it wasnt official and the cd never got spread beyond middleburg. i think some of the songs were orignally written before elias, joey and jon were in the band, so thats probably one reason why. as far as song names changing/taking out parts i think that was a label reccomendation. when a band first gets started im sure they know very little about the music industry so if the label says, "oh we need to take out this part of a song so it'll appeal to more people" and the band agrees because they dont know any better at that point. as far as songs not making it to a cd/being changed because of certain things said i really dont think that is the case.
They do have those songs on CD. I have it. :P
well i also have them on a cd...i meant on dont you fake it or lonely road
home improvement , 20 hour drive, disconnected( original verson) and the songs you can find online but not on a cd is because that was off of their demo cd, one in which they made long before they were ever signed. some of those songs may never make it to a cd. a lot of bands do that. somethings were meant to be that way. I know that these songs were demo songs because i live in rja's home town (middleburg/jacksonville). from what i understand(what i was told) the demo cd with all of the songs that have not yet been released to cd were recorded at vision sound( a recording studio in orange park florida) and on that demo, not only does ronnie sing, but he is also doing the drum beats. that's what he did at one point, he sold drum beats for vision sound. and before that he played in a band with his brother randy called dishonest (which was bad ass by the way and i was lucky enough to get their cd from dishonest before they broke up)

i wouldn't get your hopes up that these songs will ever make it to a cd that is a published, marketable cd. its something that may never happen but then again, it could happen. maybe they plan to release these songs as secret songs on the next albums that are released in the future. those songs just go to show you how incredibly talented ronnie winter is and duke. most of those song were before elias, joey and jon made it in to the band as the previous girl said above. everything they/he writes comes from soemthing true and real. not something that is made up or fictional just to sell a song or record!

and i also agree with what the girl above said, sometimes you have to make changes that don't always appeal to you. sometimes you have to make changes that appeal to everyone or to a lable or because that's just what the music industry thinks is in your best interest at that time.

its never good to come out and put all of your eggs in to one basket. not saying that if they had released all of the songs from their demo, they would not have any music cause that is not the case in my opinion, but if you show it all at once, it almost leaves nothing left to be desired.
nice answer
thank you :D
Disconnected was put on the australian deluxe edition as a bonus track and its amazing, but yeah i c where your coming from they are all good songs but in the end its just the bands decision
I agree with Kay... And also those songs wouldn't be as good if they were actually on a CD. I know that probably sounds absurd, but imagine listening to 20 hour drive as many times as you've listened to Face Down. Bands create hundreds of songs, but only a few--their best representation of truly original and good music--make it to the album.
i dont know about that one bro....i listen to rja's songs 24 seven gf gets pissed...cuz when we get into the car shes like...ugh rja again...cuz thats literally all i listen to...well maybe every once in a while ill listen to rise against or some other bands but rja is the first cd in my cd changer...but i have like different versions of songs and their older stuff all on one...but thanks for putting your input in man..i was wondering when you were going to say somthing cuz you seem pretty active on other forums haha peace man
Man, I totally agree with you on the 24/7 thing :), I think I listen to other music just to prove to myself that every song I listen to isn't written by angels ;]. But that's exactly what I'm saying, every music fan is different. Some just like radio hits and that's what they get, then you've got the average music fan, and then there's us, the "treasure hunters" ;]. Although we search RJA on Google trying to find some of their old songs, most people that have heard of RJA simply listen to the album, that's why the songs on the album are so important. See if a band like RJA just made CD with every single song they had made, it just wouldn't have an impact like a standard 12 track would. I know this is a touchy subject, but let me use Metro Station as an example. They make 1 CD, they put ALL of their hits on that CD, they get AMAZING airtime, then everyone forgets about them (thus winning Alternative Presses award for "Number One Band Most Likely to be Forgotten in '09 :D). You just can't put all your eggs in one basket man, that's how bands do it. They know that people like us will get out there and find their less-known songs if we really want to, and that honestly makes us feel like we're better fans. If every RJA song was accessible to everyone, it wouldn't feel the same listening to songs like "Disconnected" and "Home Improvement", y'know? Just my two cents, anyone can feel free to disagree with me, I won't mind :)
i def. agree with you....i saw them at an acoustic show in a small bar last year which was sick cuz i was like 3 ft. in front of ronnie and he was like are there any old school fans in here ? and i was freaking out and some other ppl were too and he was taking requests and ppl were saying all the popular songs and i was SCREAMING home improvement cuz thats my fav. song and i knew that would be like my only chance to see it live and he looked at me and was like Whats your name? and im like Branden and he said nice to meet you branden im ronnie.... and at this point im like pissing my pants haha... and hes like well since you have an rja shirt on ill play it for you ... and he did and i was like the only one singing along. cuz noone else knew about that song and it felt awesome... my friends that were with me were like ive never heard that song before...and after he sang i gave him a high five... haha man that was awesome..









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