ok. i lov e to discuss things especailly on topics that i feel strongly about so you choose a topic (e.g. abortion, gay rights, etc,) and tell me your views. ill tell you whether i agree or disagree and tell you why also. :) have fun!!!!!!!!!

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wow this could get interesting xD

hmmmm lets do abortion first.
im not exactly for it but its the womans choice. i dont want the
goverment telling what i can and cant do with my body. besides
if it becames illegal women will just have back ally abortions and
they'll bleed out and die... NO ONE wants that.

gay rights.
love is love get over it. who cares if their the same sex?
you would want to marry the one you love right?
so why cant they?

Oh my something that really gets on my nerves issss
dog fighting...
UGHHHHHHHHH it makes me so mad that people blame pitt bulls for
being a horrible bred cause if you have ever had a pitt you would know
their just loving animals. :) this kid in my lit class was saying how we was
brought up fighting dogs and he saw nothing wrong with it. i want to slap
him in the freakin face. D:< it made me so mad. how could one hurt a dog like
that? :( i dont understand.

haha what else would you like me to rant about?
i'm against abortion, but....if the girl, has no choice, like if she's a teen and the baby would cause problems for her, like miscarriage, and school, i can understand. but women who get pregnant and kill their child, simply because they don't want it, i don't get that. that's why there's adoption agencies you know. so many people try hard for children, some for most of their life, give a chance to them.

it pisses me of though, when people say that a guy and guy or a girl and girl can't be together, that it's blasphemous. who are they to decide who should be together? if someone makes you happy, and they love you for who you are, and you feel the same way about them, should it matter if they're the same sex?

and i hate discrimination. i'm of indian descent, and when i went abroad, we were held back in customs, with our baggage searched in front of many. and i noticed, that they seemed to be pulling out those of eastern descent. just because of one man, those of eastern decsent are all suddenly stereotyped as terrorists and are subjected to the humiliation that is discrimination.

i wouldnt get one, but i believe the government shouldnt get involved. if the government becomes involved and makes it illegal theyre going to have so many court cases deciding whether a certain situation is an exception to the rule and those court cases cost the taxpayers more money. then when they decide that a certain situation is not an exception to the rule people are still going to fight it because every situation is unique.

for instance say that teenage pregnancy(under the age of 18) is not an exception but if the mother is going to die if she delievers the baby is an exception to the rule. what happens if a teenager gets pregnant and is expected to die if she delievers the baby.which rule does it fall under. stuff like that only the court could decide.

what really pisses me off is when these pro-life people blow up abortion clinics and it kills someone. there against killing babies, but yet they blow up a building and kill an adult. i dont get it

gay rights:

i'm not going to go out and marry a girl, but if you want to i dont see any reason for you not to its your choice. also, it needs to be easier for gay couples to adopt. i dont see anything wrong with them adopting kids because having two moms or two dads is better than living their lives as part of our messed up foster care program and being abandoned by the program once they turn 18.

the thing that makes me mad is how we fight over stuff like gay marriage/gay rights and abortion when there is so many other things wrong with this country(the US) like our public school system, the homeless and the fact that many americans dont have health insurance.

the other thing that ticks me off is when i catch flack from my friends and stuff because i'm a christian and i am not against gays or against abortion.



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